Saturday, November 15, 2008

Haaretz finds a Surprise:

1. A front page lead story in Haaretz on Friday (Nov 14) began: "The
continuing fighting around the Gaza Strip is surprising not only because
it contradicts the prognosis of Israeli intelligence but also because it
is completely in contradiction to the direct interests of both sides in
the near future.."

Got that? Put aside the fact that Haaretz runs editorials as if they are
news stories on the front page. The real news here is that Haaretz finds
it "SURPRISING" that the latest ceasefire "deal" with the savages did not
hold and produced dozens of rocket attacks on Israeli civilians from the
Gaza Strip in the past few days. But every single ceasefire "deal" over
the past 16 years produced escalation of terror. So why exactly does
Haaretz find THIS bout of rocket attacks "surprising." And the comment
that the barbarism is "contrary to the interests of both sides" just
proves that Haaretz is still living inside its little LSD trip and
pretending that the savages have a real interest in reaching an
accommodation with Israel, while Israel is the only obstruction to such a
nice pastoral utopia. See

2. In his weekend columns, Ben Dror Yemini, the deputy editor in
Maariv, has emerged as one the few decent and honest journalists in
Israel. While Left of Center, he freely bashes the Far-Left and the
anti-Zionists, including the tenured traitors. Meanwhile, this past
Friday, he has fried a newer fish, after noting the absurdity of Dan
Meridor rejoining the Likud (instead of recruiting himself into MERETZ).
Here is an excerpt from Yemini's column, translated by me (the full column
in Hebrew is here: ):

'I believe the conspiracy theories about the Rabin assassination to the
same extent as I believe all those conspiracy theories about 911 in the
US. No, the MOSSAD did not direct Mohammed Ata and no, the GSS (Shin Bet)
was not behind the murder of Rabin. But in recent years, in spite of the
passing of time, there are those who try to disseminate "question marks"
about these, and not just a few isolated individuals or organizations.
Even some people who seem on the surface to be sane have joined in. There
are of course many who do not belong to any particular political wing yet
get swept along because they do not know how to respond to the "evidence"
presented by the conspiracists who challenge the official version.
'After the bloody attack on the US on 911, an internet documentary was
spread throughout the web claiming to disprove completely the official
explanation of what happened that day, including the fact that the planes
crashing into the towers caused their collapse. The film claimed to cite
experts and engineers who show that the towers just could not have
collapsed that way. They insisted there was only one "scientific"
explanation, namely, that explosives placed inside the towers had been
detonated and brought them down. It was all planned and coordinated with
the hijackers, they claim. Similarly, Yigal Amir may have pulled the
trigger, but the "real" story is much bigger, claim such people.
'Some time went by and then the internet disseminated a DIFFERENT film,
this time debunking all of the claims, one by one, made by the "911 Truth"
conspiracists and their film. It was an essential response. Not that it
calmed down the conspiracists. The more sane of their followers, however,
and there were quite a few, simply abandoned the conspiracy nonsense.
'We are now in a similar situation in Israel. The mainstream media ignore
the conspiracists, who proliferate through the blogosphere. One can
dismiss the conspiracists with contempt and ignore them, but it is better
to debunk them, completely and overwhelmingly. Hiding our heads in the
sand will not help the situation. In fact it strengthens the conspiracy
camp. Some of the conspiracists in the US are anti-Semites and
anti-Zionists. They insist that the Jews and the MOSSAD were behind the
911 attacks. Some of those promoting the conspiracy theory about the
murder of Rabin are members of the Israeli Far Right. It is interesting
to note how often "ultra-Zionists" end up collaborating in effect with
anti-Zionists. The problem is with those who pretend to have some
understanding of the historic event.. If the silence continues and the
conspiracists are not answered fully, completely, and officially, it will
be a victory for the forces of evil and that must not happen.'

Afterword by SP: Yemini joins those who realize that pursuing infantile
conspiracism has made the Israeli Right appear to be insane and irrelevant
to so many Israelis, and has prevented the Right from having any effect on
national policy.

3. Pestilinian Authority hands out death penalty against anyone who
fights terrorism:

4. Billie Moscone-Lerman is an ultra-airhead, whose talking head is
among the airiest. She is a journalist of sorts, and for a while had her
own TV chat show, proving that state-run television that is not answerable
or accountable can air even the stupidest, most boring, and silliest
material. Anyways, the Billie has an article in Friday's Maariv about
Dov Chanin, the Stalinist would-be KGB officer who ran for mayor in the
Tel Aviv election and got a third of the vote. Since I doubt whether a
single Russian-immigrant voted for him, he may have gotten half of the
non-Russian Tel Aviv vote. The Billie sings his praise and her headline
reads: "He is a communist but not in the sense of gulags. Rather, in the
sense of dreaming of a better world."

Got that? The Billie thinks there is a communism about dreams of a better

Only in Israel could such a bimbo write for the national number two

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