Wednesday, October 01, 2008

There is No Palestinian People and they Have no Right of return

1. Barry Chamish's editor arrested in London:
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Barry Chamish's Editor Arrested in London
by from "Back to Sanity" - Arutz 7 Analysts
( The Jerusalem Post reports that the Neo-Nazi Holocaust
Denier Gerald Frederick Toben, 64, was just arrested in London. Toben is
wanted by German authorities for his Nazi and Holocaust Denial activities.
Toben runs the "Adelaide Institute" in Australia, which is devoted to
celebrating Hitler and the German Nazi Party, and to denying there was
ever any Holocaust.
The "Adelaide Institute" may also be the outfit that has published more
articles by UFO-chaser and conspiracy-inventor Barry Chamish than any web
site other than Chamish's own blog. And at Chamish's initiative and
request! For details, see this.
(Above, Chamish with source for one of his breaking conspiracy scoops)
Chamish evidently conducts a cordial and friendly collaboration with
Toben. For example: here is a personal letter by Chamish to Toben
published on the "Adelaide Institute" web site, asking Toben to lie about
Chamish's connections to him. Note the affectionate signature, "Barry."
Chamish's other connections with Holocaust Deniers are documented here.
The POST cites Chamish's editor thus: 'In a recent speech in Iran, he
claimed that any evidence of Nazi gas chambers were "the products of a
feverish pathological mind filled with pure hatred, mostly directed
against Germans and anything German ... the product of an appalling state
of ignorance of natural and chemical processes".'
What with "Rabin Assassination Day" coming up, and the usual conspiracist
nonsense will fill the media, it is useful to bear in mind who it was who
invented the conspiracy "theory" about the assassination!

2. More on Sternhell:

3. The Munich that came before the new one:,_1938:__The_Fuse_Is_Lit_Dr._Ervin_Birnbaum.html

4. Yet another tag team of jihadis:

5. The Palestinians have NO Right of Return:'Right_of_Return'_Richard_L._Cravatts.html

Hatima Tova to All!

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