Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Innocent Gazan Civilians? Where?

Innocent Gaza civilians, huh? A three hour ceasefire so that
"innocent Gazan civilians" can go shopping today?

Are Gaza civilians really innocent? Let us bear in mind that the years
of rocket savagery by the Hamas were a direct result of the vast majority
of the residents of the Gaza Strip voting for the Hamas in the elections,
such as they were, that were held there.

The vast majority of Gazans brought the Hamas into power with their
votes. Those same people, and they are the vast majority, are not
innocent. Those who did NOT vote for the Hamas voted for other terrorist
groups, like the various wings of the Fat'h. Basically no one in Gaza
voted against terrorism.

Democracy is not just majority vote decision making but it is also
holding that same majority accountable for how it votes and for the
consequences of their votes. People who vote
for terrorism are legitimate targets for Israeli arms and bombs. And
since virtually all Gazans voted for terrorism, at least those above
voting age did, let's stop all the silly talk about them being "innocent
civilian bystanders."

That is not a call to bomb civilians. It IS a call to ignore the fact
that civilians might get hurt in Gaza when Israel bombs armed terrorists.

German and Japanese civilians got hurt when the Allies bombed Nazi Germany
and Imperialist Japan. Gazan civilians are no more innocent than were
those German and Japanese civilians.

People who do not like it when Gazan civilians get hurt should not support
Palestinian terrorism and savagery and aggression. Israel's official
policy should be:
Hide a Hamas terrorist in your building and die.

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