Sunday, November 16, 2008

Israel's Literary Soviet

1. Amos Oz and the Literary Soviet demand Popular Front with the

The headline in Haaretz today (Nov 16) is that literary leftist Amos Oz is
leading the call for Israelis to join the new expanded Neo-Meretz party,
to be renamed the Social Democratic Party, which will be composed (his
words) of "ex-members of Meretz, people deserting the Labor Party, Greens,
and those who support Dov Chanin." Dov Chanin is the Stalinist who just
ran for Mayor of Tel Aviv and got about a third of the votes. So Amos Oz'
call is essentially one to create a popular front with communists. Anyone
who has read history knows who ends up grabbing control of such
pluralistic democratic popular fronts that include communists as

More generally, I really think the time has long come for renaming Amos
Oz, A.B. Yehoshua, and David Grossman, all of whom are among the central
figures in this new popular front, the "Literary Soviet." In Hebrew it
sounds even better: Ha-Soviet Ha-Sifruti. Amos Oz declares in the
Haaretz headline that "the Israeli Labor Party has finished its historic
mission." I am a little confused by that. I thought the Labor Party's
historic mission, at least these past 2 decades, has been to annihilate
Israel, yet Israel is still standing. Oz and his buddies do not think
Labor is pro-Palestinian and appeasing ENOUGH!

In part, the Literary Soviet and their comrades are taking advantage of
the fact that the lemmings in the Labor Party are fleeing THAT sinking
ship by the cruiseship-full. Ami Ayalon is the latest to resign from
Labor Party, and plans to set up his own mini-party. All Labor will soon
be left with is Ehud Barak and Avishai Braverman, the "professor" who
turned Ben Gurion University into the Bir Zeit of the Negev.

2. Update on the Berkeley pogrom:

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