Friday, November 07, 2008

The Tidal Wave of journalistic Stupidity and Ignorance

1. Well, the election is over, and the one thing that is certain is that
more stupidity and blather have been spilled through the media these past
few days than in any other recent entire year. I do not have the energy
to sit and debunk it, where so much nonsense is being tossed out with such
self-righteous ignorance and simple idiocy by media talking heads and
empty heads.

Among the worst of the offenders are the Israeli media, besides themselves
in joy at Obama's election. The Israeli press is as bad as the newspapers
being written and read by the Eurotrash, about how America was until now a
country of blind aggression, selfishness, hopelessness and greed, but now
a new era of niceness and hope is upon us as America transforms itself
into the new France. Several Israeli journalists went so far as to
suggest that Israel should now "follow suit" and elect an Arab as Prime
Minister. Never mind that there is no comparison between Israeli Arabs
and American blacks, and never mind that Obama is not consciously seeking
America's destruction and a genocide of whites, yet that is PRECISELY what
Arab politicians in Israel seek regarding Israel and Jews.

If everyone will just take a deep breath, perhaps we can make a small
number of rather obvious points:

First, the US survived a Carter and a Clinton presidency and is strong
enough and healthy enough to survive an Obama presidency.

Second, no one really knows yet what Obama will do. He ran of course as
an ultra-liberal but it remains to see if he behaves as one in office.
True, Iran sent him a telegram of congratulations, but I still hope he
will go down in history books for his Iranian policy of Oh-bomb-em.
Let's wait and see. There are plenty of reasons for concern.

Third, the appointment of an ex-Israeli as Obama's head of transition team
is getting lots of attention, but few know that Emanuel played a role in
the Oslo atrocity (see ), so I suggest
that Jews not count their lemmings before they are hatched.

Fourth, the US stock market, which obviously knew Obama was likely to win,
still reacted to the dimensions of the win by the Dems with a two-day
collapse of 10% in share prices. The stock market understands what the
media do not, namely, that Democrats mess up the economy. In fact, a
plausible partial explanation for the collapse of share prices since the
summer was that the market was responding to and digesting the likelihood
of an expected Democrat win.

Fifth, while there is endless silliness and nonsense being kicked about
the media about WHY Obama won, there is clearly only one real explanation
. the public was enraged by the collapse of financial markets, blamed Bush
and the Repubs, and took it out on them be electing Obama. No, it would
not have mattered at all or have produced a different result had McCain
campaigned differently, or even if some other Republican had run instead
of McCain. No, choosing someone other than Palin would not have made a
difference. No, there was not much Bush could have done to change the
election result or even to prevent the financial panic. No, Obama did not
win because he was (part) black. A green leprechaun running against
Republicans after a 50% collapse in financial markets would also have won.
So would have the Hillary

Sixth, while the Republicans got clobbered, in ballot propositions
political correctness lost almost everywhere in the US, even in states the
suggestion that most Americans are liberals today is absurd . they are as
conservative as ever, but are angry because of the financial collapse.

Seven, American Jews voted almost 4 to 1 for Obama, demonstrating once
again that there really is no American Jewry to speak of outside the
Orthodox communities, that - while halakhically Jews - most American Jews
have no Jewish identity or Jewish community affiliation in any meaningful
sense of the terms. American non-Orthodox Judaism is largely dead,
replaced by assimilationist political liberalism.

Eighth, at least we do not have Hillary. That is worth a kiddush cup
worth of shnapps!

2. One of the most encouraging pieces of recent news:

Last update - 06:07 07/11/2008

IDF asks police, Shin Bet for info on left-wing figures active in W. Bank
By Uri Blau

The Israel Defense Forces has asked the Shin Bet security service and the
police to provide it with information on left-wing figures active in the
West Bank so it will be easier to issue restraining orders against them,
Haaretz has learned.

Since the IDF does not gather intelligence on Israeli citizens, the GOC
Central Command depends on evaluations by the Shin Bet prior to signing
restraining orders.

So far, such orders have only been issued against extreme right-wing
activists suspected of subversive activities. This time, the army has
focused on a number of activists protesting the security fence, those who
help Palestinians harvest their olives, and others.

This is apparently the first time left-wing activists have been the
possible target of such orders.

A document formulated by the IDF Central Command, entitled "Means of
Operation Against Leftist Activists in the Area of Judea and Samaria"
states, among other things, that the goal was to issue restraining orders
against Israelis and foreigners "who disturb the peace" and "lead violent

To obtain the intelligence information it needs to back up the request for
a restraining order, the Central Command approached the Shin Bet and the
Judea and Samaria police districts requesting material that had been
gathered on the activists.

The police were also asked to present all information they had on these
individuals, including cases that had been closed.

The army further asked the police and the Shin Bet to keep their work on
the matter secret.

Among the activists the intelligence services were asked to provide
information about is Yonatan Pollack of Anarchists Against the Fence.

Pollack said he was not surprised the army was seeking a restraining order
against him. "On Sunday two weeks ago the Shin Bet called and summoned me
to the police station on Dizengoff Street. They said they had had enough
of my activities and if I kept it up they would take steps, either
criminal or administrative ones. I told them that all my activities were
open and if there was anything illegal, they were a matter for the

Pollack also said he presumed that "since there's a lot of talk now about
restraining orders against right-wingers, they would use that against us
to show balance, although there has almost never been a case of a
left-wing activists suspected of violence and certainly not of violence
like that of the right-wing activists."

The IDF spokesman's office said it works with the police to enforce law
and order in the West Bank and that "the law is enforced without reference
to this or that political affiliation." The police spokesman for the West
Bank district, Danny Poleg, said the police were "cooperating fully with
the Central Command to enforce the law in Judea and Samaria."

The Shin Bet said it does not release information on its operations.
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