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The Beer Sheba "Poet" of Terrorism

Beer Sheba leftist "Poet" Questioned by the Police . sings the praise of
the Baby-Killer Kuntar

Shmuel Yerushalmi is a communist "poet" who possibly works in Ben Gurion
University and sends out his epistles from their university computer. His
photo is here: http://stage.co.il/Authors/ShmuelYerushalmi along with some
of his "poems." He has been called in for questioning before regarding
his pro-terror "poems" and was just questioned again about a "poem"
celebrating the baby-killer Samir Kuntar. The full Hebrew text of his new
celebration of baby murdering is here:

Excerpts From Haaretz report:

Big brother is reading your poetry

By Ofri Ilani

tags: poetry, Zionism, revolution

"My duty as a revolutionary poet is to do whatever I can to advance the
revolution," says poet Shmuel Yerushalmi of Be'er Sheva. "We, the workers,
are the majority, and we want to bring down the class that is exploiting
us and rule in its stead, for the good of the general public."

As one would expect from a proletarian poet, Yerushalmi churns out poems
at an industrial rate and sends them to a set distribution list of
left-wing activists, as well as to Communist Web sites in Israel and
around the world. His poems usually follow a uniform pattern of pathos.
"Exploited, arise and rebel! / Those who suck our blood shall be destroyed
/ We will fight a mighty battle / and bring down the old world," he writes
in one poem, and in another declares, "The class struggle will strengthen
our spirit / Our weapons will flash like lightening / Those who rob us of
our daily bread / will all be handcuffed!"

The proletarian regime seems quite remote from the small apartment in
which Yerushalmi, 35, lives with his parents. Even the computer in his
apartment has been broken for four years. His extensive online activity -
the hundreds of poems, letters and Communist manifestos he has written -
has all been conducted from the computer room at Ben-Gurion University of
the Negev. "I am very isolated," he says. "My activities have led to
disputes with a lot of my friends, some of whom are members of the Zionist

Yerushalmi's Communist activism might seem cut off from reality, but he is
apparently not considered out of this world by Israel's security forces.
Yerushalmi belongs to a very small group of Internet activists in the
Western world who have been interrogated by the security authorities about
their activities. The Be'er Sheva fringe poet, who immigrated to Israel
from the Ukraine in 1988, is viewed as a sufficiently serious threat and
stands under Shin Bet security service surveillance.

Tali Fahima's poem

It happened in 2004, shortly after Yerushalmi published a poem extolling
left-wing activist Tali Fahima. Yerushalmi says the police phoned and
summoned him for questioning at the police station in Be'er Sheva. "They
took me into a room with two men who immediately told me, 'We are from the
Shin Bet,'" recalls Yerushalmi. "One of them introduced himself as Ziv and
said, 'We see that you write things on the Internet, about Tali Fahima,
for example. Why?'" The interrogators wanted to know to which
organizations Yerushalmi belonged and who his best friends were, as well
as his political opinions.

"They began to ask me if I support a Jewish state. I said I was not
willing to answer, but I supported a democratic state. 'Is Israel not a
democratic state?' they asked, to which I responded, 'A democratic state
does not summon a poet for interrogation.' Then they said, 'Since you have
not cooperated with us, every time you go abroad you will have to undergo
a special check.' After that they asked me if I would now write a poem
about the Shin Bet, so I told them I would write whatever I like. A few
days later I wrote the poem, 'Fascist Police State.'"

Full story at http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/923362.html

Following is an English translation of a "poem" he just published that
celebrates the Baby Murderer Samir Kuntar, the "poem" over which Haaretz
does not think anyone should get upset (unlike its opinion of people who
say "I oppose the Oslo peace process," people whom Haaretz wants arrested
for incitement):

Samir Kuntar is not a monster

Stop making Samir Kuntar a monster!
He is not guilty of a murder 30 years ago
The Haran family from Nahariya was murdered by the IDF
She was mistakenly shot during the operation to liberate them

The greased muzzle of Zionism washes our brains
Tells all of us: how dreadful is the .demon.
They call Kuntar .murderer. and .beast of prey.
But don.t mention how many Lebanese Israel murdered!

Did not the phalanges sent by Israel to Sabra and Shatilla
Sew enough murder
In the Grapes of Wrath, in Kfar Qana
Did not women and children fall
And in the war of 2006, for no reason
The army of Israel slaughtered the residents of Bint-Jbeil
And again Kfar Qana!
The tears of thousands flowed onto the land

And who in 48 carried out a massacre in Deir Yassin
115 peaceable citizens were horribly murdered
In July of that year, the streets of Ramle-Lydda
Blood was spilt like water
Also from Iraq al-Manshiyeh the residents were expelled with blows

It was not the hand of Samir Kuntar that did
Those deeds!
Also in June sixty-seven
It was not he who starved ten thousand
Egyptian prisoners to death
Not he in November 56 who murdered in cold blood
400 road-pavers in Gaza
All that was Israel.s doing

Nearly every day an Israeli bullet
Cuts off the life of some boy or girl
Like on an old tree
The cutter goes to its head
In .Defensive Wall., the most moral army in the world
Indiscriminately killed every woman and child
And for that every soldier and commander was singled out for praise

And how many pregnant women whose bellies were sliced open
Are on the conscience of our army
And how many children have been tortured in the Shabak dungeons
But everyone sees a murderer in Samir Kuntar
And nobody sees the truth in a look (.truth in Mabat. . maybe a double
entendre referring to the nightly Israeli television news broadcast,
called .Mabat., lit. .look., .view., .sight. - MM)

After all, the army of Israel is one of the cruellest in our generation
Do not believe the stories about how nice and good our soldiers are
We are a nation of mindless adventurers
And for that we will yet pay the lives of our soldiers

Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev
They too are victims of our madness
If they had released Kuntar a few years ago
We would be spared their captivity
Ehud and Eldad too would still be living among us
We would have avoided bloodshed in a needless war

But our Zionist regime continues to immerse
It sees Kuntar as the murderer, the rapist
Let us understand at last the foolishness of our ways
None but ourselves are to blame

Enough of being so proud of our strength!
Our military power will be our undoing
We must stop washing our brains with horror stories (sipurei-falitzut)
Otherwise we will be our own undoing!

It is the Zionist movement that is the murderer
It is the aggressor; shedder of the blood of children
Stop making Samir Kuntar a monster
Shame on you, Zionists.

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