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The Massacre of Muslim Civilians that No One Protested

1. The Massacre of Muslim Civilians that No One Protested

I usually do not post follow-ups on previous postings, but this time
is an exception. A few days back I posted a piece on the two wars against
terrorism and the differences between them . Israel's battle against the
genocidal Islamofascist terrorists of the Hamas, which began on the same
day that the war of Sri Lanka against Tamil Tiger terrorism ended. Sri
Lanka won that war. It laughingly dismissed all the nonsensical mantras
about how terrorism cannot be ended with military force and it just went
ahead and ended terrorism using military force.

Interestingly for me, that piece got a huge amount of attention. A
bit to my own surprise. It has by now been reprinted all over the web.
The Jewish Press runs an expanded version this weekend
( ). I am told the Israeli
embassies are distributing the piece in many countries and I am scheduled
to be interviewed about it on Sunday by the BBC.

While preparing for that BBC interview, I did a bit more homework and
I would like to draw reader attention to a few new interesting facts.

The war against terrorism in Sri Lanka is a war against the Tamil
Hindu minority and its terrorist separatist movement by the Sinhalese
Buddhist majority of the country. So here is my current events quiz of
the day. Who has killed more Muslims: Israel in Gaza or the Tamil
terrorists in Sri Lanka?

Huh?, you say. That must be a misprint. Didn't I mean Hindus or
Buddhists in Sri Lanka?

No, grasshopper, that was no misprint. Read the question again. Who
has killed more MUSLIMS?

The answer is that the Tamil Tiger terrorists have killed far, far
more Muslims than the number of Muslims killed in Gaza during the Israeli
anti-terror battle there, almost all of those Sri Lankan Muslims being
innocent civilians and a few of them being policemen. In Gaza the vast
majority of people killed by Israel have been armed Hamas terrorists.
True, most of the 58,000 . 70,000 people killed in the Sri Lanka war
against terrorism were NOT Muslim, but quite a few WERE. How many exactly
- is unknown. You will not find any estimates by checking the web site of
the Sri Lanka Muslim Council because it is filled with web items
denouncing Israel and calling for its annihilation.

But how can that be?, you ask. After all, Sri Lanka is a country of
Hindus and Buddhists. Well, it turns out that 8% of the people in Sri
Lanka are Muslims, and the Tamil terrorists have gone out of their way to
target Muslim civilians there in a brutal manner. Muslim political
activists around the world have been strangely silent about all this.
CAIR, the pro-terror Muslim lobby in the US, has not said a word. Not a
single Western campus demonstration has protested the butchering of
Muslims in Sri Lanka nor called for divestment from that country. Not a
single Western leftist professor or anarchist protester has denounced Sri
Lanka as a Nazi genocidal regime, nor compared its war against the Tamil
separatists as morally equivalent to the extermination of the Warsaw
Ghetto by the Germans.

Moreover, a campaign of ethnic cleansing of Muslims living in Tamil
areas has also been carried out over the past 15 years or so. Not a
single article or web page has referred to it as a "Nakba." In the
northern province of Sri Lanka alone, which is predominantly Tamil, 75,000
Muslims were expelled, and thousands more were expelled from other Tamil
areas. The number of Muslims murdered by the Tamils has been at least in
the many hundreds, and probably was in the thousands. In one incident
alone, the Tamil Tiger terrorists massacred 166 Muslim civilians in a
place called Palliyagodella. In another, they massacred 113 Sinhalese and
Muslim policemen AFTER they had surrendered to the Tigers. The Tigers
used suicide bombers and loved to plant bombs in market places and other
public spaces, Palestinian style.

The BBC has evidently run a total of two short stories over the years
about the massacres of Muslims in Sri Lanka. Yet it has run countless
stories in which Arabs and others allege that Israel is conducting a
"genocidal massacre" in Gaza and also supposedly did so in Jenin. The BBC
ran countless such stories after the battle of Jenin in April, 2002, in
which as many as 20 Arab civilians may have died collaterally in the heavy
battle in a built-up urban area, and in which 33 Israeli soldiers were
killed. The BBC never apologized for describing those events as a

The deputy editor of Maariv, Ben Dror Yemini (see next item below),
this past week addressed the "disproportionate" charges against Israel by
retelling the numbers of civilians killed by NATO forces in Serbia or by
Europeans in Afghanistan. It is hardly surprising that the numbers in
those two arenas make the total sum of Palestinian civilians killed in the
past hundred years of genocidal aggression against Israel seem miniscule
in comparison. But the fact that more Muslim civilians died in the
(successful) war against Tamil terrorism than in the battle against the
Hamas is a more dramatic demonstration of media bias. And the fact that
no major media have made the comparison between the two wars against
terrorism, not even Islamic web sites and news agencies, should teach us a
tremendous lesson.

I did some internet comparison internet searching this week. While
doing Google and Yahoo searches I found:

After two weeks of fighting in Gaza in which no massacres at all took
place, there were six times as many web pages to be found on both search
engines for the pair of search terms "Gaza and Massacre" than there were
for "Sri Lanka and Massacre," this after years of war in Sri Lanka and a
death toll more than 100 times HIGHER than the Gaza death toll. The
number of web pages with "Gaza and disproportionate" is of course also far
higher than those with search terms "NATO and Serbia and disproportionate"
or "Afghanistan and disproportionate," in spite of the fact that far more
civilians were killed in those places than in Gaza In Serbia a NATO
missile went off course and hit the capital city of Bulgaria by mistake.
So much for surgical strikes and the criticism of Europeans when an
occasional Israel shell goes off course.

The number of internet hits for the term "Israel Lobby," which barely
exists at all, is far greater than the number of the "Farm Lobby," which
ruthlessly dictates and controls farm policy all over the world.
References to ethnic cleansing in Gaza are at least 6 times more common
than to those for massacres in Sri Lanka, and of course the only ethnic
cleansing that ever really took place in Gaza was the expulsion of its
Jewish population by the Kadima government of Arik Sharon and Ehud Olmert.

2. This is one of the best pieces written in recent days about
"proportionate vs. disproportionate" use of force:

War Crimes
by Ben Dror Yemini

So what exactly is our story with the bombs and civilians injuries? Are we
the most evil element in the world, as the Evil and Stupidity Front
claims, from Professor Noam Chomsky and Jose Saramago, through Ahmadinejad
and Nasrallah, and up to some of the moviemakers and authors, among us
too, that agree that Israel commits crimes against humanity?


A short historical reminder. This time we won.t say a word about Muslims
that butcher Muslims. We got used to it. The Muslims, especially in the
eyes of the Left, are the retarded kids of the world. From them there is
no need to demand responsibility, morale, international law. They are

This time we will deal with the West. We won.t head as far as the bombing
of Dresden. We.ll go to recent history. It happened in 1999. Just 7 years
ago. Milosevic irritated the Free World when he tried to take control of
Kosovo. NATO started bombing. Following is an incomplete list of the
injuries. Just of civilian ones.

On April 12th . 12 killed in a bombing of a civilian train; on April 14th
. 70 refugees are killed in a .hunt after warriors.. NATO forces admit
that they find it hard to estimate the number of casualties; Apri 27th .
16 civilians are killed. Two missiles diverted from their course; April
28th . A stray missile reaches a peaceful neighborhood in Sophia, capital
of Bulgaria. May 1st . 27 killed in a bombing of a bus on a bridge in
Belgrade. According to other claims 47 were killed. All of them civilians;

6th . 15 civilians are killed in the town of Nis in Yugoslavia; on May 7th
. the Chinese embassy in Belgrade is erroneously bombed. 3 civilians were
killed; May 13th . at least 100 civilians are killed in the village of
Korisa. Burnt bodies of kids are presented in the world media. NATO.s
spokesman announces that the bombings were against .legitimate military
targets.. May 19th . NATO airplanes are bombing the Belgrade hospital. At
least 3 patients end their lives; May 30th . 11 civilians are killed in
the bombing of a bridge. They were on their way to the local market. On
the same day the NATO bombers manage to bomb an old age home, causing the
death of 20 of its residents; on May 31st another 11 civilians are killed
in a bombing.

NATO, by the way, spread leaflets telling the civilians that bridges are
about to be bombed. Obviously that didn.t help. Does this reminds
something to somebody? There was a general sorrow for hurting innocents,
but nobody dreamt of a cease fire. The bombings continued. It took months.
Not days or weeks. The determination proved itself. Milosovic was forced
to accept the international terms. been in this situation before

Let.s continue to November 2004. The Ivory Coast Air Force
attacked rebel concentrations. Since when does anybody count black people
at all? That.s it, to the bombers. bad luck 9 French were killed by
accident. Soldiers. Not civilians. The French were angry. So angry that
they wiped out the entire Ivory Coat Air Force and took control of the
country.s airport. And that was only the beginning. When it was the
natives. turn to get angry, the French were sure to enforce order in a
very aggressive way, which included killing 27 protesters.

Now let.s go back and discuss the proportions. Milosovic didn.t announce
that he intends to destroy all of Europe. The Ivory Coast didn.t announce
that its intention is to destroy France. And yet, the reactions of NATO
and French were harsh and hard. The Security Council did not call for a
cease fire. Au contraire. It was obvious that it.s necessary to get rid of
the bad guy in the story. It took a lot of time. In the end he had to

We should be sorry for every innocent that gets hurt. The question is
whether somebody has invented a formula in which it.s possible to battle
evil without hurting the innocents. In NATO they didn.t find that formula.
In France neither. When we get to Israel the rules are being changed.
Israel is required to restrain itself. Why? After all Nasrallah is much
more dangerous than Milosovic. The Hezbollah is not a guerilla
organization. It.s an organization that possesses long-range missiles. In
normal countries the state has an army. In the case of Lebanon, Hezbollah
has a state. The Hezbollah controls Lebanon and Iran controls the
Hezbollah. And also develops nuclear weapons, and also announces that it
wants to wipe Israel off the map.

These are just declarations, the members of the Evil Front will tell us,
the stupidity and reconciliation, those signed on various petitions. If we
will just turn over the second cheek, Ahmandinejad and Nasrallah will send
us flowers. been in this situation before. We have the right to prevent it from

Written by Ben-Dror Yamini
Translated to English by Oren Douek

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