Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Avenge Kacha!

1. Never mind the Alamo. Remember Kacha!

Kacha's death must be avenged! The blood of Kacha's dead body demands an
accounting, for she is a-maulderin' in her grave. The murderers must be
apprehended. Kacha is the latest martyr.

Even though she was, well, a dog.

The valiant and heroic Kacha was a dog in the West Bank 'settlement' of
Churshah, really a small outpost consisting of a few Jews and their pets.
A group of leftist 'anarchists,' better known as anarcho-fascists, entered
the village with some Arab thugs and they murdered poor Kacha in cold
blood. Those leftists, as opposed to Kacha, were the REAL sons of

The story is reported in detail at
The leftist terrorists and their Arab accomplices burned property in
Churshah and commited the anti-canine atrocity, murdering Kacha and
stealing a second dog.

Now this is a wonderful opportunity for all those Jewish animal rights
nuts all over the United States. Many of them have been trying to get the
main kosher slaughtering company in Iowa in the US shut down because the
animalists claim that the self-esteem and the human rights of the cows and
chickens there are not being probably respected by the evil kosher food
corporation. A whole movement of 'kosher certification in the name of
justice' now operates in the US, whereby a company gets a kosher
certificate only if it complies with fashionable leftist PC fads,
including of course animal rights. My guess is a nice pig slaughtering
company that recycled and used ethanol could get a 'hachsher tzedek'
certificate from these clowns.

So will these same animal rightists now speak out about the atrocity
committed by the anarcho-fascists? Will they demand that Kacha's legacy
be preserved and her murderers punished? Will they endorse establishing
a new memorial settlement some place in Samaria named after Kacha?
Commemorating Kacha's very own Masada-like heroism and Maccabee-like

What about the other liberal-keftist animal rights nuts in the US? Will
Rabbi Moonbeam (Michael Lerner) and Rabbi Woodstock (Arthur Waskow) write
new Tikkun articles commemorating Kacha? Will the Reform synagogue's
leftist SWAT team, the misnamed Religious Action Center, take a brave
stand for Kacha.s rights? Will the Jews for Obama ask Barack Hussein to
speak out against this atrocity?

Stay tuned!

2. The Muftis of Morningside Heights:

3. A letter concerning Israel becoming a 'state of all its citizens':

Dear Dr. C:

Concerning your inquiry about the chances that Israel will follow the
advice of some Arabs and some of its leftist Jewish anti-Zionists and
transform itself into a 'state of all its citizens':

First of all, Israel already IS a state of all its citizens. It is a
democracy and all its citizens vote, enjoy free access to courts, can run
for office, and enjoy freedom of speech. Of course the large majority of
all its citizens happen to be Jews who happen to think that Israel has a
right to exist as a state with a Jewish majority and with a Jewish
character as legitimate as France being French. There is a minority of
hostile disloyal Israeli Arabs who do not want Israel to exist as a state
of all its citizens, but granting them their wishes is hardly the creation
of a "state for all its citizens." Rather it would be a denial of the
rights of the citizens of that state.

Violence can be stopped if Israel at long last gets serious about stopping
it with the necessary force. The same way the Allies stopped violence in
Germany in 1945.

Hope that answer helps.


(Prof.) Steven Plaut

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