Sunday, July 06, 2008

Israeli Judges Rally to Defend Terrorists

1. Prof. Yehezkel Dror, Hebrew U don and member of the Winograd whitewash
committee, speaks out again against the Olmertocracy:

2. The British Union of Architects is considering a proposal to boycott
Israel and Israeli architects. Guess who is behind the proposal?
Anti-Semitic Israeli Jewish leftist architects, of course:,7340,L-3563988,00.html

3. The Left in Israel, led by Haaretz, is upset. It seems some settlers
in Samaria yesterday caught and tied up a perfectly innocent 31 year old
Palestinian who was simply minding his business and was setting the fields
of grain owned by the settlers on fire. The settlers turned him over to
the police, although after roughing him up (so says Haaretz, the
Palestinian daily printed in Hebrew). Oh, the humanity.

4. The ex-deputy Chief Justice Michael Cheshin is leading the crusade in
Israel AGAINST destroying the home of the terrorist from East Jerusalem
who murdered three people last week with the bulldozer. Cheshin, who has
never had a word to say about Olmert's corruption, says leaving the
"innocent" family members of the terrorist alone will prove that Israel is
a country of law and order. Law and Order, with Ehud Mugabe Olmert
in charge? Cheshin is also a longtime promoter of the
anti-democratic doctrine of judicial activism and has been at the
forefront of the efforts of the Left to prevent Minister Daniel Friedmann
from stopping judicial tyranny in Israel (see and ). If it were up to
Cheshin, Israeli troop should be prohibited from ever shooting terrorists
or enemy combatants unless they have been read their Miranda rights and
had a fail trial.

Here is another Israeli judge campaigning for escalated terrorism:

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