Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Most Disgraceful Day in the History of the State of Israel

1. Infamy
by Naomi Ragen

2. Celebrations

3. In recent years every single time the Israeli government acted with
unbelievable stupidity, it and its captive media chanted in uniformity
that there had been no coice at all and no alternative. They were lying
then. They lied now.

4. Every Jew in the world is in far greater danger tonight than he was

5. Philistines:

6. If Israel had capital punishment, no murderers would have been
released today in exchange for dead bodies.

7. Olmert today in effect murdered all captive Israelis held now or to be
held in the future by the Hamas and the Hezbollah. He has made it clear
that he will not avenge their murders, but will pay tribute to their

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