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The Finkelstein Lobby Gets Clobbered, Again

The Finkelstein Lobby Gets Clobbered, Again
By Steven Plaut | 9/18/2008
st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } In recent years, one of the worst segments
of the huge Destroy-Israel Lobby operates on behalf of the unemployed
ex-faculty member Norman Finkelstein. You may recall that DePaul
University last year joined the growing list of academic institutions in
which the anti-Semitic hate-mongerer Finkelstein has gotten himself fired,
and Finkelstein has been unemployed ever since. The Finkelstein Lobby
refused to surrender to common sense since then, and in fact recently
tried, unsuccessfully, once again to get its guru of terrorism hired at
yet another school.
Norman Finkelstein is a leading anti-Semite and Holocaust mocker and
trivializer. In spite of having been born to Jewish parents, he tried to
build an academic career on turning out anti-Jewish hate, misrepresented
as "scholarship." The New York Times dismissed Finkelstein's scribblings
as comparable to the czarist forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
Finkelstein is renowned not only for smearing and obscene mocking of
Holocaust survivors, but also for his obsessive vulgarity and juvenile
insulting of serious academics. He is also notorious for his devoted
service on behalf of Hezbollah and Islamofascism.
Finkelstein has proclaimed Holocaust denier David Irving (who insists
there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz) a great historian and his role
model. Finkelstein's personal web site is a collection of hate and
bigotry, including death threats and pornographic cartoons, as well as
countless smug denunciations of all Holocaust survivors, whom he accuses
of stealing money from Germany and victimizing the Germans. Finkelstein's
"books" have been dismissed as pseudo-scholarship by nearly every serious
historian to review them. He maintains the most intimate ties with
Holocaust Deniers and he is himself considered by the Anti-Defamation
League, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and many others to be a Holocaust
The Finkelstein Lobby, which operates on his behalf, is a hodgepodge of
anti-Semites, including Middle East jihadniks, ranging from David Duke and
the Holocaust Deniers on the ultra-right to the Neo-Stalinist cheerleaders
of the jihad in Counterpunch on the left. The Finkelstein lobby is as
devoted to historical revisionism when it comes to the career of its hero
as Finkelstein himself is devoted to Holocaust revisionism. The
Destroy-Israel Lobby seeks to attribute Finkelstein's career failure to
the all-but-nonexistent "Israel Lobby," while overlooking the bizarre
alliance of hatred and bigotry comprising the Finkelstein Lobby.
Finkelstein apologists run about the globe and the cyber-world proclaiming
that Finkelstein was the "victim" of a nefarious sinister conspiracy. They
claim a sinister cabal of Jews is suppressing academic freedom in America
and elsewhere, denying freedom of speech to critics of Israel.
The "narrative" of the firing of Finkelstein by his lobby is maliciously
wrong about what actually happened on each and every point. Such a
collection of deliberate disinformation would be hard to find anywhere
else. Finkelstein was fired not only by DePaul, but by three schools in
the New York area before that . all for the same reason . a complete lack
of serious scholarship and academic publications. Such a record makes
clear that Finkelstein is not a scholar at all, but a propagandist. The
fact that he published books hardly makes him a scholar or academic
researcher. David Irving, the notorious British pseudo-historian and
Holocaust Denier, has published books, as have David Duke, and Alexander
Cockburn. Publishers choose which books to publish based on their
commercial potential, and Bash-the-Jews books always sell well. No serious
academic institution would count the sort of hate propaganda peddled by
Finkelstein as research or scholarship. That of course does not mean that
unserious institutions are reluctant to hire hate propagandists from the
Left as academics.
And that is really the lesson of the Finkelstein saga at DePaul. That
university decided to get serious about enforcing academic standards and
tests of academic excellence when Finkelstein's apologists decided to try
to get him tenure there. Finkelstein was fired because he has no academic
credentials, with not a single article published in a bona fide academic
journal. Indeed, he was hired in the first place by the entrenched far
Left at DePaul University, which has managed to hornswaggle the
administration there into granting other pseudo-academic leftists tenure.
But Finkelstein's career of vulgar hate and anti-Semitism had drawn too
much attention to be ignored by university leaders.
More generally, the problem in American academia is not suppression of
academic freedom by some imaginary Israel Lobby, but rather the
orchestration of campaigns of support on behalf of incompetent far-leftist
pseudo-scholars as acts of solidarity by the entrenched Campus Tenured
Left. Those campaigns have resulted in charlatans and buffoons who do
little more than mouth anti-American and anti-Israel slogans getting hired
and promoted, often in spite of their having no serious academic
accomplishments whatsoever. The Anti-Israel Lobby is the enemy of academic
excellence and plays a destructive role in this attempt at subverting
American academic standards.
The bulk of the outside interference in Finkelstein's promotion
proceedings was by his supporters, not his detractors. A media myth has
arisen about the role of Alan Dershowitz in all that, but Dershowitz
merely expressed his well-documented opinion when it was solicited by
DePaul. The Left recruited Israel-hating propagandists at other
universities to come to the aid of Finkelstein and pressured DePaul to
give him tenure. In one of the worst cases of academic prostitution in
recent years, Ian Lustick from the University of Pennsylvania and the
anti-Israel propagandist Avi Shlaim from Oxford wrote sycophantic letters
of recommendation on Finkelstein's behalf, hailing his "scholarship." Noam
Chomsky also pitched in, as did even a few Israeli self-hating leftist
The narrative of Finkelstein's firing by DePaul as told by the Finkelstein
Lobby is pure fiction. Finkelstein's apologists claim he fell victim to
academic politicization. But the simple truth is that Finkelstein was one
of the country's most obvious beneficiaries of academic politicization and
scholarly prostitution, and he would never have been hired at DePaul
without it. The lobby on behalf of Finkelstein did inadvertently succeed
in one thing - drawing light to the fact that academia is crawling with
pseudo-scholarly extremists who have made a career out of ladling out
political advocacy and extremist agitprop. The recruitment of political
support on behalf of such characters demonstrates how dishonest and
unscrupulous are the depths to which the Bash-Israel Lobby is willing to
That brings us to the latest developments in the continuing Finkelstein
mythology. Since getting booted out of DePaul in the summer of 2007,
Finkelstein has been unemployed, although he continues to travel the
speaking circuit, offering his opinions to Hezbollah terrorists, jihadists
of all stripes, and others. New York Magazine reports that he is living in
a dusty rent-controlled basement tenement owned by his parents near Coney
Island. But the newest campaign on his behalf by his groupies has
consisted of an attempt to get him hired at California State University in
Northridge, near Los Angeles.
Most of the initiative to get Finkelstein a new job at CSUN seems to have
come from a far-leftist professor of math there, one David Klein. He has a
track record of goofiness, such as claiming that Big Business wants to
prevent oppressed minorities from learning math and that the LA Board of
Education wants to suppress thinking and debate in schools.
After Finkelstein was evicted by DePaul, Klein decided to rush to his
rescue. Whether Klein was motivated by mere stupidity, actually believing
that Finkelstein is a serious scholar fired because of Zionist pressure,
or something far more nefarious, is open to debate. Klein demanded of his
own university that they hire Finkelstein, if only as a visiting
professor. In a statement about his efforts on behalf of Finkelstein,
Klein writes: "There can be little doubt that Finkelstein was fired (at
DePaul) because of his criticisms of Israel's human rights violations
against the Palestinian people, and for his fact-based criticisms of the
Israel lobby." Klein then adds: "An unstated axiom for U.S. universities
is that criticism of Israel by untenured faculty members is not allowed.
Academic freedom protects critics of the national policies of the U.S.,
France, England, and every other country in the world, save one: Israel."
Starting in July 2007, Klein started haranguing his own university
officials to hire Finkelstein. In February 2008, Finkelstein showed up on
campus to give some agitprop guest lectures. Klein was joined by one
Mehran Kamrava, an Iranian professor in political science at CSUN, in
marketing Finkelstein. As usually happens when Finkelstein speaks outside
Arab terrorist encampments, his "lectures" at CSUN triggered protests and
hostility. Some local Jewish groups distributed a booklet about "Stinky
Finky." CSUN officials got letters of protest and some threats to withhold
financial support if it hosted or hired Finkelstein. The student paper at
CSUN, the Daily Sundial, ran pieces exposing Finkelstein as a hatemonger
and opposing the visit. Jody Myers, Professor of Religious Studies and
Coordinator of the Jewish Studies Program at CSUN, opined: "We believe our
administration should be following its own stated mission and only invite
speakers who meet our high level of scholarship and who exercise academic
responsibility... He (Finkelstein) isn't a responsible scholar."
The tenured Left at CSUN, including the entire "Women's Studies"
department, wrote letters endorsing Finkelstein and demanding he be hired.
Chomsky sent in a letter of support. The same people so outraged when
Dershowitz wrote a letter about Finkelstein to DePaul have had nothing to
say about this! Despite the juggernaut by the Finkelstein Lobby, all the
efforts failed. There is simply too much material available now about
Finkelstein and he could not slip under the academic radar screen at CSUN,
as his lobby managed to do with him when he was hired at DePaul in 2000.
The CSUN university heads vetoed the idea of granting him a new academic
podium from which he could spew his agitprop.
Klein wrote his own provost that the Israel Lobby is preventing honest
discussion of the Middle East and of Israel. Klein then wrote a
long-winded essay about cases in which the "Zionist Lobby" supposedly
prevented serious academics from speaking on campuses, such as the
infamous incident involving Robert Trivers. In fact ultra-leftist Trivers
was prevented from speaking at Harvard, but only because he had threatened
to murder Alan Dershowitz.
In recent years, it has gotten harder for the Tenured Left to muscle
campus heads into hiring and promoting Far Leftist propagandists and
pseudo-scholars. There is no shortage of radicals among the faculty on
most campuses, but those with near-zero academic accomplishments and
achievements in research are having a harder time getting past the
hurdles. Far leftists, anti-American podium preachers, and
foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Semites are having their academic records
scrutinized more closely, and that is what has the Left in terror. Some
leftist pseudo-academics are finding their "academic careers" blocked by
universities which are at last getting serious about enforcing academic
standards, even for members of the Far Left. And that is why the
anti-Israel Lobby is in hysterics.

2. Livni .wins. the Kadima Primary by 431 votes? You realize what that
means? Her victory margin is less than a fifth of the number of Jews who
have been murdered by the Oslo policies of Kadima and its partners!

Is Tzipi really clean? Here is the magnificent Caroline Glick on the


What? Israel to help Muslims carve Quranic verses on Temple Mount
Islamic writings all over holiest site for Judaism

Posted: September 16, 2008
8:46 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein
2008 WorldNetDaily

JERUSALEM . After three years of waiting, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
quietly has granted permission to the Muslim custodians of the Temple
Mount to repair and enhance Quranic verses plastered around Judaism's
holiest site, WND has learned.
The approval came as result of the petitioning of the Israeli government
by Jordan, which has been solidifying control over the Temple Mount in
recent years.
There are more than 4,000 Quranic quotations written in Arabic calligraphy
and carved into various Islamic buildings throughout the Temple Mount,
including inside and outside the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock.
Six hundred of the carved verses are in poor condition, according to the
Waqf, the Mount's Muslim custodians.
(Story continues below)

The Waqf has been asking Israel for permission to repair the Quranic
quotation carvings for years now. It even transported to the Israeli port
city of Ashdod boxes of European tools and machinery especially made to
repair the Temple Mount Quranic verses. The tools have been sitting in
Ashdod for three years, according to informed sources.
Following Jordanian intervention, Olmert last week gave the Waqf approval
to begin fixing the Quranic quotes, the informed sources told WND.
Jordan controlled areas of eastern Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount,
from 1948 until Israel recaptured the site in the 1967 Six Day War.
During the period of Jordanian control, Jews were barred from the Western
Wall and Temple Mount, and hundreds of synagogues in eastern Jerusalem
were destroyed. Jordan constructed a road that stretched across the Mount
of Olives, adjacent to the Temple Mount, bulldozing hundreds of Jewish
gravestones in the process.
Following the Six Day War, one of the first acts of Moshe Dayan, chief of
staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, was to ensure the Jordanian-allied
Mufti of Jerusalem, Abd Al Hamid A Saih, the holy site would remain under
Islamic custodianship.
Dayan later also famously ordered an Israeli flag removed from the Dome of
the Rock.
Jordan continues to maintain a major influence over the Temple Mount.
Sheik Azzam Khateeb, who was installed in February 2007 as the new manager
of the Waqf, is known to be close to the Jordanian monarchy. The previous
Waqf manager, Sheik Adnon Husseini, was loyal to Palestinian Authority
although toward the end of his rein, he seemed to be warming to Jordan.
In a gesture to Jordan, in January 2006, Israel granted Jordan permission
to replace the main podium in the Al Aqsa Mosque from which Islamic
preachers deliver their sermons. The podium, which was partially funded by
Saudi Arabia, is considered one of the most important stands in the Muslim
world. Muslims now believe it marks the "exact spot" Muhammad went up to
heaven to receive revelations from Allah.
The new stand bears the emblem of the Jordanian kingdom. It replaced a
1,000-year-old podium believed to have been shipped to Jerusalem by the
Islamic conqueror Saladin.
That stand was destroyed in 1969, when an Australian tourist set fire to
the Al Aqsa Mosque.
In recent years, Jordan quietly has been purchasing real estate
surrounding the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in hopes of gaining more control
over the area accessing the holy site, according to Palestinian and
Israeli officials speaking to WND.
The officials disclosed the Jordanian kingdom in 2006 and 2007 used shell
companies to purchase several apartments and shops located at key
peripheral sections of the Temple Mount. The shell companies at times
presented themselves as acting on behalf of the Waqf custodians of the
Temple Mount, according to information obtained.
The officials said Jordan also set up a commission to use the shell
companies to petition mostly Arab landowners adjacent to eastern sections
of the Temple Mount to sell their properties. They said profits from sales
at any purchased shops would be reinvested to buy more real estate near
the Mount and in eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods.
The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism. The First Jewish Temple
was built there by King Solomon in the 10th century B.C. It was destroyed
by the Babylonians in 586 B.C. The Second Temple was rebuilt in 515 B.C.
after Jerusalem was freed from Babylonian captivity. That temple was
destroyed by the Roman Empire in A.D. 70. Each temple stood for a period
of about four centuries.
The Jewish Temple was the center of religious Jewish worship. It housed
the Holy of Holies, which contained the Ark of the Covenant and was said
to be the area upon which God's shechina or "presence" dwelt. All Jewish
holidays centered on worship at the Temple. The Jewish Temple served as
the primary location for the offering of sacrifices and was the main
gathering place for the Jewish people.
According to the Talmud, the world was created from the foundation stone
of the Temple Mount. The site is believed to be the Biblical Mount Moriah,
the location where Abraham fulfilled God's test to see if he would be
willing to sacrifice his son Isaac.
Jewish tradition holds Mashiach, or the Jewish Messiah, will return and
rebuild the third and final Temple on the Mount in Jerusalem.
The Kotel, or Western Wall, is the one part of the Temple Mount that
survived the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans and stands
today in Jerusalem.
Throughout all notorious Jewish exiles, thorough documentation shows the
Jews never gave up their hope of returning to Jerusalem and
re-establishing their Temple. To this day Jews worldwide pray facing the
Western Wall, while Muslims turn their backs away from the Temple Mount
and pray toward Mecca.
The Al Aqsa Mosque was constructed around A.D. 709 to serve as a shrine
near another shrine, the Dome of the Rock, which was built by an Islamic
About 100 years ago, Al Aqsa in Jerusalem became associated with the place
Muslims came to believe Muhammad ascended to heaven. Jerusalem, however,
is not mentioned in the Quran.
Islamic tradition states Muhammad took a journey in a single night from "a
sacred mosque" . believed to be in Mecca in southern Saudi Arabia . to
"the farthest mosque," and from a rock there ascended to heaven to receive
revelations from Allah that became part of the Quran.
Palestinians today claim exclusivity over the Temple Mount and Palestinian
leaders routinely deny Jewish historic connection to the site, but
historically, Muslims did not claim the Al Aqsa Mosque as their third
holiest site and admitted the Jewish Temples existed.
According to research by Israeli author Shmuel Berkovits, Islam previously
disregarded Jerusalem. He points out in his book "How Dreadful Is this
Place!" that Muhammad was said to loathe Jerusalem and what it stood for.
Berkovits wrote that Muhammad made a point of eliminating pagan sites of
worship, and sanctifying only one place . the Kaaba in Mecca . to signify
the unity of God.
As late as the 14th century, Islamic scholar Taqi al-Din Ibn Taymiyya,
whose writings influenced the Wahhabi movement in Arabia, ruled that
sacred Islamic sites are to be found only in the Arabian Peninsula, and
that "in Jerusalem, there is not a place one calls sacred, and the same
holds true for the tombs of Hebron."
It wasn't until the late 19th century . incidentally when Jews started
immigrating to Palestine . that some Muslim scholars began claiming
Muhammad tied his horse to the Western Wall and associated Muhammad's
purported night journey with the Temple Mount.
A guide to the Temple Mount by the Supreme Muslim Council in Jerusalem
published in 1925 listed the Mount as the site of Solomon's Temple. The
Temple Institute acquired a copy of the official 1925 "Guide Book to
Al-Haram Al-Sharif," which states on page 4, "Its identity with the site
of Solomon's Temple is beyond dispute. This, too, is the spot, according
to universal belief, on which 'David built there an altar unto the Lord.'"

4. .Voluntary Violence. in Paris:

5. About the .right of return.: See this:
and then see this from
University of Haifa - Ron Kuzar (Dept of English) - fan of the
"Canaanite" movement of post-Jewishness - deconstructs and prettifies the
"Palestinian Right to Return," discovers it means something other than the
annihilation of Israel, a discovery that will come as a great shock to the
"The Term Return in the Palestinian Discourse on the Right of Return"
2008, Discourse & Society 19(5)
'The term return is used in the English texts of contemporary Palestinian
political authors writing on the Right of Return of Palestinians to their
homes and homeland. The first part is dedicated to a semantic analysis of
return as a radial category with a core meaning and extensions. Then the
meanings of return in these texts are discussed, as used in the discourse
of Palestinian maximalists versus pragmatists. It is shown that (1)
different meanings of return are selected according to whether the writer
is a maximalist or a pragmatist, and (2) a reality that harmonizes with
these meanings is narratively constructed.'
(We would like to see Kuzar present his findings in Gaza City!)

For more published material by Ron Kuzar's see these: and
For more details and to see the full original article, go here

6. Check out the latest from ALEF WATCH at the Isracampus site:

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