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How the BRITISH fought Islamist Terrorists in Jenin

1. Haaretz and the Slave-Owning Libel

Leave it up to Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, to
seek out and invent a new anti-Semitic libel. This one is contained in
the Haaretz front page headline today proclaiming, "New research reveals
that the Jews of Jerusalem in the 19th century held black slaves in their
homes." It is not on its web site in either language.

Now the myth that Jews were involved in the slave trade has long been an
anti-Semitic bludgeon. Invented by Afro-fascists in the US, spread by the
Left, these people claim that the Jews ran the slave trade that brought
blacks to the New World and owned slaves. Now I would not go so far as
to say there was never a single Jew in the American south or in the West
Indies who owned a slave or two, and, yes, there were a few individual
Jewish shipowners and merchants who were involved in the transport of
slaves. The same Afro-fascists of course always forget to mention that
the African slaves were being caught and sold to the slave traders in the
first place by Arab Muslims.

Now along comes Haaretz. Fresh from its campaign of publicity on behalf
of that deranged now-retired pseudo-historian from Bar-Ilan University who
"discovered" that Jews used gentile blood in rituals in the middle ages,
Haaretz has decided to pump fresh blood into the old "Jews as slave owners
of blacks" libel.

But here along come the facts. First of all, in spite of the headline in
Haaretz about how Jerusalem Jews "held black slaves in their homes," the
facts in the small print refer to a single case of a single Jew who
purchased a single black slave. The purchaser was a Sephardic Jewish
banker whose wife had died and he needed help in raising his small kids.
He went to the slave market for black slaves operated by the Arabs of East
Jerusalem, those nice folks now misnamed Palestinians. He bought the
"slave," more like an au pair, and she worked in his home until 1889, when
the Ottoman Empire proclaimed the freeing of all slaves. At that point,
the "slave" in question, Sarah Le Parta, remained with the household as a
paid employee; she converted voluntarily to Judaism AFTER being freed, and
lived as an observant Jew until she died.

One might have thought that the newspaper would emphasize the fact that a
slave market was being operated at the time by Jerusalem Arabs for black
slaves, or that a black ex-slave seeking conversion to Judaism was
welcomed warmly by Jerusalem Jews. But you would have to dig through the
small print to discover that.

Meanwhile, you can be sure that anti-Semitic web sites all over the world
will be breaking the new discovery about Jews owning slaves in Jerusalem
within days.

2. How the British Fought Terror (from

January 8, 2009 | Eli E. Hertz
This is dedicated to Mr. Tony Blair, the Quartet's envoy to the Middle
East, and to Mr. Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister for the United Kingdom.
Hypocrisy at its best
By Rafael Medoff, April 22, 2002, The Jerusalem Post - "Demolishing the
homes of Arab civilians ... Shooting handcuffed prisoners... Forcing local
Arabs to test areas where mines may have been planted..."
These sound like the sort of accusations made by British and other
European officials concerning Israel's recent actions in Jenin. In fact,
they are descriptions from official British documents concerning the
methods used by the British authorities to combat Palestinian Arab
terrorism in Jenin and elsewhere in 1938.
The documents were declassified by London in 1989. They provide details of
the British Mandatory government's response to the assassination of a
British district commissioner by a Palestinian Arab terrorist in Jenin in
the summer of 1938.
Even after the suspected assassin was captured (and then shot dead while
allegedly trying to escape), the British authorities decided that "a large
portion of the town should be blown up" as punishment. On August 25 of
that year, a British convoy brought 4,200 kilos of explosives to Jenin for
that purpose.
In the Jenin operation and on other occasions, local Arabs were forced to
drive "mine-sweeping taxis" ahead of British vehicles in areas where
Palestinian Arab terrorists were believed to have planted mines, in order
"to reduce [British] landmine casualties."
The British authorities frequently used these and similar methods to
combat Palestinian Arab terrorism in the late 1930s.
BRITISH forces responded to the presence of terrorists in the Arab village
of Miar, north of Haifa, by blowing up house after house in October 1938.
"When the troops left, there was little else remaining of the once-busy
village except a pile of mangled masonry," The New York Times reported.
The declassified documents refer to an incident in Jaffa in which a
handcuffed prisoner was shot by the British police.
Under Emergency Regulation 19b, the British Mandate government could
demolish any house located in a village where terrorists resided, even if
that particular house had no direct connection to terrorist activity.
Mandate official Hugh Foot later recalled: "When we thought that a village
was harboring rebels, we'd go there and mark one of the large houses.
Then, if an incident was traced to that village, we'd blow up the house
we'd marked."
The High Commissioner for Palestine, Harold MacMichael, defended the
practice: "The provision is drastic, but the situation has demanded
drastic powers."
MacMichael was furious over what he called the "grossly exaggerated
accusations" that England's critics were circulating concerning British
anti-terror tactics in Palestine. Arab allegations that British soldiers
gouged out the eyes of Arab prisoners were quoted prominently in the Nazi
German press and elsewhere.
The declassified documents also record discussions among officials of the
Colonial Office concerning the rightness or wrongness of the anti-terror
methods used in Palestine. Lord Dufferin remarked: "British lives are
being lost and I don't think that we, from the security of Whitehall, can
protest squeamishly about measures taken by the men in the frontline."
Sir John Shuckburgh defended the tactics on the grounds that the British
were confronted "not with a chivalrous opponent playing the game according
to the rules, but with gangsters and murderers."
There were many differences between British policy in the 1930s and
Israeli policy today, but one stands out - the British, faced with a level
of Palestinian Arab terrorism considerably less lethal than that which
Israel faces today, utilized anti-terror methods considerably harsher than
those used by Israeli forces.

3. Three cheers for a disproportionate response:,7340,L-3653093,00.html

The War Against the Jews
By David Horowitz | 1/9/2009
The unspoken truth about the fighting in Gaza, which began on December 19,
2008, when Hamas rockets broke a voluntary truce, is that this is the
frontline of a much larger war. This war began 30 years ago with the
Islamic Revolution in Iran and is now global in scope. Its agenda is the
extermination of the Jews and the destruction of the West.
The Islamic terrorist organization Hamas makes no secret of this agenda.
Its Egyptian founders and Palestinian inspirers were active followers of
Adolf Hitler and enthusiasts of the Nazi Holocaust. The founding charter
of Hamas, which promises that .Islam will obliterate Israel,. memorializes
the Egyptian admirer of Hitler, Hassan al-Banna, as .the martyr.of blessed
memory.. The same document contains the genocidal incitement of the
Prophet Mohammed to .kill the Jews,. to hunt them down .until they hide
behind the rocks and the trees, and the rocks and trees cry out .O Muslim,
there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him...
In 2006, these Islamic Nazis took possession of the Gaza Strip, which is
unoccupied except by Hamas and is Jew-less (because the Palestinians would
kill any Jews that moved in their state). Hamas has turned Gaza into a
terrorist fortress, launching rockets into Israeli schoolyards, hospitals,
and townships, and launching them from Palestinian schoolyards, hospitals,
and townships to ensure that the maximum number of civilians . both Jews
and Muslims . would die for their cause. They will win the Armageddon they
are planning, they boast, because .the Jews love life and we love death..
And all around the world, and across Europe and throughout the United
States, Muslim and secular radicals are rallying to this Nazi cause,
supporting Hamas and attacking Israel and the Jews. The unholy alliance
formed by Muslim fanatics and socialist radicals is the face of the
terrorist future in the West. It is a coalition for whom no party is so
evil that it does not deserve aid and comfort if its enemies are Israel
and the United States, and if it is willing to attack them.
The wars in the Middle East are the frontline of the Islamic Nazi
offensive . a 60-year aggression of Muslim Arabs against the Jews,
rationalized at each turn by epic lies that resonate with radicals in the
West: that the Arab aggressors are the victims; that the Jews stole Arab
land (Israel in fact was created out of the ruins of the Turkish empire);
that there is a Palestinian entity that wants peace with the state of
Israel (there is none . there is not a single Palestinian leader . who
supports the existence of a Jewish state).
The Palestinians are the only people in history to have a majority support
a national death cult, to worship the murderers of little children
(including their own), and to proclaim the murderers saints and .martyrs..
The father of Palestinian Nationalism, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was an
acolyte and ally of Hitler who preached the extermination of the Jews and
planned to construct his own death camps for Jews in the Middle East. The
miseries Palestinians have suffered are self-inflicted, the inevitable
consequence of staking their national ambitions on the genocide of another
people, while embracing a death cult for themselves.
Their allies in the West are either stupendously ignorant or morally
blind. Here is the self-revealing declaration of the Associate Director of
Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Wisconsin (both an ignoramus
and a moral defective): .The state terror unleashed from the skies and on
the ground against the Gaza Strip as we speak has nothing to do with
Hamas. It has nothing to do with .Terror.. It has nothing to do with the
long-term .security. of the Jewish State... What it has to do with is the
evil Jews and their evil American supporters: .Strip away the clich.s and
the vacuous newspeak blaring out across the servile media and its pathetic
corps of voluntary state servants in the Western world and what you will
find is the naked desire for hegemony; for power over the weak and
dominion over the world.s wealth. Worse yet you will find that the
selfishness, the hatred and indifference, the racism and bigotry, the
egotism and hedonism.the callousness with which we indulge in them all are
endemic to our very culture; thriving here like flies on a corpse..
The author of this repulsive, traitorous statement, Wisconsin Professor
Jennifer Lowenstein, is herself a Jew, but obviously a self-hating member
of the tribe, the likes of which have a sordid lineage going back to the
.capos. who shoveled their companions into the ovens and collaborated with
their murderers. Like many of her political comrades in the secular and
religious Left, she has joined the forces of Islamic barbarism that are
ranged against the civilized people of America and Israel. And she is only
one of many. In the midst of the global war that radical Islam has
declared on the West, the conflict in Gaza has revealed the presence of a
fifth column in the West so detached from its own communities and
civilized values that it now constitutes a clear and present danger to our

5. The Shanda:

Want peace? Kill Hamas.

7. Vikings for Hamas:,2933,477881,00.html

. JANUARY 9, 2009
Yes, Israel Can Win in Gaza
Israel is significantly weakening Hamas . with Palestinian help.
It seems that most of the West's news reporters and pundits agree with
Islamists everywhere that an Israeli victory in Gaza is impossible. They
decry Israel's defensive attack on Hamas, prophesying an inevitable
strengthening of Islamism among Palestinians and a dark future for the
Jewish state.
How do our commentators come to this conclusion? They point, most
frequently, to Israel's war with Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006, and echo
Hezbollah's claim that it won a great victory. Indeed, this narrative
goes, in launching their rockets at Israel, Hamas leaders were imitating
Hezbollah's winning strategy.
In fact, Hezbollah was thoroughly shocked by the Israeli bombing campaign,
and its supporters, who mostly live in southern Lebanon, are not likely to
tolerate another wave of destruction caused by another Hezbollah attack.
Even the inconclusive Israeli ground actions in Lebanon, which never
involved more than six companies (roughly 600 men), resulted in the loss
of some 400 Hezbollah fighters in direct face-to-face combat while Israel
suffered only 30 casualties.
Of course, none of this prevented the Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah
from claiming that he had won a great victory for God. Had his victorious
claims actually been true, Israel should have been deterred from attacking
Hamas. And by his logic, Israel would have cowered in fear of thousands of
more rockets from Hamas, and the even more powerful rockets that Hezbollah
would launch in tandem. Nasrallah certainly encouraged Hamas to attack
Israel in language that implied he would intervene if a war ensued -- a
credible promise had he really won a victory in 2006.
But as soon as the fighting started in Gaza, Nasrallah reversed the terms
of his declarations -- threatening Israel if it attacked Lebanon (which of
course nobody in Israel would want to do). When three rockets were fired
from inside Lebanon on Thursday, Hezbollah wasted no time assuring the
Israelis that it had nothing to do with it, and that it did not even have
that type of rocket in their inventory. This is a familiar trope of the
Palestinian experience. There is always some extremist leader ready to
instigate the Palestinians to fight, implicitly promising his valiant
participation -- until the fighting begins and the promises are forgotten
in fear of Israeli retaliation.
Another familiar Palestinian experience is that the extremists can always
prevail politically over the moderates, but in so doing they split
Palestinian society. A key metric of this disunity is, in fact, the
success of Israel's current war against Hamas.
Consider: According to Gaza sources, until the ground fighting started
some 25% of the 500 dead were innocent civilians. The Israelis claimed
that 20% of the casualties from the aerial attack were civilians. Either
way, this was an extremely accurate bombing campaign. (Even in the 1991
and 2003 U.S. air campaigns against Iraq, when most of the bombs were
already precision-guided, gross targeting errors killed many civilians.)
A targeting accuracy of 75% -- by the lowest estimate -- cannot have been
merely obtained by overhead photography from satellites or reconnaissance
aircraft, because few Hamas objectives were classic "high-contrast"
targets such as bunkers or headquarters. Most targets were small groups of
people in nondescript civilian vehicles that blend in with traffic, or
inside unremarkable buildings. Nor could telephone intercepts have yielded
much intelligence, because all Palestinians know that the Israelis have
long combined voice recognition with cellular-grid location in order to
aim missiles very accurately at single vehicles in traffic, or even at
individuals standing about with their cellphones switched off.
So how did Israel do it? The only possible explanation is that people in
Gaza have been informing the Israelis exactly where Hamas fighters and
leaders are hiding, and where weapons are stored. No doubt some informers
are merely corrupt, paid agents earning a living. But others must choose
to provide intelligence because they oppose Hamas, whose extremism
inflicts poverty, suffering and now death on the civilian population for
the sake of launching mostly ineffectual rockets into Israel. Hamas
completely disregards the day-to-day welfare of all Gazans in order to
pursue its millenarian vision of an Islamic Palestine.
Some in Gaza must also resent Iran's role in instigating the barrage of
rockets fired on Israel. And all must know that the longer-range rockets
are supplied by Iran along with money for Hamas leaders, while ordinary
Palestinians languish in poverty. Senior Hamas leader Nizar Rayan, killed
on Jan. 1, was a poorly paid academic, yet he died with his four wives and
10 of his children in spacious quarters. He obviously had enough money to
heed the Quranic injunction against marrying more wives than one can
afford. That too must arouse bitter opposition among poor Palestinian
civilians, inducing some to help Israel target Hamas. Perhaps these
informers include Fatah members, further antagonized by persecution. Last
week alone, some 50 were reportedly tortured by Hamas.
Hamas won the 2006 election because it was the only available alternative
when a majority of voters were disgusted by Fatah's blatant corruption.
Since then, many nonfundamentalist Palestinians have been oppressed by the
puritanical prohibitions imposed by Hamas, while all Gazans have been
greatly impoverished.
There is no evidence that support for Fatah has therefore increased, or
that its surviving leaders could still rally their followers. This reality
sets an upper limit on what Israel can achieve by ground combat -- it
cannot change the regime.
What Israel can do is weaken Hamas further in its current ground
operations by raiding targets that cannot be attacked from the air --
typically because they are in the basements of crowded apartment buildings
-- and by engaging Hamas gunmen in direct combat. Simply reducing the
combat strength of Hamas is crucial, as it was in 2006 against Hezbollah,
because while many like to parade dressed in the robes of martyrs, when
there is actual fighting enthusiasm rapidly wanes.
With few exceptions, Israeli ground forces are not advancing frontally but
are instead mounting a multiplicity of raids. If their target intelligence
remains as good as it was during the air attack, they will run out of
targets in a matter of days. That is when a cease-fire with credible
monitoring would be possible and desirable for both sides as the only
alternative to renewed occupation.
Hamas will claim a win no matter what happens, but then so did Hezbollah
in 2006. And yet, for the most part, Hezbollah remains immobile and the
Israeli northern border with Lebanon remains quiet. If Israel can achieve
the same with Hamas in Gaza, it would be a significant victory.
Mr. Luttwak, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and
International Studies, is the author of "Strategy: The Logic of War and
Peace" (Belknap, 2002).

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