Monday, March 16, 2009

Not a joke - injured ISM terrorist had sat in Berkeley tree for 2 years, dumping - er - substances on people's heads

ISM supporter of terror injured in West Bank had spent 2 years sitting in
a tree on the Berkeley campus, pouring down his bodily emissions on
people. Really!

You that ISM terrorist from Oakland-Berkeley who got hurt this week while
attacking Israeli soldiers near the West Bank town of Nil'in? Well, I
got some inside info about him from a comrade in Berkeley who knows him

Dear Professor Plaut:

re Tristan Anderson

I live in Berkeley and am aware of this character. His girlfriend went to
Israel on the "birthright" program and he sat in a tree on campus for 2
years and dropped buckets full of human waste on the heads of police who
were trying to get him down. He is a professional troublemaker and is an
embarrassment to Berkeley.

For more on this leading intellectual of the enlightenment, see this:

Former UC Berkeley tree-sitter Tristan Anderson was critically injured
Friday while protesting the construction of a separation barrier in
Na'alin, a town in the West Bank.
Anderson, who attended UC Berkeley, was involved in an almost
two-year-long tree-sit against the construction of an athletic center in
the oak grove near Memorial Stadium. The protest, which ended in September
2008, became the longest urban tree-sit in history.

See also this:

2. More on Marxism
"Marxism remains attractive because it makes the intellectuals matter."

"They (intellecuals) prefer ideas, which give them jobs and income and
which enhance their power and prestige. They, therefore, look for ideas
with specific characteristics. They look for ideas, which enhance the role
of the state because the state is usually their main employer, sponsor or
donator. That is not all. According to Hayek .the power of ideas grows in
proportion to their generality, abstractness, and even vagueness.. Hence
it is not surprising that the intellectuals are mostly interested in
abstract, not directly implementable ideas. This is also the way of
thinking, in which they have comparative advantage. They are not good at
details. They do not have ambitions to solve a problem. They are not
interested in dealing with the everyday.s affairs of common citizens.
Hayek put it clearly: .the intellectual, by his whole disposition, is
uninterested in technical details or practical difficulties.. He is
interested in visions and utopias and because .socialist thought owes its
appeal largely to its visionary character. (and I would add lack of
realism and utopian nature), the intellectual tends to become a
socialist.."the free market system does not typically reward those who are
. in their own eyes . the most meritorious. Because the intellectuals
value themselves very highly, they disdain the marketplace. Markets value
them differently than their own eyes and, in addition to it, markets
function nicely without their supervision. As a result, the intellectuals
are suspicious of free markets and prefer being publicly funded. That is
another reason, why they are in favour of socialism.It is based on big and
patronizing government, on extensive regulating of human behavior, and on
large-scale income redistribution. As we see both in Europe and in
America, the intellectuals love such a system. It gives them money and an
easy life. It gives them an opportunity to be influential and to be heard.
President of the Czeck Republic, V.clav Klaus


Someone sent me this:
Marxists claim that Marxism is a science. It is not.

-- As they say where I am from, "If Marxism was science, they'd first have
tried it on animals."

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