Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ben Gurion University Students Fight Back!! Attack Anti-Israel Fanatic!

I guess there was a local shortage in Beer Sheba in tar and feathers.

You may recall the incident a few months back in which an Arab lecturer at the Sapir College in Sderot refused to allow a student wearing an army reserve uniform to enter his class room.

Well, this time a radical leftist self-hating Jewish teaching assistant at Ben Gurion University named Yakim Silverman did the same thing. A few weeks back he asked a student in reserve uniform not to enter his class. Silverman teaches in the Ben Gurion U math department, the same department in which ultra-leftist Kobi Snitz, head of Anarchists for Attacking Israeli Police and Tearing down the Security Wall so that Terrorists can Get In, used to teach. Snitz has since moved to Bar Ilan's math department. On his Facebook entry, Silverman describes Ben Gurion University as occupied Palestinian land. It is not known whether he ever studied under Ben Gurion University anti-Israel fanatics Neve Gordon or Oren Yiftachel.

Yesterday a student wearing an army reserve uniform and a mask, together with two friends, entered the classroom in which Silverman sat and dumped a bucket of paint on him.

The full story in Hebrew is here:

You will be happy to hear that the paint was blue. Turning Silverman into a walking blue and white banner. The Haaretz report says at least one student proposed in the chat forum for students at BGU that someone should shoot Silverman instead of painting him.

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