Friday, January 02, 2009

Thought for the Week

1. Thought for the week: If Olmert were to sneeze in the general
direction of Hamas terrorists, the world media, the campus Left, and
Haaretz would all be denouncing Israel for its "disproportionate response"
to Hamas barbarism.

In a sense, the critics of Israel's response being disproportionate have a
point. It IS disproportionate. It is much to mild.

I have been trying to contemplate what WOULD be a proportionate response
to eight years of indiscriminate rocket attacks from Gaza against Jewish
civilians, nearly four of those years being AFTER Israel expelled all of
the Jews living in Gaza as an appeasement of the savages living there.
What is a proportionate response to turning Sderot into an Israeli
Guernica, to the dispatching of countless suicide bombers, using abandoned
synagogues to fire rockets at children

The best I could come up with was that a proportionate response might
consist of sending in ground troops, going house by house, dragging out
the terrorists by the tens of thousands and impaling them on spikes.
From a historical point of view, THAT worked for the Byzantines and the

2. Why Israel will yet lose the battle: (from AP) In what appeared to
be a new Israeli tactic, the military called at least some of the houses
ahead of time to warn inhabitants of an impending attack. In some cases,
it also fired a sound bomb to warn away civilians before flattening the
homes with powerful missiles, Palestinians and Israeli defense officials

3. Extraordinarily funny:

4. Neo-Nazis and anti-Semites on the "ALEF" list that operates under
the auspices of the University of Haifa:
To let the heads of the university know what you think of such filth being
disseminated by the University, go to:

5. So why not a swastika?,7340,L-3649253,00.html

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