Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Batsheva Unterman had to undergo long periods of fertility treatment
before she was able to conceive. But at last she and her husband had a
baby. Five months ago, Baby Efrat was born, a healthy little girl.

Yesterday, Baby Efrat's Mom took her for a checkup in the clinic for
babies in downtown Jerusalem. When they were finished, Mom put Efrat in
her stroller and went out into the street. Mom strapped Baby Efrat down
in her baby seat in the car and hopped into the driver's side. The
injured terrorist inside the bulldozer had stopped the vehicle, but
suddenly started on his rampage again.

Batsheva was murdered by the terrorist, as she was crushed by the
bulldozer, which struck her car. Baby Efrat was rescued by a passerby.
She had never even broken into a cry when the car was struck.

Will the terrorist's family be expelled from Israel? Will their house
in East Jerusalem be destroyed or turned over to Jewish "settlers" as a
place to live?

No, grasshopper. Haim Ramon, Kadima politician, confirmed on TV
yesterday that the terrorist's family will be able to collect survivor
benefits for themselves from Israel's social security administration (the
National Insurance Institute), like any other Israeli who passes away.
Just like families of terrorists with Israeli citizenship who died while
murdering before him.

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