Sunday, August 03, 2008

1. So what is the lead front page banner headline today in Haaretz, the
Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew?

It is that a Palestinian woman and her baby daughter were injured when a
"settler" threw a rock at their car. The headline reads in Hebrew, "We
drove past Yizhar (Jewish settlement) and suddenly a rock hit us." The
story is accompanied by a photo of a baby in Tel Aviv Jewish hospital bed
with a bandage on her nogen. The story without the photo is on Haaretz
English web site here:

So why is this a front page story? In Israel not a day goes by without
numerous rock throwing incidents in which Arabs throw rocks at Jewish
cars. Not all are in the "occupied territories" and parts of the Galilee
are notorious scenes for such attacks. Most of these never get mentioned
at all in Haaretz and none are ever on the front page. Jews have died as
a result of some of these attacks. When a dog bites a man it is not news,

Well, it is not even clear that the person who throw the stone is a Jew.
The location is near Nablus, and Arabs commonly stone cars there. The
source for the claim that it was a Jew throwing the stone? A passing
Palestinian - now THERE is a reliable news source! Of course it is not
impossible that a Jew got tired of his own car getting his own vehicle
stoned and lost his temper. But how dare a Jew retaliate!

2. The other banner front headline at Haaretz?

Not a single day goes by without Haaretz filling its pages with tales of
Israeli cruelty and un-nice-ness towards Arabs. Israel is a barbaric
sadistic place, insists Haaretz. For years, it gave a full page over the
weekend to anti-Semite Gideon Levy to bewail this or that injury to some
Palestinian Arab, in some cases Arabs injured when their bombs went off
prematurely. The entire world picks up the smears from Haaretz. After
all, Haaretz likes to call itself the Israeli New York Times, and when it
comes to bashing Israel it kind of is.

So what are the poor Jihadniks at Haaretz and at the NY Times to make of
today's front page story? It seems that the Hamas is tracking down the
Fatah/PLO operatives in the Gaza Strip and shooting them down like dogs.
No Miranda warnings, no trials. It is a bit like the night of long knives
in which Hitler's SS eliminated the SA Brownshirts. Hundreds of PLO
members are seeking refuge outside Gaza. Not in Egypt, where people live
on $200 a month. Not in Jordan where Palestinians get mowed down when
they get out of line. Not in Syria. Not in Lebanon.

150 PLO members have run to the border fence with Israel and begged to be
allowed to live in comfort and luxury in a nice warm Israeli prison. The
exact same thing happened when King Hussein of Jordan was mowing down the
Palestinians there in his "Black September."

Better than facing the Hamas. And besides, they get three square meals a
day there and nice DVDs.

The story in English is here:

So what about all those lurid media reports of torture and mistreatment of
Arabs in Israeli prisons? The terrorists sure do not believe a word of
them! This might make a good new media litmus test - do not believe
media tales of mistreatment of people until the terrorists themselves
believe them.

3. First Professor Amiram Goldblum from the Hebrew University, a founder
of Peace Now, is accused on Israeli Channel Two TV of trying to employ a
convicted terrorist in his chemistry lab. The terrorist had earlier done
jail time for stealing inflammable materials. Then the Hebrew University
issues yet another lying cover-up denial, claiming the whole story was not
true. And now the very same Hebrew University denies its own denial,
admits the story WAS essentially true but that now they have decided not
to let the terrorist complete his PhD in chemistry at the University:
"Hadmi will not be returning to the laboratories or to the university. The
Hebrew University has agreed to review his thesis to determine if he is
eligible to continue on to a PhD, but he has been specifically barred from
the laboratory due to security considerations," university spokeswoman
Orit Sulitzeanu told the Post Tuesday.
"According to the law, even ex-cons must be given the opportunity to
educate themselves, and so we have agreed to examine his written work
without allowing him into the university," she said.
According to Channel 2, Hadmi had stolen acetone from the university's lab
to give to a terrorist group.
Hebrew University lies and says he did not. So what did he sit in jail
for? And if he did NOT steal it, why is Hebrew University sudeenly
concerned about his security clearance?

Pants on fire......

4. Read this story carefully from Haaretz: "The source added that the
prime minister decided to release only five prisoners due to the
unsatisfactory nature of the report Hezbollah supplied Israel on its
efforts to determine the fate of missing Israel Air Force navigator Ron
Arad, who disappeared after his plane was shot down over Lebanon in 1986.
The report, a part of the prisoner exchange deal, did not include any new
information and was considered to have failed to meet the terms of the
Am I the only one whose first reaction is, "Why the hell did the moron
release ANY terrorists at all?"

5. Education Minister Yuli Tamir, the leading Israeli advocate of female
circumcision, has a new success:

6. No Kum ba ya?

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