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Rabin Day, the Chamishite Terrorist, and other Stuff

1. Rabin Day - Part I

Today is the 13th anniversary of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin
according to the Jewish calendar. In Israel the week around the day has
long been turned by the Israeli political establishment into an annual
ritual of McCarthyist attacks on freedom of speech. In ceremony after
ceremony and speech after speech, Israelis are reminded by their
politicians and by the chattering class that Rabin was murdered because
those who disagreed with his policies were allowed to exercise freedom of
speech. The myth of a conspiracy by Rabbis and by the political Right to
have Rabin killed is repeated with all the mechanical repetition of the
Big Lies of two generations ago. This year, even Olmert repeated it,
although he was a member of the Likud in 95 and is clearly one of those
the McCarthyist Left asserts is collectively guilty of the murder.

Never mind that not a single Rabbi has been identified as having expressed
approval of the idea of killing Rabin, nor approval after it happened, and
not a single politician from the Israeli Right cheered or said hurrah when
Rabin was killed. A handful of fringe Kahanists might have said hurrah,
half of whom were probably police moles, but they are hardly
representative of the half of Israelis who opposed Rabin's policies.

I disliked Rabin and his policies. I think his policies were disasters
and that they directly produced the 2000 or so Israeli deaths from the
Oslo "peace process." That does not make me a killer of Rabin. I am
tired of being accused by the McCarthyists of having been part of the
assassination. Like virtually everyone else who hated Rabin's foolish
policies, I wanted him evicted from power via an election and not
murdered. I also want Kadima evicted via an election.

The anniversary of Rabin's killing could have been turned into a day of
education about democracy and freedom of speech. A day in which Israeli
children are reminded that political assassination is an attack on
democracy, and where they are also reminded that everyone has the right to
freedom of speech even if they disagree with the leftist canon. Most
importantly, a constructive Rabin Day would remind Israelis of the massive
anti-democratic wave of McCarthyism launched by the Left right after the
assassination, in which dissidents (including Rabbis) were arrested,
indicted, harassed, demonized.

On a constructive Rabin Day, Israelis should also be warned of the efforts
at deification of Rabin and the attempt to build around him a cult of
personality, where his policies have been represented not as controversial
and often foolish political proposals, but instead are raised to
unchallengeable theological canon. A constructive Rabin Day might also
address the dangers to democracy from a situation in which the entire
media are self-recruited for one wing of the political spectrum. A
constructive Rabin Day might point out the dangers to democracy of
incidents such as Ehud Barak's getting up and screaming that those who
disagree with the Left are a cancerous tumor. In a week in which a
communist candidate is running for mayor of Tel Aviv, a constructive Rabin
Day might be spent discussing the dangers of totalitarian ideologies.

The McCarthyism around Rabin Day reasserts itself in the Israeli media
every year. This year it is being fed by hysteria over an attempt to bomb
far-leftist anti-democratic Prof. Zeev Sternhell, an attack attributed by
the Israeli media with no evidence whatsoever to the political Right and
to "settlers." The media continue to demonize daily the Jews who live
inside the West Bank as violent criminals.

One component of the Big Lie invented by Israel's McCarthyist Left is that
the political Right consists of people who are congenitally lawless and
violent. No one denies that there have been a handful of violent
criminals to emerge from the Right, people universally repudiated by the
leaders and thinkers in the Right. Yigal Amir may be the worst.

But let us not forget the long long long history of crime and violence by
the Left. Leftist hooligans clash violently with police and soldiers in
the West Bank every day, trying to sabotage the security fence so that the
terrorists can get in more easily. The Left produced the spies and the
traitors, including Mordecai Vanunu, Azmi Bishara, Tali Fahima, Marcus
Klingberg, and including the ring of espionage and terror operated by
kibbutznik Udi Adiv (today a lecturer in political science at the Open
University) in the 1970s. Those with long memories will remember the
earlier campaigns of leftist violence against the Right in the 1940s, the
"season," the sinking of the Altalena, the betraying of members of the
Edsel to the British by the Left, the gangs of street thugs operated by
Ben Gurion to beat opponents, etc.

A constructive Rabin Day, devoted to stopping political violence and
promoting open political debate, would mention not only Yigal Amir and the
clown who threw a grenade at a Peace Now demonstration in 1983, killing
protester Emil Grunzweig, but also Vanunu and Adiv and the others.

See also

Rabin Day - Part II

Another part of the annual passions concerning the assassination is the
recycling of the brain-numbingly stupid "theory" concerning a fictional
conspiracy of the Israeli government itself to kill Rabin. The "theory"
was invented by UFO nut Barry Chamish, and has since been picked up by a
gaggle of copycats. In brief, it claims that because Rabin was supposedly
having second thoughts about Oslo (a claim for which no evidence exists),
then Shimon Peres and the heads of the Shin Bet decided to have Rabin
killed and turned into a martyr, which would discredit the rising Right.
The conspiracists claim that Yigal Amir was not the real assassin, which
will come as a surprise to Amir himself, and instead Rabin was killed by
his own bodyguard at the orders of Peres.

There is not a scrap of any evidence to support for such a "theory," and
it is patently absurd, too pathetic even to be a movie screen for Oliver
Stone. The conspiracists have based much of their "theory" on claims that
have been proven to be lies, everything from their claim that it took 20
minutes to drive Rabin to the emergency room to their claim that Rabin had
a bullet wound in his chest or a sliced spine.

Nevertheless, small groups of Chamish chipmunks still operate. This year
for the first year since the assassination, Israel National News (a.k.a.
Arutz 7) did not run lurid "news" stories (except for some minor
small-font items on their Hebrew pages) about how the official report by
the Shamgar Commission is false, or assertions that there exists
"evidence" that Amir is innocent. (There is no such evidence, and Amir
himself continues to insist that he is guilty.) Israel Insider, a minor
Israeli English-language news blog, also for the first time since 1995 let
the day go by without running Chamish conspiracist blather.

For more details, see this:

That is all good news.

I have long argued that Barry Chamish is a walking IQ test for Jews and
Israelis. If someone believes anything that Chamish writes, this is
sufficient proof that the person is mentally challenged and/or retarded.
When Chamish is not out discovering space aliens roaming the earth from
their flying saucers, or doing the "Jews for Jesus" lecture circuit, he
spends his days turning out hundreds of rants for Holocaust Denial and
Neo-Nazi web sites. This is the same "journalist" who invented the
fictional conspiracy "theory" about the Rabin assassination still being
bandied about by some.

Chamish claims that Shimon Peres and the Shin Bet really arranged for
Rabin to get murdered because they had nothing better to do that day, and
then they forgot to tell Yigal Amir and his family about it. Since Amir
obviously fired something from his gun, as can be seen in the tape of the
killing, Chamish and his chipmunks claim he fired blanks, something Amir
denies. So now the Amir family, including Yigal, still mistakenly think
Yigal Amir is guilty, whereas Chamish and his chipmunks know otherwise.

Chamish is now in Florida, evidently facing deportation proceedings by the
INS, having split up with his third wife who was the basis for his green
card application. He cannot come back to Israel because he evidently
faces prosecution here for a car crash. Chamish naturally claims the
crash was an assassination attempt against him by the Shin Bet, but some
web sites are claiming Chamish was driving stoned drunk and is in fact
facing prosecution for DUI because of it. Needless to say, Chamish is not
now gainfully employed and may never have been.

Now the leading internet promoter of Chamish's writings and "theories" is
one David A. Hoover, who uses the pseudonym "David ben-Ariel."
Hoover/ben-Ariel lives in Toledo, Ohio, and describes himself as a
"Christian Zionist." He is a certifiable obsessed groupie of Chamish,
repeats and mimics every idiotic "theory" Chamish invents, including about
how 911 was an "inside job" of the Republicans, the Vatican and the
publishers of Foreign Affairs magazine. Ben-Ariel floods the Jewish and
non-Jewish web with sycophantic talkbacks celebrating his teletubby guru,
the Barry, not always written under his own (pen) name. Hoover also keeps
inventing blogs under the names of other people, a favorite tactic of the
Chamishites. Hoover (ben-Ariel) just opened a phony blog entitled, in addition to a dozen similar ones with
other make-pretend titles and stolen identities. Chamish for years ran
identity-theft blogs in the names of Yigal Amir, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak
Rabin, Ariel Sharon, and others. You can seen Hoover's list of blogs
here: . The other
remaining Chamish groupie leader, David Rutstein, who lived in Israel for
a while, stole the identity of Jerusalem Post columnist Caleb Ben David
and runs a phony blog in Ben-David's name that "endorses" Chamish and his

Since this Hoover/ben-Ariel is now Chamish's main remaining booster and
marketer, other than the Holocaust Deniers at the Neo-Nazi Adelaide
Institute, a closer look at him is in order.

It turns out that Hoover is a terrorist. In 1996, he was part of a plot
by deranged fringe characters to blow up the al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple
Mount in Jerusalem. Hoover was arrested by the Shin Bet and deported from
Israel, never to be allowed back in. The story was reported on the front
page of the Jerusalem Post on Jan 8, 1996. (You can see Hoover's version
of the story here:
) Hoover, like Chamish, is also a UFO nut (see this:

Now if you think things in the Middle East have gotten as bad as they
could ever get, you ain't seen nothing yet. And had the terrorist plot to
blow up al-Aqsa succeeded, we cannot even begin to imagine the horrific
consequences to the Jews that would have followed. Hoover/Ben-Ariel, who
took part in that plot, is a deranged dangerous lunatic. So it is hardly
surprising that he has become the world's Number One Chamishite. (The
total number of remaining Chamishites may be a single digit number, but
certainly is no more than a double digit number. Unfortunately the group
includes the rather dull-witted publisher of the "Israel Insider" web
magazine and some hangers-on at the Israel National News web site, still
desperately seeking to defeat the Left using fiction.)

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3. About prejudice in the US:,7340,L-3619766,00.html

4. Lessons of Kristallnacht:

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