Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Rachel Corrie Soccer Tournament for the Mentally Defective


The Rachel Corrie Soccer Tournament for the Mentally Defective

I realize this sounds like one of those spoofs I regularly post and that
sometimes confused readers. But this time it is for real. Yes, some
terrorists are organizing a benefit for the mentally ill in Gaza in the
form of a Rachel Corrie Soccer Tournament. For details, go here.

Rachel Corrie, you may recall, was the clueless Israel hater and American
flag burning student from Washington state who was recruited by the
pro-terror "International Solidarity Movement" or ISM (which really stands
for "I Support Murder") to go to Gaza and serve as a human shield for
terrorists. She tried to interfere with an Israeli bulldozer digging up a
terrorist smuggling tunnel. She placed herself in a position where the
'dozer driver could not see her, she was hit, and later died in a
Palestinian Authority medical facility, probably from incompetence of the
medical staff. Corrie for all effects and purposes committed suicde as
part of her campaign on behalf of Palestinian terrorism. Ever since, she
has been the matron saint of anti-Semites all over the globe.

The Corrie parents have been leading the Smear-Israel campaign and, in
particular, have been pressuring the Caterpiller company into boycotting
israel. They were thunderously silent when a Palestinian terrorist used a
bulldozer recently to murder three people and injure dozens.

Organizing a Rachel Corrie event to help the mentally defective may be
conveying a message far more important and revealing than the terrorist
organizers of the event realize!

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