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Quick, how does the Gemara Call Pepto Bismol for Bellyaches in Aramaic?

'Rabbi' Haim Dov Beliak is a far-leftist anti-Israel activist of the
Norman Finkelstein variety, who is probably best known for having led a
campaign of vicious Lashon Hara and smears against a prominent Los Angeles
philanthropist, attacking him in ad hominem ways, because Beliak did not
like the fact that the philanthropist was financing some housing in
Jerusalem on what Beliak thinks is the wrong side of the 1967 Green Line.

Beliak, widely known by his nickname "Bellyache," holds a Reform movement
ordination and used to be the congregational clergyperson at a synagogue
in Whittier, California (once home of Richard Nixon).

Beliak has a letter in Haaretz today in which he pretends to speak on
behalf of American Jewry, reprinted in Hebrew below. He claims that
American Jews are convinced that their own security is threatened by the
fact that Israel has so far refused to create a Palestinian state,
capitulate to Arab demands, and return to its "Green Line." He also
insists that American Jews think that pro-Israel Christians threaten Jewry
when they support Israel. He concludes that American Jews need to be
pro-Palestinian. Bellyache really represents the most self-hating and
extremist one hundredth of one percent of American Jews.

Beliak runs a tiny group, really just a web site, which may have one or
two members besides himself, called "Jews on First," devoted to promoting
the political agenda of the Far Left and also to demonizing conservative
Christians. The group probably does more than any other nominally Jewish
group in North America, other than Neturei Karta, to create Christian
anti-Semitism. Among other "Jewish" causes that it promotes is the
prohibition of public school choice and vouchers, and the prohibition of
any discussion of "intelligent design." The banner causes for this "group"
include .Sex Education is a Mitzvah., and of course promoting gay marriage
and abortion. Beliak is a rabbi in the same sense that Ward Churchill is
an Indian.

Beliak's sidekick in the group is one Jane Hunter. She is an anti-Israel
activist and a groupie of Israel's convicted traitor and nuclear spy
Mordecai Vanunu. She collaborates with people like Noam Chomsky and with
the Swedish neo-nazi calling himself Israel Shamir in generating
anti-Israel propaganda. She has worked hard to spread the claim that
Islamic terrorists are actually backed by the Israeli Mossad. She claims
Israel runs cocaine smuggling networks, operates mass murder networks in
Central America, and she has attacked proposed funding freezes aginst the
Hamas and Islamic Jihad, while endorsing fringe conspiracy theories of the
Far Left.

Jews on First is the newest, but not the only, project of Beliak, a
favorite speaker of American Muslims Standing up for Freedom and Security,
sponsored by the pro-terror Muslim Public Affairs Council .

Beliak also runs or ran, a smear group that attacks
the family of Irving Mockowitz, who has been a developer of Jerusalem
neighborhoods. Beliak is a foul basher of Israel, who has campaigned for
divestment from Israel (see this). He opposes the US campaign against
Islamofascist terror as a .war machine. and wants to defend the al-Qaeda
detainees in Gitmo. He is a close associate of pro-terror anti-Semite
Ramsey Clark. He is part of the anti-Israel .Progressive Jewish Alliance.,
so anti-Israel that even Tikkun's Mikey Lerner will not join it. He is the
LA rep for the loony, drug-touting .Shalom Center. of .Rabbi Woodstock,.
Arthur Waskow. He also is nominally associated with the .Rabbis for Human
Rights., the group in Israel that fabricates the stories about settlers
chopping down Arab trees.

Want to tell Temple Beth Shalom of Whittier what you think of their
clergyperson? They are at fax Fax: 562-941-8745

Beliak's letter in Haaretz:

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