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Anti-Zionism as Racism

1. Just when you thought the Reformies-Deconstructionists could not get
sillier: Their Rabbette goes to Iran: See also

2. Demand an investigation - why was he not shot with a real bullet?

Oakland Man Shot by Israeli Forces in West Bank
NI'LIN VILLAGE, West Bank, Palestine - March 13 - An American citizen has
been critically injured in the village of Ni'lin after Israeli forces shot
him in the head with a tear-gas canister.

Tristan Anderson from Oakland, California, USA, 37 years old, is being
taken to the Israeli hospital Tel Hashomer, near Tel Aviv. Anderson is
unconscious and has been bleeding heavily from the nose and mouth. He
sustained a large hole in his forehead where he was struck by the

"The Israeli soldiers were standing on the hill looking over us firing
tear-gas canisters straight into the crowd," reported Ulrika Jenson, an
International Solidarity Movement volunteer from Sweden. "Tristan was hit
and fell to the ground. He had a large hole in the front of his head and
his brain was visible. I tried to stop the bleeding, but he was bleeding
heavily from the head, nose and mouth."

3. From the Wall Street Journal (March 9, 09): Just as jokes about life
in the Soviet Union marked the end of the empire, humor in the U.S.
suggests that it's time for common sense to replace the tyranny of
legalism. The annual Wacky Warning Label Contest winners include a label
on a baby stroller warning, "Remove child before folding"; a carpentry
electric drill cautioning, "This product not intended for use as a dental
drill"; and a brass fishing lure with a three-pronged hook on the end
warning, "Harmful if swallowed."

4. And let that, boys and girls, be a lesson to you why smoking too much
pot is bad for you. Rabbi Impersonator Michael Lerner has Lung Cancer:
Asks people to help him out by joining the Left and promoting his
"causes." Here are the details (no, he is not dying):

"(Rabbi) Adlerstein explained that in the traditional Jewish community .
which (pseudo-rabbi) Lerner, an adherent of the Jewish Renewal movement,
is not part of . a person will ask community members to do extra mitzvoth,
or good deeds, with the hope that such acts will aid that person.s

5. Melanie Phillips:

The Protocols of the Drinkers of Coffee

<> Sunday, 15th

From Egypt, further evidence that the Islamist hatred of the Jews is not
caused by Israel's behaviour or even its existence. It's caused by...
hatred of the Jews. Here <> ,
Egyptian cleric Muhammad Hussein Ya'qoub raves:

If the Jews left Palestine to us, would we start loving them? Of
course not. We will never love them. Absolutely not. The Jews are infidels
- not because I say so, and not because they are killing Muslims, but
because Allah said: 'The Jews say that Uzair is the son of Allah, and the
Christians say that Christ is the son of Allah. These are the words from
their mouths.
They imitate the sayings of the disbelievers before. May Allah fight them.
How deluded they are.' It is Allah who said that they are infidels.

Your belief regarding the Jews should be, first, that they are
infidels, and second, that they are enemies. They are enemies not because
they occupied Palestine. They would have been enemies even if they did not
occupy a thing. Allah said: 'You shall find the strongest men in enmity to
the disbelievers [sic] to be the Jews and the polytheists.' Third, you
must believe that the Jews will never stop fighting and killing us. They
[fight] not for the sake of land and security, as they claim, but for the
sake of their religion: 'And they will not cease fighting you until they
turn you back you're your religion, if they can.'

This is it. We must believe that our fighting with the Jews is
eternal, and it will not end until the final battle - and this is the
fourth point. You must believe that we will fight, defeat, and annihilate
them, until not a single Jew remains on the face of the Earth.

Egypt, let us not forget, is a 'moderate' Arab state that has a peace
agreement with Israel. It is nevertheless a major source of barking-mad
Jewish demonisation in the Arab world. Here
<> is Egyptian Cleric
Salama Abd Al-Qawi warning Muslims against the Protocols of the Elders of
Zion - the notorious Czarist forged claim that the Jews covertly rule the
world -- and many US companies :

They [the Jews]began conspiring to annihilate the Islamic and Arab
nation, to plunder its resources, and to destroy its youth. Regretfully,
the plots they hatched are being implemented today in detail. One of their
conspiracies, which stemmed from their black hatred, was to gain control
over the entire global economy, bringing the world under their thumb. So
they founded huge companies, which, like spiders, send their webs all over
the world. The main goal of these companies was to erase Islamic identity.

... Many basic products, which may be found in many Muslim
households, like the Ariel, Tide, and Persil laundry detergents, are made
by Zionist companies. The Coca Cola and Pepsi companies and all their
- Seven Up, Miranda, Fania, and all these products, all the carbonated
beverages, with very few exceptions that don't bear mention... Almost all
the carbonated beverages are Zionist-American products.

[...] Some restaurants, I'm sad to say, are teeming with Muslim
youth, and their safes are full of the money of Muslims... McDonalds is
Jewish-Zionist, Kentucky Fried Chicken is Jewish-Zionist, Little Caesar,
Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, Burger King... By the way, all these products,
which I have mentioned... In addition, there is a new type of coffee these
days... All these are pure Zionist products, especially what is known as
Starbucks, the well-known coffee. It is Zionist.

Ah yes, Starbucks: home of the Zionist genocidal apartheid bean. In
January, Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi brought viewers of al Nas TV urgent
news <> about the

Has any of you ever wondered who this woman with a crown on her
head is? Why do we boycott Starbucks? ... The girl on the Starbucks logo
is Queen Esther. Do you know who Queen Esther was and what the crown on
her head means? This is the crown of the Persian Kingdom. This queen is
the queen of the Jews. She is mentioned in the Torah, in the Book of
Esther. The girl you see is Esther, the queen of the Jews in Persia...

Can you believe that in Mecca, Al-Madina, Cairo, Damascus, Kuwait,
and all over the Islamic world, hangs the picture of beautiful Queen
Esther, with a crown on her head, and we buy her products.[...]We want
Starbucks to be shut down throughout the Arab and Islamic world. We want
it to be shut down in Mecca and in Al-Madina. I implore King Abdallah bin
Abd Al-'Aziz, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques: It is inconceivable
that in Mecca and Al-Madina, there will be a picture of Queen Esther, the
queen of the Jews.

As anyone can see, however, the female figure in the Starbucks logo
(pictured above) has two fish tails. This is a clue that she is not
Esther, queen of the Jews in Persia. She is instead a twin-tailed siren of
Greek mythology. This is because the company is apparently named in part
after Starbuck, Captain Ahab's first mate in the book Moby Dick.

What we are up against within the Islamic world is quite simply a
wholesale negation of reason; nothing less.

6. Judah Pearl . new piece on anti-Zionism:,0,6323783.story?track=rss,0,6323783.story?track=rss
From the Los Angeles Times
Is anti-Zionism hate?
Yes. It is more dangerous than anti-Semitism, threatening lives and peace
in the Middle East.
By Judea Pearl

March 15, 2009

In January, at a symposium at UCLA (choreographed by the Center for Near
East Studies), four longtime Israel bashers were invited to analyze the
human rights conditions in Gaza, and used the stage to attack the
legitimacy of Zionism and its vision of a two-state solution for Israel
and the Palestinians.

They criminalized Israel's existence, distorted its motives and maligned
its character, its birth, even its conception. At one point, the excited
audience reportedly chanted "Zionism is Nazism" and worse.

Jewish leaders condemned this hate-fest as a dangerous invitation to
anti-Semitic hysteria, and pointed to the chilling effect it had on UCLA
students and faculty on a campus known for its open and civil atmosphere.
The organizers, some of them Jewish, took refuge in "academic freedom" and
the argument that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.

I fully support this mantra, not because it exonerates anti-Zionists from
charges of anti-Semitism but because the distinction helps us focus
attention on the discriminatory, immoral and more dangerous character of

Anti-Zionism rejects the very notion that Jews are a nation -- a
collective bonded by a common history -- and, accordingly, denies Jews the
right to self-determination in their historical birthplace. It seeks the
dismantling of the Jewish nation-state: Israel.

Anti-Zionism earns its discriminatory character by denying the Jewish
people what it grants to other historically bonded collectives (e.g.
French, Spanish, Palestinians), namely, the right to nationhood,
self-determination and legitimate coexistence with other indigenous

Anti-Semitism rejects Jews as equal members of the human race;
anti-Zionism rejects Israel as an equal member in the family of nations.

Are Jews a nation? Some philosophers would argue Jews are a nation first
and religion second. Indeed, the narrative of Exodus and the vision of the
impending journey to the land of Canaan were etched in the minds of the
Jewish people before they received the Torah at Mt. Sinai. But, philosophy
aside, the unshaken conviction in their eventual repatriation to the
birthplace of their history has been the engine behind Jewish endurance
and hopes throughout their turbulent journey that started with the Roman
expulsion in AD 70.

More important, shared history, not religion, is today the primary uniting
force behind the secular, multiethnic society of Israel. The majority of
its members do not practice religious laws and do not believe in divine
supervision or the afterlife. The same applies to American Jewry, which is
likewise largely secular. Identification with a common historical ethos,
culminating in the reestablishment of the state of Israel, is the central
bond of Jewish collectivity in America.

There are of course Jews who are non-Zionists and even anti-Zionists. The
ultra-Orthodox cult of Neturei Karta and the leftist cult of Noam Chomsky
are notable examples. The former rejects any earthly attempt to interfere
with God's messianic plan, while the latter abhors all forms of
nationalism, especially successful ones.

There are also Jews who find it difficult to defend their identity against
the growing viciousness of anti-Israel propaganda, and eventually hide,
disown or denounce their historical roots in favor of social acceptance
and other expediencies.

But these are marginal minorities at best; the vital tissues of Jewish
identity today feed on Jewish history and its natural derivatives -- the
state of Israel, its struggle for survival, its cultural and scientific
achievements and its relentless drive for peace.

Given this understanding of Jewish nationhood, anti-Zionism is in many
ways more dangerous than anti-Semitism.

First, anti-Zionism targets the most vulnerable part of the Jewish people,
namely, the Jewish population of Israel, whose physical safety and
personal dignity depend crucially on maintaining Israel's sovereignty. Put
bluntly, the anti-Zionist plan to do away with Israel condemns 5 1/2
million human beings, mostly refugees or children of refugees, to eternal
defenselessness in a region where genocidal designs are not uncommon.

Secondly, modern society has developed antibodies against anti-Semitism
but not against anti-Zionism. Today, anti-Semitic stereotypes evoke
revulsion in most people of conscience, while anti-Zionist rhetoric has
become a mark of academic sophistication and social acceptance in certain
extreme yet vocal circles of U.S. academia and media elite. Anti-Zionism
disguises itself in the cloak of political debate, exempt from
sensitivities and rules of civility that govern inter-religious discourse,
to attack the most cherished symbol of Jewish identity.

Finally, anti-Zionist rhetoric is a stab in the back to the Israeli peace
camp, which overwhelmingly stands for a two-state solution. It also gives
credence to enemies of coexistence who claim that the eventual elimination
of Israel is the hidden agenda of every Palestinian.

It is anti-Zionism, then, not anti-Semitism that poses a more dangerous
threat to lives, historical justice and the prospects of peace in the
Middle East.

Judea Pearl is a professor at UCLA and the president of the Daniel Pearl

7. A peace plan, at last:

8. WHAT academic freedom?

9. Dershowitz on Chas Freeman and the Myth of the "Jewish Lobby":

10. Is Israel Being Held To
A Different Standard Or Is It Simply Anti-Semitism?
by Joseph Puder

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