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The Terrorism "Exodus Ship"

The Terrorism "Exodus Ship"

You probably have heard that a group of Israel haters, including
several members of the Jews for a Second Holocaust, are planning to outfit
a boat to crash through the blockade of the Gaza Strip, to show their
solidarity with the Hamas and their opposition to Israel defending itself.
It is sort of a Bizarro world version of the ship "Exodus," which smuggled
refugees from Europe into the Land of Israel and challenged the British
blockade. A similar pro-terror Bizarro Exodus was outfitted about 25
years ago by Peace Now types to bring Palestinian "refugees" into Israel
as part of their support for the Palestinian "right of return." Singer
Hava Alberstein was one of the organizers back then. In the current
project, the idea would be to embarrass Israel into ending the blockade of
the Gaza Hamastan, and so allowing Hamas to import weapons and rockets
more freely.

In the current pro-Hamas publicity stunt, the ship and its mission are
funded by Jimmy Carter, the very worst ex-President in American history,
and a gaggle of other anti-Semites.

In today's Maariv, deputy editor Ben Dror Yemini, himself left of
center, demolishes the cretins organizing the terror ship, in one of his
best columns ever. It can be seen in Hebrew here:


Here are my translations of some portions of the column:

"The Hate Ship that will Rescue the Hamas" by Ben Dror Yemini
Aug 5, 08

The Hamas regime in Gaza decided to show the world last weekend what it is
capable of doing. Not that we did not already know, but the timing was
impeccable. The tied down on the floor a group of "prisoners,"
Palestinians (from the Fat'h and the PLO --- SP), and massacred them. The
leading media did not show the photos. I wonder why... The Hamas knew
how to take care of them. They did so with gas. They pumped it into the
private body parts of their victims until they died. Nine unarmed people,
killed in cold blood. No doubt there were many more, but the nine were
confirmed by "human rights organizations." ...

This murderous regime is now the favorite of the "forces of progress," the
same people who supported Stalin while he murdered 20 million of his own
compatriots. ...

And now the alliance of "progressive forces" with mass murderers has to a
new expression.... They are with the Hamas. And they are partners in the
Hate Ship that is supposed to leave Cyprus today or tomorrow for the
Hamas-regime in Gaza. They want to "break the blockade." Sure they do.
So that the Murder-ocracy will not be contained only in Gaza. We need to
take care of them. Once again we see the axis of the international Left
with the Kingdom of Evil. The same people who pump gas into the rectums of
their own countrymen, while the Leftists prepare a support ship to help

It would be one thing if we were talking only about the lunatic fringe.
But the Jimmy Carter Center is behind this ship of support for the
murderous terrorists. And not just him, some Nobel Prize winners, Desmond
Tutu from South Africa, an ex-British cabinet minister, Tony Blair's
sister-in-law, and even Hedi Epstein, an anti-Israel radical who claims to
be a Holocaust survivor, even though she left Germany in 1939. You see,
she was rescued from the gas chambers, which is why she is now acting to
support those who use gas to murder people....

These people do not really care about human rights for Palestinians. They
are driven by hatred of Israel, not compassion for Palestinians, desire
for human rights or for peace. They prefer an alliance with Satan....

2. FYI: Chapters One and Two of Nations United: How The UN Undermines
Israel and the West. Alex Grobman

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