Friday, July 04, 2008

More Jewish Victims of the Bleeding Heart Idiots

1. For many years the Israeli Far Left and the Israeli media (pardon
me for repeating myself - they are largely the same people) have had a
bugaboo over the matter of "Vidu Hariga" or "Making sure they are dead."
In confrontations with terrorist infiltrators, would-be suicide bombers,
and similar peace partners, when it is not clear if the perps are really
dead or just wounded, Israeli soldiers sometimes finish them off with a
bullet or three. Official military orders are NOT to do so, but in many
cases the commanders wisely turn aside when it is done. The leftist
judges in the Israeli courts sometimes take time off from their judicial
activism to scream about how awful "Making sure they are dead" is.
Haaretz has long crusaded against the "barbaric" practice. Leftist "human
rights" groups whine about it.

In the bulldozer attack in Jerusalem this week, the perp was shot by a
policeman. The perp passed out and looked dead. The policeman did not
"finish him off" with a Vidu Hariga shot to the nogen. Perhaps the cop
was worried about being demonized in the media or prosecuted by the
bleeding hearts.

His failure to do so resulted in more death. The terrorist suddenly came
to, and hit the gas on the 'dozer, murdering Batsheva Unterman, the mother
of baby Efrat. Do-good squeamishness and politically correct idiocy
claimed yet another life in Israel. Failure to conduct Vidu Hariga
against terrorists should be a crime in Israel, but, instead, every cop
and soldier has to worry about being indicted if he finishes off a
terrorist. Failure to kill terrorists costs Jewish lives.

Meanwhile, take a look at Naomi Ragen's wonderful piece here:
Note that the 'dozer murderer was a relative of the terrorist who
committed mass murder in the yeshiva in Jerusalem last spring. At the
time, the house of the terrorist's family was not demolished, the family
was not deported, and - yes indeed - they WERE permitted to collect
survivor benefits as relatives of the dead terrorist from Israel's social
security (National Insurance Institute). For those who assumed I was
kidding when I wrote that families of Arab terrorist murderers who have
Israeli citizenship collect such survivor benefits, I was completely

The family of the Yeshiva murderer set up a "mourning tent" to celebrate
their heroic "shaheed" family member after he murdered the yeshiva
children. Israeli police protected the premises lest some angry Jew do
something violent to them. They bragged about how proud they were of the
hero with his 72 virgins (see )

Then, after all that, Olmert and his pals are shocked, I say shocked, this
week when another member of that same family carries out another mass
murder. While making some noises about how maybe this time the house of
the perp's family should be demolished, it will not happen. The Jewish
leftists will run to the courts to prevent it from ever happening. And
then when the third member of the terrorist family commits a new mass
murder, the Olmerts and the leftists in the media will be struck dumb from
shock and surprise.

By the way, as fate would have it, one of those who shot the tractor
terrorist was brother-in-law to the Jew who shot and killed the yeshiva
murderer last spring. The Jewish hero had been arrested a few years back
and beaten by
the police for participating in protests against the Sharon Gaza
capitulation and the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Gush Katif. (See )

BBC's take:

2. The Israeli connection to the Columbia rescue:,7340,L-3563850,00.html
Israel in 1976 could rescue 200 people in Uganda. Israel in 2008 releases
a baby killer to obtain the corpses of soldiers murdered by the Hezbollah
(,7340,L-3563785,00.html ).
Here is the Wall Street Journal on it:

'I Thought It Was One of Ours'
July 3, 2008
Ingrid Betancourt, a Colombian politician, is free after more than six
years as a captive of the communist group FARC. Fourteen other hostages,
including three Americans, were also freed in what the Associated Press1
calls "an audacious operation involving military spies who tricked the
The stunning caper involved months of intelligence gathering, dozens of
helicopters on standby and a strong dose of deceit: The rebels shoved the
captives, their hands bound, onto a white unmarked MI-17 helicopter,
believing they were being transferred to another guerrilla camp.
Looking at helicopter's crew, some wearing Che Guevara shirts, Betancourt
reasoned they weren't aid workers, as she'd expected--but rebels. This was
just another indignity---the helicopter "had no flag, no insignia." Angry
and upset, she refused a coat they offered as they told her she was going
to a colder climate.
But not long after the group was airborne, Betancourt turned around and
saw the local commander, alias Cesar, a man who had tormented her for four
years, blindfolded and stripped naked on the floor.
Then came the unbelievable words: "We're the national army," said one of
the crewmen. "You're free."
The helicopter crew were soldiers in disguise. Cesar and the other
guerrilla aboard had been persuaded to hand over their pistols, then
Betancourt's captivity was a cause c.l.bre in Colombia and in France,
where she also held citizenship. The Wall Street Journal2 had a detailed
story last month.
The soldiers had infiltrated the FARC, but still it seems these terrorists
were pretty gullible to believe that they had helicopters. It reminds us
of an Israeli joke*, recounted in this Ha'aretz3 story:
An Israeli pilot whose helicopter was in trouble over the sea lands on an
aircraft carrier. The captain chastises him: "How dare you? This is an
American aircraft carrier." "Really?," says the Israeli innocently. "I
thought it was one of ours."

Zionists Take Jazeera4

Yesterday's Jerusalem bulldozer rampage has brought predictable complaints
of media bias--and at least one unpredictable one. It turns out that
al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based network, is in the pocket of the Zionist
oppressors, at least if you believe an unnamed blogress writing on the Web
site of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee U.K., a group that by its own
description is engaged in a "media jihad5":
You need to see the TV coverage to understand my sentiments in full; I was
genuinely sad about the needless loss of human life--three Israeli
civilians dead and dozens injured. However, as I watched the coverage I
became shocked at the pro-Israel bias, which included an interview with a
representative of the Jerusalem Post. . . .
Now whilst the Zionists are given the right to live interviews to spin
their propaganda to make the attack seem like a regular daily occurrence,
the Palestinians who are occupied and under daily attack by the Israelis
are denied the right to have their position put on an equal footing.
The unnamed blogress says she called al-Jazeera's offices to complain and
spoke with an editor who "barked 'Give me a break, lady' and said they
were still working on the story as it was breaking news":
This "editor" then advised me that they were showing pictures of the
Palestinian's home and interviewing his family in later broadcasts. After
a minute or two, she told me she couldn't spend hours talking to me as she
had to work on the next bulletin and sarcastically said goodbye and hung
up!! Clearly not Al Jazeera's greatest Public Relations asset. What a
MPACUK's unnamed blogress concludes: "We can only bow our heads in
desperation as the victim-oppressor cycle starts again tomorrow--or
knowing the Israelis, tonight."
Meanwhile, the culprit has been identified as Hussam Dwaith, and London's
Daily Telegraph6 reports there are indications his motive was personal
rather than religious or political. It seems Dwaith had had his "heart
broken by a Jewish girl." Join the club, pal. Almost everyone is
disappointed in love at some time or another, but it's really unattractive
to act like such a martyr about it.
Arutz Sheva7 has an interview with "M.," the off-duty Israeli soldier who
shot Dwaith dead:
"I was bicycling from the center of town [westward] towards my home, when
I saw a bulldozer battering a bus lying on its side and a lot of
commotion. I immediately realized that it was a terrorist attack. I threw
the bicycle to the side, and I ran towards the scene, trying to get as
close as I could to the bulldozer so that I could get on it and stop the
driver. As I got closer I tried to somehow get a weapon. When the
bulldozer stopped, a policeman climbed up, and I climbed up right behind
him, screaming at him to shoot."
"Oron Ben-Shimon, with whom I was privileged to cooperate in stopping the
terrorist, also climbed up, and he and the policeman tried to stop him
with their hands. At first I could not shoot him, because the policeman
stood in between us and the terrorist. The terrorist suddenly got up and
started to drive again, screaming out Allahu Akbar, and Oron was able to
turn the steering wheel so that the bulldozer wouldn't run over more cars.
Finally, I was able to grab Oron's gun and shoot over the heads of the
policeman and Oron, three bullets to his head. Then a Yassam policeman
got on and fired again to ascertain his death."
Ben-Shimon is a security guard at a nearby clinic. Apparently we erred in
our item yesterday8 in saying it was a policeman who had killed Dwaith.
Several readers wrote to point out that this was not the first bulldozer
rampage after Rachel Corrie's accidental death in 2003. In June 2004, CNN
reported on an incident in the U.S.:
A man reportedly angry about a zoning decision drove a large bulldozer
fortified with steel plates through Granby, Colorado, Friday afternoon,
demolishing parts of the town center and exchanging gunfire with
authorities, officials said.
Officials said all of the buildings that were damaged or destroyed
appeared to be intentionally targeted as a result of the zoning dispute.
No one was hurt in that attack, which is described on the Web site of the
Granby Chamber of Commerce9:
June 4th, 2004, Granby Colorado was the unfortunate victim of a bulldozer
attack. One man chose to armor plate a Kamatzoo bulldozer and damage or
destroy several buildings in Granby. Most of the buildings were small
businesses owned by, or employers of past town council members. There was
one home and several personal vehicles destroyed by the dozer as well.
Total damage estimates now reach into the hundreds of millions. Although
insurance covered a lot of the damage, help for the damaged or destroyed
businesses and personal cars destroyed by the Granby Colorado bulldozer is
still needed. If you would like to help, please send your donation to one
of the following funds.
Al-Jazeera didn't even bother to cover10 the Granby rampage. If that isn't
proof of the network's pro-Zionist bias, we don't know what is. We can
only bow our heads in desperation . . .

3. Latest from Isracampus:

Pluto Press, outlet for anti-Israel academics, scrapped by the University
of Michigan
Lee Kaplan
The impact on university systems by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has
been greater than most people who pay their taxes to support such
institutions will ever know. Since universities are places that are
supposed to promote the concept of new ideas, academic freedom and freedom
of speech, they are also the perfect locales for indoctrination by
presenting false information that would normally be proven false by
scholarly research of the facts. Such false information today, however, is
given equal weight against the facts as opinions and agendas replace
serious scholasticism and research in educational materials such as books
and by professors with an agenda. In turn, that false information gets
disseminated over and over again later by graduates who know no better (or
don.t want to know better) and move into future teaching positions until
the false information replaces facts for the following generations to
come. This system serves to not just misinform future generations in
general, but to also indoctrinate students of certain faculty members in a
mindset of those who wish to indoctrinate rather than just educate their
A case in point is the late Edward Said, who is one of Pluto Press.s
published writers. Said encouraged people in the Palestinian movement to
.Write your own history. and that .Facts don.t matter, only emotions
matter.. When history becomes a fabrication to support an opinion or
agenda, then true academic scholarship is lost. Sadly, this is happening
in the American university and college system due to indirect payoffs to
administrators and department heads of Arab oil money. European and
Israeli universities tend to try and emulate what happens in America, so
the same tendency follows (Unfortunately, the Israeli system doesn.t get
Arab oil money as a side benefit, only some professors do indirectly
through the European Union).
Founded in 1969 by members of the Workers World Party, another name for
the international communist movement, Pluto Press.s owners nevertheless by
1979 decided that capitalism was desirable for them while spreading
communism to the rest of the world, so became independent. But the
publishing house continued in the same radical socialist vein, publishing
books by authors prominent in communist and anarchist movements and
philosophy, from Karl Marx to Noam Chomsky. Of course, the communist
platform from Stalin on being against Israel, Pluto Press also became a
clearinghouse for anti-Israel (euphemistically dubbed anti-Zionist)
academic works also attacking the United States as Israel.s protector.
Exclusive contracts with a major university assured that Pluto Press.s
books would be given the image of scholarly works, when in fact many of
them were not researched or subject to peer review like serious scholarly
works. This is in particular how things are done in the universities of
the Arab world.
Pluto Press lost its American source of distribution through the
prestigious University of Michigan Press due to poor scholasticism and a
pattern of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish books said to counter .Zionism.
(a.k.a. Jews). StandwithUS, a Jewish and Israel advocacy group, showed U.
Michigan that material that was not scholastically accurate was being
disseminated by U. Michigan Press as scholastically accurate material and
included downright polemical tomes against Israel that were not even
subject to peer review before dissemination as with other books. This was
damaging the University.s academic prestige.
At the heart of the matter was a book by Joe Kovel, Undermining Zionism,
that was really just a rehash of Arab propaganda to suggest that a Jewish
national homeland was not desirable in the interests of universal human
rights. The Arabs have learned that in order to dominate Israel under
Islamic sharia law and pan-Arab rule, they must deceive the West into
thinking they are egalitarians and that a Jewish state is racist, when in
fact it is merely deception by the Arabs to gain western sympathies to
move in for the final kill. Undermining Zionism should have been titled
Undermining Israel, the real polemic behind the book, another diatribe
about Zionism as racism when Israel is really a pluralistic society
surrounded by exclusively racist Muslim/Arab states vowed to its
A 2004 agreement had established UM Press as the exclusive American
distributor of Pluto publications, which included anti- Western,
anti-Israel and anti-Semitic books that were not subject to any kind of
academic peer review for being scholastically sound. All of Pluto.s books
were anti-Israel, portraying the Jewish state as committing atrocities
against the Arabs, the same ploy the Arabs use in their own press. It is
telling that the University of Michigan took such action, especially since
one of the largest concentrations of Palestinians who support Hamas and
Hizballah lives in the vicinity of the University.
Sadly, there are enough communists of Jewish heritage who will use their
heritage to pose as Jewish spokespeople for such a publishing house
because destroying Israel is part of the publisher.s platform to
indoctrinate rather than educate. Secular Jews who resent the religious
ones for their beliefs also provide a source for writings to smash the
.Zionist state.. These authors provide a perfect cover of Jews showing the
rationality of destroying the Jewish state.
Pluto Press.s list of available authors included only these .Jewish. or
.Israeli academics who helped to serve the publisher.s purpose of
denigrating the Jewish state. The average person seeking information on
the Middle East might read Kovel.s book or similar ones put out by Pluto
Press and fall for the faulty scholarship and outright lies within.
Among Pluto Press.s Israeli academics or writers who are distributed by
the publishing house are Efraim Nimni, Daniel Dor, Michel Warschawski,
John Rose, Israel Shahak Nur Masalha, Marc H. Ellis, Noam Chomsky, Jeff
Halper, Uri Avnery, Ghada Karmi, and Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, among others.
Never heard of most or some of them? not alone. Most readers of
books put out by the University of Michigan trust the University.s name
that as scholastic works these books are factually researched and not just
an opinion with an agenda behind them. But in the spirit of Edward Said,
if enough emotions are tweaked with false information, facts no longer
matter. That is the reason the University of Michigan finally decided to
remove Pluto Press from its exclusive list of publishers.
To give you some idea of just who the Israeli and Jewish academics were on
Pluto Press.s play list, below are some of the better known ones with some
history behind their .research..

Efraim Nimmi. A senior lecturer in Politics and International Relations at
The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, continually
describes the terrorist Palestinians and their government as an
organization of .pragmatism and willingness to compromise. while he
accuses the Israeli government of being guilty of "extremist
intransigence." Nimmi is completely delusional and has the situation in
reverse since it was Israel that helped the Palestinians create a separate
government and state. Few people know that 70% of the funds for the
Palestinian Authority come from Israel and not the USA or EU. As for
intransigence, can anyone with even a modicum of sense after Israel has
been bombarded with 4,000 rockets since deporting the Jewish population
from Gaza even remotely think that Israel is guilty of intransigence?
Nimmi, safely tucked away in New Zealand would not be subject to another
Holocaust of Jews by the Arabs if it stopped its .intransigence. by
willing to lie down and be overrun by the Arabs who do not have peace or
the best interests of everyone involved in their warmongering against the
Jews. Yet some laymen might read Nimmi and assume he knows what he is
talking about, if those readers have no other knowledge from which to draw
in reading his books.
Daniel Dor. A lecturer in media studies at the University of Tel Aviv, Dor
objected to the reporting by Israeli media during Operation Defensive
Shield because allegedly it wasn.t objective enough in presenting the Arab
side. One can imagine him during the Second World War writing about how
Jews describing the gas chambers were not objective enough in explaining
why the Germans felt they had to gas them.. Operation Defensive Shield
happened after hundreds of Israelis were murdered on buses, cafes and in
public places by the Arabs, and after Israel withdrew from the West Bank
fourteen times after terror attacks to try and get the peace process back
on track. Dor, of course, doesn.t consider that each time the Israelis
withdrew from the West Bank more Israelis were killed and still no
terrorists arrested by the Palestinian Authority. . Israel had the right
of hot pursuit per the Oslo Accords if the PA did not arrest terrorists.
It finally took the Passover Massacre and killing of 31 Israelis, many of
them Holocaust survivors for
Defensive Shield to be used. And you know what? It was perfectly legal per
the Oslo Accords that specified Israel.s right to hot pursuit of
terrorists if the PA refused to control them per .international law. like
the Arabs like to cite. The Arabs have a controlled media and press, the
Israelis do not need to show a sympathetic view of their murderers or
listen to their excuses like Dor would have them do.
Michel Waschawski, is a former director of the Alternative Information
Center which is the forerunner of the International Solidarity Movement.
He openly works with the most virulent Arab groups rubber stamping their
nonsense against Israel. He describes Hamas as .pragmatic. (read the Hamas
Charter to see how pragmatic they are about murdering Jews). Waschewski,
one of those Jewish communists, founded an Israeli communist party in the
government, Matzpen. In 1987 he was arrested for "providing services for
illegal (Palestinian) organizations" and sentenced in 1989 to thirty
months prison, for publishing articles written by alleged PFLP members
about prison conditions and interrogation techniques. He is husband to
Leah Tsemel who represents terrorists and ISM activists for entry against
the Israeli government. He is employed by the Alternative Information
Center which is the precursor of the ISM, which is .Palestinian-led. per
its own leadership and calls for the complete dismantling of Israel as a
Jewish state.
John Rose is a prime example of a Jewish communist whose Judaism is purely
by ancestry, but who will gladly serve as a .Jew. against Jewish
self-determination and Zionism. He is a leading member of the
revolutionary Socialist Workers Party (communist party in the UK) who
teaches sociology at Southwark College and London Metropolitan University
and is best known as a speaker on Israel and Palestine and, in particular,
as a critic of Israel and Zionism. As he puts it, "Israel's policies
towards the Palestinians are barbaric." He is the author of numerous
books and articles including Israel: The Hijack State - America's Watchdog
In The Middle East and The Myths of Zionism . Like any good communist who
practices groupthink, he is against America and, by extension, Israel as
America.s ally. He even suggests Israel hijacked its state from the Arabs
on behalf of America when history shows us the US was not overly friendly
to Israel in 1948, putting an arms embargo on the Jews. Also like a good
communist he is anti-Zionist, claiming Jewish self-determination is based
on .myths. from the Bible. He recounts a false history of Zionism, first
accusing the Jews of machinations with the British to promote imperialism
to control the trade routes to India (he fails to point out the British
set up many more Arab colonies in the region that became Arabs states as
mortal enemies of what became the Jewish state of Israel) and implies that
what the UN finally declared a Jewish state had a majority Arab population
when the majority was Jewish. He completely ignores how the British
screwed the Jews by giving Jordan, originally designated part of Israel,
to the Hashemite family that was feuding over Saudi Arabia with the House
of Saud. He mentions nothing of Arab pogroms against Jews in the Middle
East many times before the establishment of Israel and blames Israel for
the Sabra and Shatilla massacres in Lebanon while ignoring the
Palestinian.s massacre of Christian Arabs at Damour only the week before,
somehow implying that Zionism is connected to the Arabs who killed other
Arabs for .looking on. rather than getting involved and risking the lives
of Israeli soldiers.
For Rose, history is one big ellipse, using partial quotes from Zionist
leaders to present them as conniving miscreants against the poor
disadvantaged Arabs. His history is sloppy, but fits right in with the
communist agenda against Zionism and, by extension, Jewish determination
in the Holy Land.
Israel Shahak. Now deceased, Shahak was a former Israeli Professor of
Chemistry at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and an outspoken critic of
the Israeli government and of Israeli society in general. Shahak's
writings on Judaism have been the source of considerable controversy since
he fabricated certain events in order to smear Judaism to a radical
leftist world (such as Pluto Press panders to) and showed support for the
cutthroats of the PLO. Shahak theorized that ancient persecutions of Jews
were not the result of anti-Semitism, but because Jews lived in closed
societies (apparently he ignored they were forced to do so because they
were Jews) and lived under the patronage of non-Jewish nobles who
exploited a feudal class. As such, the Jews were attacked when all feudal
agents were attacked.
Shakah wa just plain weird and crazy and received accolades for his
theories from some of the greatest anti-Semites around including Edward
Said and Noam Chomsky and even Alexander Cockburn who runs the neo-Nazi,
proto-communist website Counterpunch. Shahak tried to claim that Zionism
was an attempt to once e again create a closed Jewish communitiy to
exploit non-Jews when the simple truth is Zionism was a final result of
Jewish-sought self-dtermination that grew out of the Holocaust, a
Holocaust that Shahak himself was affected by.
Quoting Shahak:
.Although the struggle against antisemitism (and of all other forms of
racism) should never cease, the struggle against Jewish chauvinism and
exclusivism, which must include a critique of classical Judaism, is now of
equal or greater importance..
Shahaks words ring false since Israel had many different recognized
religions and languages by law, and Judaism is not exclusivist. Israel
today is in fact another concentration camp for world Jewry, only this
time the inmates are armed. They allow others to live there peacefully and
with the same civil rights unlike their totalitarian Arab or Muslim
neighbors who call for the Jewish state.s destrcution.
Shahak almost presents a mentally ill person.s passion for being against
the Jewish state. He fabricated a tale of an Orthodox Jew who refused to
call an ambulance on Shabat for an injured gentile, an event that Shahak
claimed he had seen. He later claimed an IDF rabbi said it was good for
IDF soldirs to kill civilians and claimed that .there are Nazi-like
tendencies in Judaism." Such fabrications and vitriol earned him a
lucrative place on the PLO talk circuit while he was alive. He was also
featured and praised repeatedly by the Washington Report on Middle East
Affairs journal that is a front for Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Like Noam
Chomsky, who praised his work, Shahak never met an enemy of the Jews he
could not find the willingness to work for.
Nur Masalha is described on a Palestinian website that advocates the
dismantling of Israel as being born in 1957 in .occupied Palestine. (note
in this instance it means all of Israel). He studied at the Hebrew
University in Jerusalem and at the University of London and is a Senior
Lecturer in History at St. Mary.s College (in England). In addition to
publishing several books, Nur Masala is also Director of Holy Land
Research Project, and Associate Editor of Holy Land Studies: A
Multidisciplinary Journal.
Masalha.s books tell the tale of a bellicose colonial Israel that
displaced innocent Arabs from their homes in 1948, and from then on
prevented peace by provoking and murdering Palestinians. In short, he
publishes the Palestinian propaganda narrative. What makes this man.s
books troubling is they have creeped not only into the University of
Michigan.s publications through Pluto Press but are being read in grades
K-12 in the United States. Masalha writes of Jews attempts to transfer the
Arabs from their homes as a rite of dispossession despite the ten times
increase in the Arab population inside Israel since 1948. He equally
ignores the forced transfer of 810,000 Mizrahi Jews from Middle East Arab
countries at the same time. His books are intellectually dishonest since
they do not give enough information on the attack by the five surrounding
Arab states to wipe Israel off the map in 1948. One wonders if Masalha.s
scenario were reversed and the Jews driven into the sea in 1948, if the
Arabs would be crying about their plight and offering to allow them back
into the Holy Land to gain alleged property holdings of deceased
Mark H. Ellis. A profile reads that .Marc H. Ellis is Director of the
Center for American and Jewish Studies at Baylor University, a Baptist
university in Waco, Texas. Of Jewish heritage, Ellis is honored and widely
cited as an anti-Jewish and anti-Israel authority by Holocaust deniers
such as the recently deported Canadian Nazi, Ernst Zundel. Though Ellis
has never formally endorsed Holocaust denial himself, he has hosted
Holocaust denier Norman Finkelstein on numerous occasions, such as at the
2nd Dallas Palestinian Film Festival (sponsored by United for Peace and
Justice, the renamed US communist party) Ellis and Finkelstein sit
together on the boards of a number of anti-Israel groups such as the Deir
Yassin Remembered organization, which also includes among its members PLO
spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi and the convicted Israeli spy Mordecai Vanunu
who sold Israel.s nuclear secrets to a British tabloid.
Ellis holds a Ph.D. from Marquette University in Milwaukee. His first
position after graduation was at the Maryknoll School of Theology in New
York, a Jesuit institution that is not accredited as a research university
but is a center of "liberation theology" (Marxist Christianity). In 1998
Ellis became a full professor at Baylor University, where today he is the
lone faculty member in the American and Jewish Studies program whose
website lists endorsements by a "Christian feminist theologian," but not
by a single Jewish scholar. A former Jew, now communist, Ellis fits the
classic example of the communist of Jewish descent supplying services to
the anti-Israel crowd. He is frequently sought as a speaker at
International Solidarity Movement events, hardly an independent scholar
who relies on empirical research.
Noam Chomsky. Probably the biggest star among anti-Semitic, pro-communist
Jews who support the goals of Arab irredentists and hate the USA, Chomsky
recently visited Hasan Nasrallah and praised Hizballh.s actions against
Israel (that include dropping missiles on teenage girls). Chomsky gladly
praised Hizballah.s goal (destroying Israel and addng it to the Muslim
umma) right after Nasrallah was quoted as saying he wished all the world.s
Jews would move to Israel so he could kill them in one place. Chomsky, a
tenured professor at MIT in linguistics has grown very rich off of books
endorsing both dictators opposed to the United States such as Pol Pot and
that show his support for terrorist groups.
Jeff Halper. A Minnesotan with Israeli citizenship, Jeff Halper is a
former professor of Anthropology at Ben Gurion University who started a
one man NGO called the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
(ICHAD). Halper.s NGO is funded chiefly by the European Union but also
receives money indirectly from Saudi Arabia. For example, Halper.s
writings and diatribes against Israel are frequently shown on the website
of the Washington Report of Middle East Affairs that is funded by Saudi
Arabia and Gulf Sheiks and he is a frequent speaker at International
Solidarity Movement events. Halper works closely with the ISM and adheres
to their groupthink of any falsehood being justified if it serves to harm
Israel. A profile states, .Halper became an activist whose special cause
is attacking Israel's house demolitions no matter why they are done --
whether because the Palestinian owner did not get proper building permits,
or because the houses were used for military purposes such as building
bombs or to camouflage arms smuggling tunnels, or because they were the
homes of suicide bombers. and that he believes Israel has no right to
exist. Like the other anti-Israel Israeli academics and writers published
by Pluto Press, Halper fabricates commentaries about Israeli laws that do
not exist to portray the pluralistic country as racist. For example, he
has claimed, .by law, .non-Jews. are forbidden to buy, rent, lease or live
on 'state lands' -- 75% of the country,. which is not true. In fact, the
Palestinian Authority has a law decreeing a death sentence for selling any
land to a Jew and has enforced it retroactively.
Uri Avnery. Avnery is one of the most quoted anti-Israel Israelis by the
ISM who has a passion against Israel that holds no bounds. Although at one
time he served in the fledgling IDF, Avnery started an anti-establishment
tabloid in Israel in the late 50.s and 60.s as an alternative press,
growing more and more against Israel over the years to a point almost
bearing mental illness. Avnery actually served as a human shield in the
Mukata for Yasser Arafat when the PA headquarters were surrounded by the
IDF in response to a suicide bomber carrying out the Passover Massacre
that murdered 31 elderly Holocaust survivors who were celebrating Passover
in Netanya. Arafat himself had approved and funded the attack. Avnery.s
passion for promoting verbally and in writing the Palestinian cause and
attacks on Jews even alienated his own mother, who cut him out of her will
before her death and declared him a traitor. Avnery is the sole survivor
of the little-known "Canaanite movement. in Israel and is a fanatic
anti-Zionist and anti-Semite whose Israel bashing pro-Hamas articles
appear everywhere one can find anti-Semitism, from radical communist to
neo-Nazi websites. He is a regular columnist on the neo-Stalinist
pro-terror Counterpunch website. Avnery, who immigrated from Germany to
Israel in 1933, was, incredibly, an admirer of Nazism. Today, he adheres
to the communist groupthink that Israel should become a secular society of
Arabs and Jews living together but his thinking is so distorted as to be
beyond any reality, his believing that there should be an end to Judaism
altogether. His diatribes against Israel lack and scholastic realism.
Ghada Kharmi. Ghada Karmi is a Palestinian academic at the University of
Exeter, Britain, and the author of Married to another man: Israel's
dilemma in Palestine. Her writings are merely polemics without history or
facts to back them up. For example, she claims that Israel has never made
a peace offer to the Palestinains! She states standard Palestinian
propaganda and buzz words as facts (i.e. Israel violates .international
law. when it does not)and she encourages war by proxy, such as her writing
in support of the British boycott of Israeli academics. And what.s her
intellectual solution to the conflict that she also says is the reason for
al Qaeda? She says Israel must become one state called Palestine, must
withdraw to the 1949 borders, give the Palestinians half of Jerusalem and
then allow seven million Palestinians to move inside Israel and dominate
the Jewish population. As for terrorism, she glosses over it as the
desperate actions of some extremists who are fighting .colonialism.. Her
writings hardly reflect anything in the way of solid research or
intellecual balance.
Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi is an Israeli psychology professor at Tel Aviv
Univeristy, an expert on cults, who claims Judaism is not a religion and
cannot legitimately claim to be a nation while apparently the Arabs can do
so. He says that Zionism, Jewish self-determination, is a master race
ideology and makes references to Jews as Nazis. His .research. is clearly
agenda driven and cult-like in its support of the Palestinian Arabs
against the Jewish state that he considers part of worldwide imperialism.
These are more anti-Israel Israeli academics in Pluto Press.s repertoire.
Such .academics,. including Joe Kovel, being a part of the University of
Michigan Press was giving legitimacy as scholastic works to their
propaganda and indoctrination when all held one central theme without
facts to back things up: Israel must be dismantled. It is actually
remarkable that the Univiersity of Michigan finally relented to remove the
Pluto Press titles. This was the major university that invited the likes
of Juan Cole and Neve Gordon to teach there. Juan Cole, who was once the
President of the Middle East Studies Association, teaches assorted
conspiracy theories that America is controlled by Israel and Jews. He
makes statements such as .much of the Arab world has made a peace treaty
with Israel. when it is not so. For example, Saudi Arabia, the lead Arab
state in the peace negotiations process with the Road Map, is still in a
state of declared war with Israel since 1948. Cole.s writings and teaching
again reflect a polemic against Israel.s existence, less on scholarship
than political agenda.
Saving the worst for last, we have Neve Gordon, a political science
lecturer with a PhD from Notre Dame who has been brought to U Michigan to
lecture students there. Gordon.s writings are so openly anti-Semitic that
some have been carried on neo-Nazi web sites, including one run by Ernst
Zundel, the neo-Nazi Holocaust denier deported from Canada and now in
prison in Germany.
The University of Michigan did not relinquish Pluto Press.s lineup so
easily. An attempt in 2006 to have such texts removed from their
publishing arm was rejected by the University. The University of Michigan
at Dearborn has one of the largest Palestinian and Muslim American
populations in the country and Michigan was the venue for the largest
Palestinian lobbying organization ever created. In the past the University
of Michigan actually serves as a venue for an early ISM national
divestment conference against Israel, where the theme was to train
radicals to work to destroy Israel by any means possible in America.s
university system. Arab-American students in attendance at that conference
were heard to scream in Arabic to slaughter the Jews. Apparently Pluto
Press and the number of self-hating Israel bashing Israeli academics it
publishes were even too anti-Semitic for a long established Israel hating
school like the University of Michigan. Finally, the University saw fit to
divorce itself from so many ill-researched and polemical articles that
lacked scholarly peer review and normal academic standards and could only
hurt the University of Michigan.s good name.
Perhaps it was the chickens coming home to roost that the administration
at the University of Michigan saw a pattern of the University sinking into
the cesspool of the educational institutions of the totalitarian world.
The fact that U Michigan administrators finally figured out Pluto Press.s
books were little more than anti-Israel propaganda and opinions usually
not backed up with facts persuaded the university to take such
praiseworthy action as demanding peer review. We can only hope more
universities in America will do so, but the threat of Arab oil money
playing a part behind the scenes always looms and the plethora of
anti-Israel Israeli and Jewish academics who seek fame or fortune as part
of the mantra of false scholarship calling for the demise of Israel can be
certain to march on.
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