Sunday, November 23, 2008

Help support the initiative! Strip Israeli Traitors of their Citizenship!

1. Well, for a real change, the Israeli government is doing something
sensible. Meir Sheetrit, the ex-Likudnik turned Kadima party serving as
the Israeli Minister of the Interior, has announced that he is initiating
moves to strip Azmi Bishara of his Israeli citizenship. Azmi Bishara is
an Arab fascist who served in the Knesset, but then served as a spy for
and collaborator for the Hizbollah in the middle of the 2006 war with Ehud
Barak's rockets on the northern border. Bishara is wanted by the Israeli
police for terrorism and treason and is hiding in some Moslem country
(there is debate as to which). Since he refuses to come back to answer
charges, Sheetrit has uncharacteristically moved to strip the traitor of
his Israeli citizenship. If stripped he also loses his Knesset member
pension and some other perqs.

Now this is such a good idea that I really think we should all write Meir
Sheetrit at the Israeli Ministry of the Interior and urge that he expand
his initiative to strip other anti-Israel pro-terror extremists and
fascists of their citizenship. Take Ilan Pappe. After sitting at the
University of Haifa for years, where he was the Hamas' favorite Israeli
"academic," and after inventing a fictional account of a non-existent
massacres of Arabs, Pappe has moved to Britain where he is a full-time
pseudo-academic advocate of Israel's destruction. So why not strip HIM of
his Israeli citizenship as well?

And while we are at it, why not strip some of those anti-Israel fascists
at Ben Gurion University of THEIR Israeli citizenship. In fact, there
are scores of tenured traitors at Israeli universities who could be
stripped of their tenure and their pensions if only they were first
stripped of their citizenship!

Sheetrit can be reached at Meir Sheetrit, Minister of the Interior, 2
Kaplan Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Fax 972 -2-6469442 or 972-2- 02-5666376

If Sheetrit does not respond, keep a copy of your request and send it
again to the next Minister of the Interior after Netanyahu wins the
February election!

2. 8 Neo-Nazis inside Israel sentenced to prison. Strange - none of them
were from Ben Gurion University!

Speaking of Ben Gurion University, you may recall that the lies of Neve
Gordon about how an Israeli General (Aviv Kochavi) was supposedly a war
criminal prevented Kochavi from entering the UK for private studies. It
is not often when Shimon Peres and I are on the same wavelength, but Peres
is this week denouncing the law in the UK that allows Israeli officials to
be harassed legally on the say-so of people like Neve Gordon. Take a look

3. Common sense breaking out in Israeli politics?,7340,L-3626935,00.html

Yaalon: For Arabs we're all settlers
Former IDF chief, in first appearance since joining Likud, slams documents
by Arab Israelis that 'reject our right to independent Jewish state,'
claims Livni 'has withstood no test of leadership
Amnon Meranda
Published: 11.22.08, 22:10 / Israel News

Arab Israelis consider all Jewish Israelis settlers, "in Tel Aviv, in
Holon, all of us," said former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon Saturday,
in his first political conference since announcing his intention to join
the Likud party last week.

Yaalon asserted that "Israeli Arabs, with four documents that they wrote
over the past two years, are actually rejecting our right to an
independent Jewish state. We are settlers, as far as they are concerned."

However, he continued, "we have the power to deal with this phenomenon.
Both military and economic power."
Yaalon also stated that current peace initiatives are weakening Israel's
immunity from attack. "There are arguments about a solution, but we
haven't even agreed on how to define the problem," the former general

"That is why arguing about solutions is the same as arguing about
delusions. In fact, a particular solution is being forced on us. We want
peace now, food now, everything now, as if this is fast food and fast
peace, and along the way we have lost much of our spirit, our power and
our deterrence," he told the crowd.

Finally, he attacked Foreign Minister and Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni.
"I see signs in the street selling spin, trying to defraud us again, with
some sort of depiction that I see as lacking any essence," he said of
campaign ads reading 'Livni: What's good for the State.'

"I see signs of someone chosen to lead Kadima. When did she actually
withstand a test of leadership?

She didn't do so during the Second Lebanon War, not during the actual
decision-making process and not as regards UN Security Council Resolution
1701," he said.

4. Where have all the flowers gone?
Israeli flower exporters claim victory
Feb. 14, 2007
Jonny Paul Jerusalem Post Correspondent , THE JERUSALEM POST
Israeli flower exporters claimed victory on Wednesday following a two-day
demonstration by anti-Israel activists attempting to disrupt flower trucks
from leaving the UK headquarters of Carmel-Agrexco for Valentine's Day.
The protesters gathered over the weekend, some chaining themselves to the
gates of the factory, in an attempt to stop the distribution of the
Israeli flowers.
Amos Orr, general manager of Carmel-Agrexco UK, told The Jerusalem Post
that the demonstrators had not succeeded in causing any disruptions and
all consignments reached their destinations safely.
"Firstly, they came on the quietest day of the week [Saturday]; secondly
we knew in advance that they were coming - they had advertised it over two
months ago on various Web sites - so we simply arranged for deliveries to
be sent out in the morning."
"Trucks that came later were able to make it though as the police simply
moved the protesters aside," he added. "On Sunday around 15 activists
came. There was no activity, the police came and arrested a few and it was
all over within an hour-and-a-half."
Tom Hayes, spokesman for the Boycott Israeli Goods campaign (BIG),
defended the protest action, saying it had achieved the publicity it
"The purpose of the protest was to get a large number of people to come to
the depot to spread the word and show companies that profit from the
occupation," he told the Post. "Our actions were a success. The protest
caused disruption during the busiest weekend. Many more people are aware
of Carmel-Agrexco and we showed that we're not going to sit by while
companies profit from apartheid."
BIG was set up by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, a pro-Palestinian
lobby group which calls for a blanket boycott of, divestment from and
sanctions against Israel.
"Before taking part in this action, many of the defendants had witnessed
first hand the suffering of Palestinian communities under the brutal
Israeli occupation," Hayes said. "They do not accept the UK's complicity
in the illegal occupation of Palestine and see the presence of this
company as a violation of human rights."
Meanwhile, a new Jewish group has emerged to support BIG. Deborah Fink, a
member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JfJfP), said she had set up
Jews for Boycott of Israel Goods (J-BIG).
"I wanted to do more on the boycott and wanted JfJfP to do it but couldn't
push them into doing it so in the end I started my own group and agreed
last month to join up with BIG," Fink told the Post. "I have about 30
signatories, which I know sounds small, but we have only just started."
Last November, JfJfP disassociated the group from comments Fink made on an
anti-Zionist blog in which she said: "Israel does not deserve to be called
'the Jewish state.' It should be called 'the Satanic state.' I really
don't see the point of doing anything else other than boycott it in every
possible way."
Dan Judelson, chair of JfJfP, said Fink's comments were "incompatible"
with the philosophy of the group, and she spoke only for herself.
Last July, JfJfP sparked a furor in the community after it organized an
advertisement in The Times signed by more than 300 British Jews condemning
Israeli actions in Gaza following the abduction of Gilad Schalit.

5. The J Street Traitors
Jonathan S. Tobin

6. Speaking of tenured traitors, see: -
including Israeli academics for the annihilation of Israel. Note that
Ahmad Saidi is a colleague of Neve Gordon's in the Department of Political
Science at Ben Gurion University.

7. Looking for some good economic news? Try this! The stocks of the NY
Times company have dropped by more than 80% over the past 3 years, and
dropped by 7% on this past Friday, the day when the overall stock market
went UP by 5.5% (in effect, a 12.5% one-day loss)! It just is not
profitable anymore to run all the slime that is unfit to print. It is
also comeuppance; the NY Slimes was a major booster of Obama and is one of
the first to crash on Obamonomics.

8. Yuli Tamir, the Israeli Minister of Education, is probably best
known for two things: for her campaign to force Israeli school children to
learn that Israel's very existence is a catastrophe (a "Nakba"), and for
her writing in defense of "female circumcision" or clitoridectomy (see
this: ).
Well, Haaretz today reports that Charles Bronfman, the Jewish
ultra-liberal tycoon, just donated 10,000 NIS to Tamir's primary campaign
war chest. The only other Israeli politician to get Bronfman money was
Yitzhak Herzog (Labor Party son of ex-President Haim Herzog).

You realize what this means? Tamir would like to do to the bodies of
hapless women what the Israeli Labor Party to which she belongs seeks to
do to Israeli control of Jerusalem!

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