Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What is easier than changing your bank in Israel?


Making Sex Change Surgery Easier than Changing Banks
28 Sivan 5768, 01 July 08 10:10by "Back to Sanity" - Arutz 7

Dana International - will vote for Olmert?

Well, Olmert and his playground playmates are about to conduct the most
disgraceful "prisoner exchange" in human history.

But at least his government is moving forward on some other timely
matters. Take the matter of the "transgendered," people who want to
conduct surgery to change their bodies to appear as if they belong to the
other gender. Well, the Olmert Ministry of Health has just set up a
commission to make it a lot easier for such folks to get themselves
surgically "altered" at taxpayer expense through the national health

You realize what this means?

First of all, Israel will soon be the only place on earth where it will be
easy to "change" your sex but all but impossible to change your bank!

Dana International will yet become the cultural symbol of Olmertism!

I mean, if I were to come into an Israeli hospital and ask them to
surgically remove my little toe for no overwhelmingly convincing reason,
they would refuse and would probably demand that I get myself
institutionalized in a psychiatric ward. But once the rules of sex
"change" surgery are themselves changed, I will be able to ask for THAT to
be removed surgically and the med system and the psychiatric establishment
will not even blink. The radical feminists who think that silicon breast
implants are a demeaning anti-women human rights atrocity have had nothing
to say about THIS.

Evidently the only real requirement for approval of the procedure today in
Israel is that the individual should have been "living in the role of the
opposite sex" prior to the surgery for two years. I assume that means two
years as a cross-dresser. (Catch David Letterman this week doing his late
night shtick? He says J. Edgar Hoover was discovered to have been a
double cross-dresser - he sometimes dressed as a man!)

And what about the halakhic questions? In which section of shul should
these folks sit after surgery? Can they be counted as part of a minyan?

Haaretz is gushing its approval for the new relaxed rules being
considered, in an article by its resident feminist reporter Ruti Sinai.
She cites the celebration for the proposed new rules coming from the
"trangendered community."

Ever notice that everything now is a "community"? Evidently sufferers
from any form of mental illness or behavioral disorder must constitute a
"community." So will we have a new community for those in comas or who
hear space aliens speaking to them? How about a community of people
afraid of elevators? How about a community for paranoid people, where
they can look over one another's shoulders? How about a community for
those with split personalities - or, better yet, how about TWO communities
for them?

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