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Tel Aviv Philosophy Professor Anat Matar promotes draft dodging from the
IDF to aid her Palestinian Arab .Allies.

And here Anat Matar, the self-avowed deep thinker and philosopher, shows
how she is neither. She states in an interview, .As for ending the
occupation itself, I'm far from being optimistic. But of course, pressure
on the U.S. government, boycotting Israel in all sorts of ways - in short,
making manifest the similarity between Israel and Apartheid South Africa -
all these could perhaps change something. I'm not sure about the short
run. But slowly, slowly this should be understood by more and more
people.. One wonders where is her concern for the 30% of Israeli children
and the elderly who must eat in soup kitchens due to the Arab League
Boycott she supports. The suffering of Israelis apparently means nothing
to Anat Matar.

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Bezalel Academy artist and lecturer David Tartakover uses art to attack
his fellow Israelis

As mentioned, Tartakover has enormous contempt for religious Jews,
something that also colors his hatred for Jews who reside in Yesha. He
expressed this artistically when he defaced the memorial of assassinated
Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin with the words, Killed by a Kippa wearing
Jew! thus lumping all religious Jews (no doubt to him, all those in Yesha
are religious too, when many are not) into the same group.

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Tel Aviv University - Anat Matar hard at work at destroying Israel through
creating a "Right of Return" for "Palestinian refugees"

Haifa Conference for the Right of Return And the Secular Democratic State
in Palestine

Friday and Saturday, June 20-21, 2008

Haifa, Al Midan Theatre, Khouri St 2

Friday, June 20

17:00 - Youth meeting: Youth struggle, the Return of Palestinian refugees,
and the Secular Democratic Society

19:00 . Opening Session

On behalf of the Initiating Committee . Rajaa Zo'abi O'mari

Ayman O'deh . Secretary General - Democratic Front for Peace and Equality

Awad Abed El-Fatah . Secretary General - National Democratic Alliance

Muhammad Kanaa'ne . Secretary General - Abnaa elBalad Movement (The
movement is part of the coalition that constitute the Initiating

Palestinian speakers from the post-1967 occupied territories and the

Dr. Anat Matar

Prof. Bhim Singh from Kashmir

Greetings to the Haifa Conference.

Cultural Program

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3. Hatred being Distributed by the ALEF list, which operates under the
auspices of theUniversity of Haifa:

From ALEF Watch (

Yigal Arens (, University of Southern California and son
of Moshe Arens, justifies an Iranian attack on Israel, posted on ALEF on 6
July 2008

You know, with all the overt and implied threats Israel has been making
against Iran, any fair-minded person would have to conclude that Iran
would be fully justified if it decided to launch a preemptive attack
against Israel. Instead of sitting and waiting until Israel felt it had
the best opportunity to attack, the Iranians might consider it better to
start the war on their own terms, with the element of surprise on their


This Hatred is Disseminated via the University of Haifa
Mark Marshall (, posted this on ALEF on 7 July 2008:

By the USA.s own rules, Iran has the right to invade the USA and murder 10
million of its people. It also has the right to invade Israel and murder
over 200,000 Israelis. Thank God Iran is a civilized country, and as such
has neither the inclination nor the ability to act according to US rules.

Mark Marshall


This Hatred is Disseminated via the University of Haifa

Tony Greenstein (, the anti-Zionist British
communist, posted on ALEF on 6 July 2008:

States exist, from Britain to the US, to Nazi Germany to fascist Poland &
Rumania to racist Israel. The real question that is posed is not whether
Israel has a 'right' to exist - States are not human beings and therefore
have no rights - but the right of others to refuse to accept Israel as a
racist state. In other words what is being demanded is that others accept
that Israel has the right to be the world's no. 1 racist state.

This Hatred is Disseminated via the University of Haifa
Marlene Newesri (, cheers Bulldozer Murderer,
posted on ALEF on 4 July 2008

Let's face it. Israel thrives on incidents such as this, and it's just
another way to show the kind of suffering its citizens must endure at the
hands of Palestinian "terrorists" and why it must carry out its revengeful
acts in order to protect its citizens. It's the perfect excuse for what it
would probably do anyway using some kind of pretense.

The only time an incident like this won't be on the front page or not even
in a newspaper is when it concerns Palestinians being killed by Israeli
soldiers or settlers. A bulldozer took the life of Rachel Corrie, it
wasn't exactly front page news in the USA, or even second page. Rachel,
who was the victim, was depicted more like a terrorist.

I also recall a few occasions where Palestinians were killed inside their
homes while Israel was in the process of bulldozing them to the ground,
yet, I don't remember anyone calling the operators of those bulldozers
terrorists. Yet it was done, not as an individual act, but on behalf of
Israel because that was their job, just like Moshe Nissim who operated a
bulldozer in Jenin in 2002 that buried some people alive. He may have even
received a medal for his outstanding achievements.

This Hatred is Disseminated via the University of Haifa

Edward C. Corrigan ( finds justification for
Bulldozer Murderer, posted on ALEF on 3 July 2008

Interesting commentary from Seth Freedman on the recent Jerusalem
bulldozer attack in Jerusalem. The killing of innocent civilians must be
condemned no matter who the guilty party is. One point not addressed in
Freedman's commentary is that the perpetrator's house in East Jerusalem
had been issued a demolition order by the Israeli authorities. I would
what we would do if someone was going to destroy our home? (sic) Israel
has demolished thousands of Palestinians homes in Israel and the Occupied
territories. Here is what the Toronto Star has to say about the incident .

Seth Freedman's article is below.

Ed Corrigan

The Toronto Star, which failed to report a single word about the
assassinations of 4 Arabs (including 2 teenagers) in the West Bank during
the past week of course had extensive coverage of yesterday's bulldozer
rampage in Jerusalem...

From "Death by bulldozer in Jerusalem," By Oakland Ross,Toronto Star, Jul
03, 2008 04:30 AM;

"Dwayyat had been fined $50,000 for building his house without a permit,
and a demolition order was on file, said Hassib Nashashibi, head of a
group that defends Palestinians against such orders. That might explain
Dwayyat's motivation in the attack, and the circumstances might also
influence Israel's decision about whether to destroy the house as

Local residents evidently fear the threat of reprisals by Jewish gangs
bent on revenge, and they also harbour worries that Israeli authorities
might inflict punishment upon an entire family....

Married with two young children, Dwayyat was remembered yesterday as a
quiet but sociable man with no interest in politics - which would be
remarkable if it were true. Everyone in this region has an interest in

full story;

This Hatred is Disseminated via the University of Haifa

Yedidya (, responding to Tony Greenstein, posted
this on ALEF on July 1, 2008:

Indeed, Judaism is a racist religion, therefore "Rligious Nationalism"
(sic) is a super racist combination, but the "Datiyim Leumiyim" (sic) are
a minority of about 10% or less in Israel. About 75% of israelies (sic)
are secular and mainstream Zionism, which is a secular version of Judaism.


This Hatred is Disseminated via the University of Haifa

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