Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kovel Gets Canned

The Malicious anti-Semite Joel Kovel, author of the Israel-bashing hate
propaganda diatribe Overcoming Zionism, published by the anti-Semitic
"Pluto Press," has been fired by Bard College. Bard is one of the most
extremist uniformly Far Left colleges in the US, and also one of the least
respectable academically. For a while it lost its academic accreditation
altogether. Better to call it Osama Bard Laden. Yet the pseudo-scholar
Kovel was too much of a bigot even for Bard. Bard claims it was all
because of money. Bard lost some serious money in the scam run by Uncle
Bernie (Madoff).

The full story is here:

Note the delicious part about where Kovel accuses Bard of being a Zionist
lapdog institution:

'His faculty letter concluded this way: .If the world stands outraged at
Israeli aggression in Gaza, it should also be outraged at institutions in
the United States that grant Israel impunity. In my view, Bard College is
one such institution. It has suppressed critical engagement with Israel
and Zionism, and therefore has enabled abuses such as have occurred and
are occurring in Gaza. This notion is of course, not just descriptive of a
place like Bard. It is also the context within which the critic of such a
place and the Zionist ideology it enables becomes marginalized, and then
removed.... In his letter, Kovel argues that his position at Bard
deteriorated as his opposition to Zionism grew and became more public.'

Kovel, who appears sometimes with Ben Gurion University's Neve Gordon, is
the latest in the list of anti-Semitic pseudo-academics to be canned from
academic institutions. He now joins Norman Finkelstein, Ward Churchill,
and others on the list of recipients of unemployment insurance.

Kovel anti-Semitic "book" was distributed for a while by the University of
Michigan, but it later repudiated it and stopped the distribution. Pluto
Press has published dozens of anti-Semitic and pro-Syrian books and is
thought to have financial ties to the Syrian Baathists.

The leftist moonbatocracy is having hysterics and numerous web sites are
bellowing about the "Israel Lobby" suppressing academic freedom. WHere
have we heard that before? Crybaby Kovel issued his own statement,
carried here:

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