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Jimmy Carter as Rodney Dangerfield, and other stuff:

1. Jimmy Goobers Carter as Rodney Dangerfield
Can't get no respect even from the Hezbollah:,hezbollah-leaders-refuse-to-meet-carter-spokesman-says.html
Hezbollah leaders refuse to meet Carter, spokesman says

2. The Left's Favorite Moderate Palestinian wants to end Israel's
The One State Solution
Sari Nusseibeh Newsweek September, 20 2008

3. Islam-Speak
By Henry Kadoch | 12/9/2008
It has become very clear that in the West, we have a fundamental
misunderstanding of Islam. Its history, guiding principles, and more
importantly, what it means to a Muslim when he uses certain terms.
In order to understand what Muslims mean when they use a certain word, we
must remember that in their minds and cultures, certain words do not mean
anything like the accepted meaning we have for them in the West.
For Muslims, the meaning of any word is very closely related to the
traditional meaning of that word in the Koran and their other holy texts.
Unlike most of us with the Bible, for a Muslim the Koran is not just a
prayer book, it is the complete guide to his life, and the absolute
guiding principle for the world, and all who reside in it, religious and
Because of this, we in the West are often dumbfounded by their words vs.
their actions, because for us the words mean one thing, and for them they
mean something entirely different. They are thus able to manipulate the
uneducated listener into believing they agree, when in fact for the most
part, they do not agree.
Here then, is a short guide to real meaning of certain key words, when
used by a Muslim.
An Islam-speak glossary:
Peace - The state of cessation of all resistance to Islam. Peace only
exists when Islam rules politically and religiously, and all Islamic
principles are established as the law of the land.
Freedom . Freedom exists when Islam and its principles attain complete
dominance and constitute the entirety of religious belief and political
Justice . The state when Sharia law is the law of the land, and all
judicial decisions are based on it and it alone. Justice exists when
non-Muslims have no standing before a court, and when the testimony of two
Muslim women is equal to that of one Muslim man.
Equality . Equality is achieved when Muslims are the only leaders of
society, and are given their rightful place as the best of men, leading
all institutions, political and religious. This does not extend to
non-Muslims or apostates.
Tolerance . The state when non-Muslims are properly subdued and
subservient to Muslim rule, agree to their second-class Dhimmi status, and
duly pay the Jizya to their Muslim overlords.
Truth . Truth is the accepted Islamic version of events, as laid out in
the Koran and the Sunna. Anything beyond that is merely hearsay, and in
many cases blasphemy. (see Lies).
Democracy . The state when Islam is the absolute law and religion, and all
peoples conform to Islamic law and customs. (see Freedom).
Freedom of Speech . Freedom of speech is achieved when Muslims, and only
Muslims, are free to espouse their beliefs, and non-Muslims are prohibited
from commenting on or criticizing anything Islamic.
Just Society - A society ruled by Muslims under Islamic law.
Koran - Allah.s final word, perfect and un-altered, superseding all others
and the true and only guide for mankind in religion, law and politics.
Oppression - The rule of a state by non-Islamic law; actions of resistance
to implementation of Islamic law and Muslim rule.
Racism - The state where anything Islamic or any Muslim is criticized or
Infidel . Any and all non-Muslims. Subject only to conversion,
subjugation, or death under Islamic law.
Slavery . The rightful and lawful status of any infidel captured in battle
against Islam.
Treaty . A non-binding and temporary agreement between Muslims and
non-Muslims, valid only until such time as the Muslims have the power to
achieve by force or other means what they have momentarily failed to
Lies . The act of hiding the truth, permissible by Islamic law for a
Muslim when in fear for his safety or when it advances the cause of Islam.
With these definitions in mind, we will be better prepared to answer or
debate a Muslim statement.

Blaming Israel for Mumbai
By Seth Frantzman | 12/9/2008
William Pfaff, in an oped in the New York Times on December 4th, 2008,
writes regarding the Mumbai terror attacks; .are we witnessing an
indiscriminate war between civilizations? But we know that the modern
conflict between Muslims and Europeans and Americans began with.Israel.s
European-supported installation in Palestine..

Pfaff is an American born writer residing in Paris whose ideas are widely
read in the mass media. Perhaps, when one is used to the way in which
terrorism gets twisted around and becomes .freedom fighting., it should
have been no surprise that it would only be a matter of time before Israel
was blamed for the Mumbai attacks.
The idea that Israel is responsible for the .clash of civilizations. is
not unique. It is often pointed out whenever Osama Bin Laden references
Israel, which he rarely does, in the context that Israel and the .Middle
East Conflict. are fanning the flames of terrorism worldwide. There was no
shortgage of voices after the 7/7 London bombings that wanted to show that
Israel and the .conflict. had .radicalized. those who carried out the
Jonathan Cook, a British journalist based in Nazareth, is the author of
Israel and the Clash of Civilizations. He is a frequent contributer to the
U.K.s Guardian and Observer as well as Le Monde and The Herald Tribune. In
his book he argues that .from the early 1980s, it was Israeli policy to
subdue the Palestinians, fragment Arab rivals, and foster ethnic and
religious discord to maintain unchallengeable regional dominance..

Israel is even involved in fostering enmity between Sunnis and Shiites
because many Middle Eastern states are .uncomfortable amalgams of Sunni
and Shia populations. because they were combined into unnatural states
post-WW I.. As Stephen Lendman at the .progressive.
shows, Israel intends to go even further and .encourage discord and
feuding within nations, destabilize them, and arrange their dismemberment
into mini-states. Tribes and sectarian elements could be turned on each
other, and alliances with non-Arab, non-Muslim groups like Christians,
Kurds and Druze could be cultivated to advantage.containing China by
controlling its main oil source; it may also be easier to dismember the
country the way the Soviet Union was dissolved.Serbian, Ukrainian and
Georgian .pro-democracy. groups incite political instability in Moscow..
If only the Israeli government knew it was so powerful and its influence
stretched so far.
The real question should not be to debate these wide-ranging conspiracy
theories but to wonder why many educated people in the West and elsewhere
want to believe these things. Is it because this allows an easy scapegoat
for the world.s problems? China has unstable minorities, Israel must be to
blame. The Sunni and Shia and fighting a low intensity civil war in Iraq:
Israel is to blame. The Kurds don.t get along with the Turks and the
Azeris don.t get along with the Persians and the Baluchis don.t get along
with the Sindis: Israel is to blame. Terrorism in Mumbai is carried out by
.militants.: Israel must be to blame. It makes it easier that a Chabad
house was targeted. Whereas the world.s media first speculated that .it
was not known if the Jewish Center was strategically chosen or if it was
an accidental hostage scene. now one can say .if it wasn.t for the
presence of Jews we would not have been targets..
It is extrardinary that blaming Israel for the .clash of civilization. and
Mumbai terror gets widespread attention but it points to an age old
scapegoating of Jews for the world.s problems; from economic downturns to
war and the plague. It can be found in the Elders of Zion and it can still
be found today.
Seth Frantzman is doing his doctorate in Jerusalem at The Hebrew
University of Jerusalem. His articles have appeared in the Jerusalem Post,
Middle East Quarterly and the Tucson Weekly. He lives in Jerusalem.

5. Academic lies about the "Right of Return":

6. Who us? Anti-Semites? Us?

7. Tel Aviv University pseudo-historian Shlomo Sand has a new "book"
proving that no Jewish people exists. It is highly popular on Holocaust
Denial web sites. Don't believe me? Do a google search of "shlomo sand
revisionism" and see what pops up. Want to know why they like him? See

8. Gershon Shafir occupies Indian lands illegally:

9. Doubletalk from Idan Landau:

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