Sunday, September 07, 2008


1. Remember how the feds could not convict Al Capone of gangsterism so
they got him on tax evasion? He was only charged with tax evasion but
that was enough to get him off the street permanently.

Bear that in mind when you read about how the Israeli police decided
yesterday only to indict Ehud Olmert on accepting bribes.

2. New Treason Chic from Israeli Left:

3. Abie Nathan (or Natan), the far-leftist who believed one can bring
about peace by playing loud rock and roll music off a pirate radio
station, died recently. His "pirate radio" station was long defended by
the same politicians that shut down the Arutz 7 ship radio. See this:
When bankrupt, Nathan scuttled his ship illegally smack in the middle of
Israel's shipping lanes.

4. Ultra-Moonbette Amy Goodman and the Victims of Islamofascism:
See also:

5. Having spent a Shabbat weekend in Wasilla, Alaska a few years back
when Palin was Mayor, and having had my kids skate in her hockey skating
rink in town, I feel personally entitled to start using the
expression "Read my Lipstick" in future commentaries.

Best line from the Republican convention: A community needs an organizer
like a fish needs a bicycle!

6. Science news:

7. The View of the Asslibs (Jewish assimilationist liberals):
Jews should vote against Palin cause she is pro-life, favors mention of
intelligent design in schools, refuses to toe the pseudo-science line
about global warming being caused by humans, is charged by some with no
proof of having supported Pat Buchanan while also having an Israeli flag
in her office to show how strongly she supports Israel, and had a cop who
threatened violence fired. In short, these are what the asslibs consider
to be violations of Jewish ethics, showing how little the asslibs know
about Judaism.

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