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Yes, It Is Anti-Semitism

1. Yes, it's anti-Semitism
by Jeff Jacoby
The Boston Globe
January 7, 2009

2. The leftist president of Ben Gurion University, Prof. Rivka Carmi, is
upset that she has had to shut down her campus due to the rockets landing
nearby. She says so in the Jerusalem Post here:
A GRAD missile landed close to the campus yesterday. Yet she has
consistently supported the Far-Leftist anti-Zionist Fifth Column at Ben
Gurion University whose anti-Israel agitprop helped make it possible for
the Hamas to bomb Beer Sheba in the first place! Carmi not only supports
their "right to express themselves" as part of some sort of distorted
notion of academic freedom, but has repeatedly and explicitly endorsed the
CONTENT of what these anti-Israel propagandists say. She has also led the
battle against serious academic standards at Ben Gurion University, and
has endorsed the policy of treating anti-Israel hate propaganda as serious
scholarship when it comes to hiring and promoting faculty at Ben Gurion

You will be relieved to hear that none of the dozens of anti-Semitic and
pro-jihad faculty members at Ben Gurion University were hurt in the

3. He got THAT right:,7340,L-3652592,00.html Arab leader:
Anti-war protestors are traitors
Arab-Israeli community leader Ali Jarushi slams Arab rallies against Gaza


The confrontation in the Gaza Strip is not between Hamas and Israel, but
rather between Al Qaeda, Iran and radical Islam, and the free world

Ben Dror Yemini, 8:10, January 3, 2009

Some of Israel's most blatant critics have written that for every Israeli
killed, about a hundred Palestinians were killed. A half-truth is worse
than a lie, but this is not even a half truth. This is deception. Because
months and years of rockets fired at a civilian population are not a
matter for bloody accounts. It is a nuisance that no country, neither
Syria nor Sweden, would tolerate. It is a provocation that requires a
tough response. And if we are already going for bloody accounts, we should
do the overall math. We can suffice with just the accounting in the
Arab-Muslim world.

So, since the establishment of the State of Israel, close to 12 million
Arabs and Muslims have been butchered, most of them by Arabs and Muslims.
Israel's "contribution," since its establishment, is 60,000, and that
includes all the wars and the two Intifadas. In other words, half a

And more importantly, the confrontation is not between Hamas with its
rockets and Israel. The confrontation is between Hamas, as one of the
entities that compose radical Islam, and the free world. Its declared goal
is to establish a world Islamic caliphate as part of an anti Semitic
ideology that also calls for the annihilation of the Jews.
Explanations will follow. And since political Islam has already
annihilated millions without any announcement, we should take it seriously
when there is an announcement about annihilation.

Is Hamas part of the global Jihad? Section 7 of the organization's
manifesto explains that it is not a local movement, nor even a national
movement. The heading is "The global nature of the Islamic resistance
movement." And later, "Because the Muslims are spread throughout the
entire world, the movement is global."

Is this a movement that calls for the annihilation of the Jews? That is
what is written in a continuation of the same section. "The messenger
(Mohammed) said, "The Muslims will fight the Jews and the Muslims will
kill them, until the Jew hides behind the stones and the trees, and then
the stones and the trees will say, 'Oh, Muslim, Abd Allah, there is a Jew
who is hiding, come and kill him." And this is in addition to blaming the
Jews for all the wars in the world, for world domination, etc.

The problem is not with quotes from the sources. After all, even Judaism
has Rabbi Shimon, who said, "The best gentile is a dead one."
But that did not become the foundation for any movements. Certainly not
for a government party. To the contrary. There are innumerable
interpretations explaining the circumstances of that statement and its
lack of relevance. Not so with Hamas. The old imperative has become a
practical instruction. And the Hamas leaders leave no room for doubt.

Sheikh Muhsin Abu Ita stated on the Al Aktza channel that "The
annihilation of the Jews is a wonderful blessing." Dr. Ahmed Bahar,
acting chairman of the Palestinian parliament stated that "the Jews are
cancer, and they and the Americans should be destroyed to the last

According to the Palestinian constitution, this man, Bahar, will become
the head of the Palestinian Authority if Abu Mazen ceases to function. Dr.
Yunis Al Astal, a member of the Palestinian parliament, one of the senior
Hamas officials, who served as dean of the faculty are of Shariyah and
chairman of the Islamic Law Department at Islamic University, stated that
the annihilation order is a matter for our time and not for the future.

The book by Dr. Matthias Kuntzel, "Jihad and Jew-Hatred," elaborates on
the annihilation ideology of radical Islam, including among Hamas.
We have not yet succeeded in imparting this awareness to the world. It is
still not too late.

There is no logic in madness

The most symbolic event this week actually occurred in Iraq. A Shi'ite
suicide bomber carried out his attack during a Sunni demonstration of
identification with Hamas. A bit confusing, no? After all, this Shi'ite
terrorist was supposed to be serving Iranian interests. Iran, as we know,
is the country that aids Hamas. And even the battle cries of the
demonstrators contained the common denominator of the Shi'ites and the
Sunnis: burning Israeli flags and calling for its extermination. So why
commit suicide there, of all places? Who was he working for? What exactly
was he trying to achieve? Against whom was he protesting? Don't look for
answers, because we are dealing with madness. And any attempt to find some
logic is doomed to failure.

Slaughter for the sake of slaughter

This week, Samuel Huntington - the prophet of the Clash of Civilizations -
died. He was wrong. There is primarily another war, of political Islam
against Muslims. And, in effect, it is not a war. It is one-sided
slaughter in which the radicals slaughter others, and the others have no
idea of how they might have sinned. Women and children who were butchered
in villages in Afghanistan and Algeria by the Taliban or the Islamic Front
were not collaborating with the West.

It was slaughter for the sake of slaughter. Just like the hundreds of
Indians in Mumbai, among whom were 40 Muslims (far more than the
Westerners or Jews) who were massacred by other Muslims. Exactly like
hundreds of Muslims who are slaughtered by other Muslims in innumerable
suicide attacks in Pakistan,.

But there is a small addition. In the case of Muslims, 95% of the protest
from Pakistan through Um el Fahum to Londonistan, is in favor of the
radical Muslims. Muslims in favor of those who are massacring them. Like
the demonstrators in Iraq. The fact that they came to demonstrate for
Hamas and against Israel did not help them. They, too, were worthy of
slaughter. We have already said that there is no logic.
We reiterate it.

Israel is defeating itself

This week, on Monday evening, when the prevarication mills began working
at full steam on the bitter fate of the refugees in the Gaza Strip, who
once again were forced to experience violence, the Cinematheque in Tel
Aviv screened the film, The Forgotten Refugees, by director Michael
Greenspan. The film has already been shown in many places around the
world, including in the U.S. Congress, but not on any channel in Israel.

The film deals with the Jewish communities in Muslim countries - a million
people at the end of the second world war - who were forced to leave or
deported with an enormous amount of property expropriated.
They became refugees, primarily in Israel.

The Nakba occurred because the Arabs rejected the UN proposal, and because
they declared a war of annihilation on Israel. The Nakba of the Jews in
Islamic countries, in contrast, occurred without a reason.
The Jews of Morocco or Yemen or Iraq or Egypt did not declare any war.
But despite that, in many cases, in Iraq and in Libya, they were

There is no "progressive" academic who does not inflate the Dir Yassin
episode. But the slaughter of Jews by Arabs is never mentioned. Most of
them arrived with absolutely nothing. They lived in immigrant camps. But
they were not perpetuated as an open wound, as refugees, like the

Israel, for reasons that are hard to understand, has never played the card
of the Jewish refugees. The story of the forgotten refugees could have
been the unequivocal Israeli response to the issue of the Palestinian
refugees. After all, the right of the Jewish refugees to reparations is
far greater than the right of the Palestinians.

The former suffered and were deported, despite the fact that they started
no war and declared no annihilation. The latter did. So the Jews, and only
the Jews, have the right to reparations. Those who do not succeeded in
executing their plots of annihilation have no right to reparations. There
is no historical precedence for an aggressor who turns himself into a
victim. Such an absurdity has never existed, nor will it. Even in this
matter, Israel has defeated itself in the propaganda battle. And here,
too, it is not too late to rectify the error.

5. Israel paying the price for the stupidity and cowardice of its
political establishment:

6. Roots of the conflict:

7. From the Wall St Journal: The Jews Face a Double Standard
Why doesn't Israel have the same right to self-defense as other nations?
The world-wide protests against Israel's ground incursion into Gaza are so
full of hatred that they leave me with the terrible feeling that these
protests have little to do with the so-called disproportionality of the
Israeli response to Hamas rockets, or the resulting civilian casualties.
My fear is that the rage we see in the protesters marching in the streets
is far more profound and dangerous than we would like to believe. There
are a great many people in the world who, even after Auschwitz, just can't
bear the Jewish state having the same rights they so readily grant to
other nations. These voices insist Israel must take risks they would never
dare ask of any other nation-state -- risks that threaten its very
survival -- because they don't believe Israel should exist in the first
Just look at the spate of attacks this week on Jews and Jewish
institutions around the world: a car ramming into a synagogue in France; a
Chabad menorah and Jewish-owned shops sprayed with swastikas in Belgium; a
banner at an Australian rally demanding "clean the earth from dirty
Zionists!"; demonstrators in the Netherlands chanting "Gas the Jews"; and
in Florida, protestors demanding Jews "Go back to the ovens!"
How else can we explain the double-standard that is applied to the Gaza
conflict, if not for a more insidious bias against the Jewish state?
At the U.N., no surprise, this double-standard is in full force. In
response to Israel's attack on Hamas, the Security Council immediately
pulled an all-night emergency meeting to consider yet another resolution
condemning Israel. Have there been any all-night Security Council sessions
held during the seven months when Hamas fired 3,000 rockets at half a
million innocent civilians in southern Israel? You can be certain that
during those seven months, no midnight oil was burning at the U.N.
headquarters over resolutions condemning terrorist organizations like
Hamas. But put condemnation of Israel on the agenda and, rain or shine,
it's sure to be a full house.
Red Cross officials are all over the Gaza crisis, describing it as a
full-blown humanitarian nightmare. Where were they during the seven months
when tens of thousands of Israeli families could not sleep for fear of a
rocket attack? Where were their trauma experts to decry that humanitarian
There have been hundreds of articles and reports written from the Erez
border crossing falsely accusing Israel of blocking humanitarian supplies
from reaching beleaguered Palestinians in Gaza. (In fact, over 520 truck
loads of humanitarian aid have been delivered through Israeli crossings
since the beginning of the Israeli counterattack.) But how many news
articles, NGO reports and special U.N. commissions have investigated
Hamas's policy of deliberately placing rocket launchers near schools,
mosques and homes in order to use innocent Palestinians as human shields?
Many people ask why there are so few Israeli casualties in comparison with
the Palestinian death toll. It's because Israel's first priority is the
safety of its citizens, which is why there are shelters and warning
systems in Israeli towns. If Hamas can dig tunnels, it can certainly build
shelters. Instead, it prefers to use women and children as human shields
while its leaders rush into hiding.

And then there are the clarion calls for a cease-fire. These words, which
come so easily, have proven to be a recipe for disaster. Hamas uses the
cease-fire as a time-out to rearm and smuggle even more deadly weapons so
the next time, instead of hitting Sderot and Ashkelon, they can target Tel
Aviv and Jerusalem.
The pattern is always the same. Following a cease-fire brought on by
international pressure, there will be a call for a massive infusion of
funds to help Palestinians recover from the devastation of the Israeli
attack. The world will respond eagerly, handing over hundreds of millions
of dollars. To whom does this money go? To Hamas, the same terrorist group
that brought disaster to the Palestinians in the first place.
The world seems to have forgotten that at the end of World War II,
President Harry Truman initiated the Marshall Plan, investing vast sums to
rebuild Germany. But he did so only with the clear understanding that the
money would build a new kind of Germany -- not a Fourth Reich that would
continue the policies of Adolf Hitler. Yet that is precisely what the
world will be doing if we once again entrust funds to Hamas terrorists and
their Iranian puppet masters.
In less than two weeks, Barack Obama will be sworn in as president of the
United States. But there is no "change we can believe in" in the Middle
East -- not where Israel is concerned. The double-standard continuously
applied to the Jewish state proves that, for much of the world, the real
lessons of World War II have yet to be learned.
Mr. Hier, a rabbi, is the founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center
and its Museum of Tolerance.

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