Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Latest from Israel's Academic Fifth Column:

1. Unbelievable new Treason from Ben Gurion University:

Lev Grinberg (Ben Gurion University sociology), the guy who claims that
targeting terrorist leaders is "symbolic genocide", claims the Hamas are
the real Maccabis fighting the evil empire:

'I admit that I find the name 'Cast Lead' in bad taste because of its
allusion to Hanukah and the Maccabees who fought against a mighty
conqueror. If indeed there is a struggle here of the weak against an
occupying empire, it is the struggle of Hamas against Israel, not the
other way around. Our self-image as the weak victim is utterly surreal and
trapped in the mythology of the Jews as the ultimate victims, regardless
of reality....The firing of missiles by the prisoners in protest against
their starvation was interpreted as aggression, while their oppression by
their jailers was interpreted as self-defense.'

Full piece appears her,e on anti-Semitic Arab "news" web site:

See also his pro-jihad sidekick writing here:

To complain about these, write to

Ben Gurion University:

Rivka Carmi, President

P.O. Box 653, Beer-Sheva, 84105, Israel,


Fax 972 (8) 647 7659

Prof. Jimmy Weinblatt, Rector

P.O. Box 653, Beer-Sheva, 84105, Israel

Fax 972-8-647-2945

Other officers listed here:

University "Friends of" Offices outside Israel are listed here:

2. About those war crimes:,7340,L-3659967,00.html

3. Recent news of the Israeli Academic Fifth Column:

Pappe cheers on the Hamas Rockets:

BGU's Haim Yaakovi discovers some war crimes (Israel's):

TAU's Ran HaCohen as Hamas mouthpiece:

Gordon has a funny idea about democracy:

Haifa University has a Cheerleader for Neo-Nazism:

At Haifa University, the Israeli flag is the enemy:

Sarkozy's Diplomacy by Delusion
By Nidra Poller | Thursday, January 22, 2009

5. Lessons from Gaza . Part I:

Lessons from Gaza . Part II:

6. From the Wall Street Journal: Silencing Islam's Critics
A Dutch court imports Saudi blasphemy norms to Europe.
The latest twist in the clash between Western values and the Muslim world
took place yesterday in the Netherlands, where a court ordered the
prosecution of lawmaker and provocateur Geert Wilders for inciting
violence. The Dutch MP and leader of the Freedom Party, which opposes
Muslim immigration into Holland, will stand trial soon for his harsh
criticism of Islam.
Mr. Wilders made world news last year with the short film "Fitna." In the
15-minute video, he juxtaposes Koranic verses calling for jihad with clips
of Islamic hate preachers and terror attacks. He has compared the Koran to
Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and urged Muslims to tear out "hate-filled" verses
from their scripture. This is a frontal assault on Islam -- but, as Mr.
Wilders points out, he's targeting the religion, not its followers.
"Fitna," in fact, sparked a refreshing debate between moderate Muslims and
non-Muslims in the Netherlands, and beyond.
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There are of course limits to free speech, such as calls for violence. But
one doesn't need to agree with Mr. Wilders to acknowledge that he hasn't
crossed that line. Some Muslims say they are outraged by his statements.
But if freedom of speech means anything, it means the freedom of
controversial speech. Consensus views need no protection.
This is exactly what Dutch prosecutors said in June when they rejected the
complaints against Mr. Wilders. "That comments are hurtful and offensive
for a large number of Muslims does not mean that they are punishable," the
prosecutors said in a statement. "Freedom of expression fulfills an
essential role in public debate in a democratic society. That means that
offensive comments can be made in a political debate."
The court yesterday overruled this decision, arguing that the lawmaker
should be prosecuted for "inciting hatred and discrimination" and also
"for insulting Muslim worshippers because of comparisons between Islam and
Nazism." This is no small victory for Islamic regimes seeking to export
their censorship laws to wherever Muslims reside. But the successful
integration of Muslims in Europe will require that immigrants adapt to
Western norms, not vice versa. Limiting the Dutch debate of Islam to
standards acceptable in, say, Saudi Arabia, will only shore up support for
Mr. Wilders's argument that Muslim immigration is eroding traditional
Dutch liberties.
7. Reverting to Caricature: Israel's Supreme Court overturns ruling of
election board. Arab Fascist parties serving as surrogates for terrorism
may run for the Israeli Knesset in spite of the fact that they do not
recognize Israel's existence as legitimate:,7340,L-3660120,00.html and,7340,L-3659935,00.html

The Supreme Court is all in favor of free speech absolutism except when it
comes to people who express opposition to Oslo and the policies of the
Left. THEY are inciters!

8. The latest words of wisdom from UFO nut Barry Chamish, friend of
Holocaust Deniers wherever they be, participant in Neo-Nazi colloquia,
lecturer for the Jews-for-Jesus circuit, on his web site: 'A Gazan
surgeon who works in Israel, Dr. Izzeldin Abublaish, had his home targeted
by an Israeli tank, losing three daughters, and the hideous scene was
reported seconds later by the grieving, shocked doctor by cellphone to TV
Channel Ten's reporter Shlomi Eldar. And if you think this ghastly
massacre wasn't planned, then you don't know the psychological warfare the
Israeli government and media play with the people.'

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