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The Terror Sympathies of Sternhell (Israel Prize Recipient this Year)

1. Goobers Carter says he .is comfortable. meeting with Hamas
terrorists about creating a new Shoah. Well, let me tell you something, I
would be comfortable about shoving some peanuts up his . er . nose:

2. Good terrorhoid, bad terrorhoid, by David Hornik:

3. The full version . How I beat the Israeli Dual Justice System:


'Sternhell supported Palestinian terror'
________________________________________ Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST Apr. 14, 2008
The Supreme Court will deliberate Monday a petition calling for the
revocation of the decision to bestow the Israel Prize on Professor Ze'ev
Sternhell. Members of the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, which
submitted the request, claimed that Sternhell had publicly legitimized
Palestinian terrorism in an article he once published and suggested that
the terrorists target settlers.
"Anyone who forfeits the blood of Israeli citizens is not worthy of the
prize," the petition reads.
In its response, however, the State writes that there is controversy
surrounding the winner is not reason enough to revoke the decision to
award him the prize.
"Accepting this petition would be an injustice," Army Radio quoted the
State Attorney's Office as saying. "This [petition] makes a man's life's
work as shallow as a bumper sticker." (Of course Sternhell.s thinking is
bumper sticker depth . SP)
In February, Education minister Yuli Tamir rejected a request by the Legal
Forum for the Land of Israel to cancel the decision to award Sternhell the
prize. The request had stated that "There is no case more appropriate than
Professor Sternhell's, which justifies the killing of civilians in terror
attacks, provided that they are settlers."
"It is doubtful whether any scientific researcher, great as he may be,
would have received the Israel Prize had he justified attacks by Arab
terrorists on any other population group," they said.
"These are foolish words," Sternhell said in response. "They have tried to
do this in the past and claim for themselves a right to veto the Torah of
Israel in science. The very demand is disgraceful and absurd."

5, Dawkins and fraud:

6. Debbie Schlusser on Asslibs supporting Obama
More on the Company Obama Keeps: Anti-Semitic Hatred From Key Obama
Supporter Shocks Naive Jewish Liberal Donor
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By Debbie Schlussel
Many people have sent me this letter, below, and it now appears on many
sites. It is an important read to remind people that anti-Semitism is all
over, and that far too many key Barack Hussein Obama supporters openly
hate Jews, and want you to know it. And that Obama is far too lax in
looking the other way.
But the letter is also confirmation of another thing I and many of my
readers and friends have known all of our lives: Foolish Jewish liberals
continue to throw money at our enemies, and then they are
shocked--shocked!--that those enemies tell them, "Hey, we hate Jews."
Hello . . .?
While I live and grew up in a Black city, in a Black neighborhood, and
graduated from a Black high school; And while I know that there are many
philo-Semitic Black Americans (we have many such readers on this site and
I have many such friends with whom I grew up and whom I've known most of
my life), the fact is that the Black community has far too much tolerance
for anti-Semitism. And it's not just Farrakhan, Jackson, Sharpton, and
Wright--though their popularity in Black America is symbolic, as their
anti-Semitism is never rejected by the collective Black community.
In fact, regardless of the history of Jews going out of their way for
Blacks and Black civil rights--several literally gave their lives and were
shot as they marched for Blacks--and helped found the NAACP Legal Defense
Fund, Blacks comprise the only ethnic group in America (Muslims are not an
ethnic group) where anti-Semitism remains high. They are also the only
ethnic group in America--in poll after poll--where anti-Semitism goes up
as socio-economic status (earnings, education, etc.) goes up. I have a
tremendous love for Black Americans--who helped build this country--and I
deplore racism. But I deplore all forms of racism, including
Black-on-White racism, and I do not love the collective, tolerated hatred
of Jews that is far too rampant in Black America.
That toleration and embrace of anti-Semitism is not new. That's why, as I
read this letter by Daphna Ziman--and as I watch plenty of naive,
guilt-ridden Jews embrace Barack Obama despite his close ties to Wright
and Farrakhan--I believe that they get what they deserve. Ms. Ziman had no
business giving money to this group in the first place. She should have
known this was their sentiment. It only reminds me of philantropist Mort
Zuckerman buying and donating greenhouses in Gaza for HAMASniks and not
easily predicting the greenhouses' quick destruction and non-appreciation
for the Jewish favor in 2005.
So, here is the letter by this very naive Jewish philanthropist Daphna
Ziman, who now is shocked--shocked!--by the anti-Semitism towards her, a
Jew, despite her donation to those she should have known--from a litany of
media reports throughout her life about "Hymietown" and "Zionist
interlopers" and "gutter religion" comments--do not wish her well:
by Daphna Ziman
April 8, 2008
I have to tell you of an experience I had last night that was so anti
Semitic and frightening:
Last night I was honored by Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, for my work with
Children Uniting nations with African American children who are living out
of home care. I have dedicated my life to saving these children from
abuse, neglect and a life of crime. We created 'adoption day' and "Day of
the child" determined to recruit caring adults to be mentors and life
savers for our at risk children in the inner cities.
The mayor was present and City council member Bernard parks, Assemblyman
Mike Davis, Senator Mark Ridely Thomas etc. I was introduced as a children
advocate and a leader in the Jewish community. I began my speech by
talking about how I woke up in the morning and listened to Hillary
Clinton's speech, in the spirit of Dr. King from Memphis that moved me so
deeply. I expressed to the crowd how grateful I was to listen to Sen.
McCain apologize to the community for mistakes he has made in the past. I
acknowledged Sen. Obama's speech from the campaign trail about Dr. King's
After I spoke and thanked the fraternity and their members, Rev. Eric Lee,
pres. and CEO of Southern Christian Leadership Conference of greater Los
Angeles, was introduced as the key note speaker.
He began his speech by thanking Jesus for Obama, who is going to be the
leader of the world. He continued by referring to other leaders Like Dr.
King, being that this was the moment of celebrating Dr. King's spirit on
the anniversary of his death, and Malcolm X.
It was right after the mention of Malcolm X that he looked right at me and
started talking about the African American children who are suffering
because of the JEWS that have featured them as rapists and murderers. He
spoke of a Jewish Rabbi, and then corrected himself to say "What other
kind of Rabbis are there, but JEWS". He told how this Rabbi came to him to
say that he would like to bring the AA community and the Jewish community
together. " NO, NO, NO,!!!!" he shouted into the crowd, we are not going
to come together. "The Jews have made money on us in the music business
and we are the entertainers, and they are economically enslaving us."
He continued as to how now the salvation has come and the gates have open
for African Americans to come together behind Barack Obama, because now is
the time to show them.(meaning the Jews).
He continued to speak about ' White supremacy' vs the talents and
visionaries in the core of African Americans. He demeaned being given
freedom, by saying "To what?" to a country that kills women and children.
I could no longer be polite and sit in front of the crowd, so I walked
Members of the fraternity ran after me as did my staff, I was not able to
contain my tears and I cried.
I cried for me and my family, who have tried so hard to help the African
American community, because we adopted children from the same realities
and wanted to give back to other children and people. We have been
completely color blind, for us it was only helping those children in need.
I cried for our beloved country and the division that Barack Obama has
caused with his Rev. Wright opening the gates to 'hate' against the Jews
and whites. I grew up so looking at America as the land of Freedom. I was
honored to receive my citizenship accompanied by members of the Kennedy
family. Now, I'm afraid for Israel because Barack sat there for 20 years
listening and not standing up for what's right, why would he standup for
I cried for the Jewish community who are so blind that they can't see that
there's a movement here that will destroy us. I cried because for the
first time in my life I was afraid of the future.
I cried for our world that is moving backwards and not forward. Everyday,
I see children so lost, and so deserving of hope and love. I look into
their eyes, knowing that it is their lives that are in our hands.
I'm crying now, so I'm going to stop writing because it is so painful. I
just had to share this experience with you.
Well, I'm glad Ms. Ziman is crying now. But what took her so long? Unlike
Ms. Ziman, I don't cry at this old hat "news" that for her is a sudden,
shocking revelation. I cry that there are so many extremely naive Jewish
liberals like her, who look the other way at the wholesale anti-Semitism
of the Black community. And constantly throw money at--and enable--them.
And continue to refuse to wake up. Why the heck was she giving them a dime
in the first place?
And that's not all to which she's giving her dimes. Ms. Ziman claims she's
worried about Israel and anti-Semitism. Yet, she continues to give oodles
of money to the anti-Israel UNICEF and to donate to the Muslim "refugees"
of Kosovo, who are rife with anti-Semitism. (Check out this page detailing
where her money goes.) She's clearly quite ignorant, but for her April 8th
She is the enabler of the kind of hatred which she now decries, and she
seriously needs to look in the mirror.
We are going through a modern-day Dreyfus Trial all over the world. But
people like Daphna Ziman are clueless and won't face the fact that court
is in session.

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