Tuesday, April 22, 2008


One of the best reasons to switch to FOX News is CNN's Richard Quest.
A know-it-all "business" journalist, who could not pass a pop quiz in any
economics course I have ever taught. An unctuous mimic of Uriah Heep, an
insult to the intelligence of CNN viewers, someone who reminds me of
"Martin" in Bart Simpson's class.

Now you will never know this from watching CNN or reading its web site,
cause it ain't there, but Richard Quest was arrested Friday for running
around Central Park very high on drugs, naked, and reportedly with a
length of rope wrapped around his neck and also attached by the other end
to that part of his anatomy that the Moyel would have attended to on the
8th day. See this: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080419/tv_nm/quest_dc_1

Let me say that I have been in Central Park many a time, including for
60s anti-Vietnam War protests back when I was a young whipper snapper, and
never once was I naked, although I spent most of the antiwar protests
hoping that some coeds near me would take off their tops. [I am too old
now to remember exactly why.] No, that is not me in the movie
singing the Aquarius song.

Now I find this story quite inspiring. Not the part about the drugs,
but the part about the rope.

In fact, I think we could probably produce peace in the Middle East if
we adopt the idea. See, just attack ropes with one end around the neck
and the other end around the other end, to all Israeli politicians
implicated in the "peace process," and set them loose to run around the
Ramat Gan park at 3:00 in the AM, but making sure that THIS time CNN and
not just Reuters is there to get the photo shoots.

And everything else will follow!

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