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Not a spoof: Tel Aviv University to be Converted to a Gulag (for a day)

Not a spoof: Tel Aviv University to be Converted to a Gulag (for a day)

1. Not a spoof: Tel Aviv University to be Converted to a Gulag (for
a day)
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Tel Aviv University to be Converted to a Gulag (for a day)
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Many of us have long suspected that Tel Aviv University (TAU) often serves
as a communist re-education gulag, dominated by its post-Zionist
anti-Israel far-leftists in whose classrooms no Zionist or non-leftist
opinion may ever be expressed. But this coming March 25, 2009, it really
will be a gulag! At least for one day! Israel's communist party MAKI will
hold its "congress" that day in the TAU law school, which has been much in
the news recently for attempts at suppressing academic freedom there,

That is because campus officials have agreed to allow campus facilities to
be used for the 90th congress of the Israeli Community Party, a party that
has never gotten around to repudiating Stalin and Stalinism. This is not a
post-Purim joke, but for real.

The decision to hold the Congress on the campus of Tel Aviv University was
no doubt made thanks to the presence of a large number of open
self-declared communists on the faculty there. Among those to speak at the
communist convocation will be communist Prof. Yoav Peled of TAU's
political science department and Prof. Gadi Algazi, who is on the faculty
of the history department at TAU. They are joined by the far-leftist
anti-Israel Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal, of the TAU psychology department, best
known for his pseudo-academic research "proving" that Jews are racists and
opposed to peace, based on the drawings of Jewish school children.

Other comrades to be organizing the dictatorship of the proletariat at the
Tel Aviv University gulag include Uri Ram, a sociologist from Ben Gurion
University, who thinks Israel's very existence is a crime against
humanity. The party hacks from the communist party will also be addressing
the congress.

The congress is being partially financed by the communist "Rosa Luxembourg
Foundation," several different departments at Tel Aviv University, and
posters advertising it are being disseminated in Israel, carrying a large
hammer and sickle emblem.

Now Israeli universities are pounding down the doors of the
representatives of the taxpayers, asking for more handouts from the public
coffers, as well as "shnorring" money from overseas donors. We certainly
hope that Israel's fiscal officials are taking note of how the heads of
Tel Aviv University are misusing public funds, and how they are turning
campus facilities over to Stalinists.

Meanwhile, we suggest that all the campus cafeterias be shut down for the
day to illustrate for everyone attending the Stalinist congress the
starvation invariably produced by communism.

To right - candidate for tenure in political science at Tel Aviv
University (photo of Stalin)

Want to tell the heads of the university what you think of all this?
Write to
President, Professor Zvi Galil



Tel Aviv University

P.O. Box 39040

Tel Aviv 69978


Fax: 972-3-6422379 and 972-3-642-2752

Rector: Prof. Dany Leviatan



Tel Aviv University

P.O. Box 39040

Tel Aviv 69978


American Friends Offices of Tel Aviv University: and

Other "Friends of" Groups:

The Council for Higher Education in Israel

(governmental body that funds and supervises Israeli universities and

Prof. Shlomo Grossman

Planning & Budgeting Committee Chairman

Council for Higher Education


P.O.B. 4037, Jerusalem 91040, Israel

Tel: 02-5679911

Fax: 02-5679969


Minister of Education

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports

Kiryat Ben Gurion, Jerusalem


Phones: 972-2-5602330/856/584; 972-3-6935523/4/5

Faxes: 972-2-5602246; 972-3-6951769

. 2. From the Wall St Journal OPINION EUROPE
. MARCH 18, 2009
An Arab-Made Misery
International donors pledged almost $4.5 billion in aid for Gaza earlier
this month. It has been very painful for me to witness over the past few
years the deteriorating humanitarian situation in that narrow strip where
I lived as a child in the 1950s.
The media tend to attribute Gaza's decline solely to Israeli military and
economic actions against Hamas. But such a myopic analysis ignores the
problem's root cause: 60 years of Arab policy aimed at cementing the
Palestinian people's status as stateless refugees in order to use their
suffering as a weapon against Israel.
Associated Press
As a child in Gaza in the 1950s, I experienced the early results of this
policy. Egypt, which then controlled the territory, conducted
guerrilla-style operations against Israel from Gaza. My father commanded
these operations, carried out by Palestinian fedayeen, Arabic for
"self-sacrifice." Back then, Gaza was already the front line of the Arab
jihad against Israel. My father was assassinated by Israeli forces in
It was in those years that the Arab League started its Palestinian refugee
policy. Arab countries implemented special laws designed to make it
impossible to integrate the Palestinian refugees from the 1948 Arab war
against Israel. Even descendants of Palestinian refugees who are born in
another Arab country and live there their entire lives can never gain that
country's passport. Even if they marry a citizen of an Arab country, they
cannot become citizens of their spouse's country. They must remain
"Palestinian" even though they may have never set foot in the West Bank or
This policy of forcing a Palestinian identity on these people for eternity
and condemning them to a miserable life in a refugee camp was designed to
perpetuate and exacerbate the Palestinian refugee crisis.
So was the Arab policy of overpopulating Gaza. The United Nations Relief
and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, whose main
political support comes from Arab countries, encourages high birth rates
by rewarding families with many children. Yasser Arafat said the
Palestinian woman's womb was his best weapon.
Arab countries always push for classifying as many Palestinians as
possible as "refugees." As a result, about one-third of the Palestinians
in Gaza still live in refugee camps. For 60 years, Palestinians have been
used and abused by Arab regimes and Palestinian terrorists in their fight
against Israel.
Now it is Hamas, an Islamist terror organization supported by Iran, which
is using and abusing Palestinians for this purpose. While Hamas leaders
hid in the well-stocked bunkers and tunnels they prepared before they
provoked Israel into attacking them, Palestinian civilians were exposed
and caught in the deadly crossfire between Hamas and Israeli soldiers.
As a result of 60 years of this Arab policy, Gaza has become a prison camp
for 1.5 million Palestinians. Both Israel and Egypt are fearful of
terrorist infiltration from Gaza -- all the more so since Hamas took over
-- and have always maintained tight controls over their borders with Gaza.
The Palestinians continue to endure hardships because Gaza continues to
serve as the launching pad for terror attacks against Israeli citizens.
Those attacks come in the form of Hamas missiles that indiscriminately
target Israeli kindergartens, homes and businesses.
And Hamas continued these attacks more than two years after Israel
withdrew from Gaza in the hope that this step would begin the process of
building a Palestinian state, eventually leading to a peaceful, two-state
solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There was no "cycle of
violence" then, no justification for anything other than peace and
prosperity. But instead, Hamas chose Islamic jihad. Gazans' and Israelis'
hopes have been met with misery for Palestinians and missiles for
Hamas, an Iran proxy, has become a danger not only to Israel, but also to
Palestinians as well as to neighboring Arab states, who fear the spread of
radical Islam could destabilize their countries.
Arabs claim they love the Palestinian people, but they seem more
interested in sacrificing them. If they really loved their Palestinian
brethren, they'd pressure Hamas to stop firing missiles at Israel. In the
longer term, the Arab world must end the Palestinians' refugee status and
thereby their desire to harm Israel. It's time for the 22 Arab countries
to open their borders and absorb the Palestinians of Gaza who wish to
start a new life. It is time for the Arab world to truly help the
Palestinians, not use them.
Mrs. Darwish, who grew up in Gaza City and Cairo, is the author, most
recently, of "Cruel and Usual Punishment," (Thomas Nelson, 2009).

3. Hmmm. Now THERE is a way to deal with post-zionist university
departments in Israel!:

4. French journalists grant prize to anti-semitic Israeli professor at
Tel Aviv University for his anti-Semitic book:
Israeli wins French prize for book questioning existence of Jewish people
Sand insists that a Palestinian people has existed since Adam, but there
is no Jewish people and so Jews have no right to any state of their own.
Next year's French prize will no doubt go to the MA student who proved
that Jews are racist because they do not rape Arabs.

5. From the web: How Haaretz would report the death of Dracula

Indignation took hold of the whole world as soon as news transpired of the
cold-blooded murder of Transylvania.s spiritual leader, Count Dracula. The
militant and founder of the local anti-imperialist movement was a victim
of what both human right organizations and specialists in International
Law called an .extra-judicial execution.. The UK government took
responsibility for the action, justifying it as a legitimate reprisal
against an open enemy in a context of war. Diplomatic sources, on the
condition of anonymity, disclosed that the aristocrat has been killed by
members of the SAS under the command of the notorious Dr. Abraham Van

The count, better known among his many friends as Vlad Tepes (Vlad, the
Impaler) founded and has been leading for over 500 years the MLT (Movement
for the Liberation of Transylvania). Though nobody disputed his popularity
in the region, a popularity made obvious by the thousands of protesters
who took immediately to the streets of Timisoara, Oradea, Cluj-Napoca and
Tirgu Mures, his enemies insisted that he was nothing but a .vampire.,
something his followers deny, claiming that .one man.s vampire is another
man.s freedom fighter..

The spiritual leader of the Transylvanians was finally found out by his
killers yesterday in the crypt of his castle in Bran, 20 miles from
Brasov, in the Central Carpathians. His spokesperson, Mr. Renfield, told
our reporters that, cowardly caught during his morning nap while he was
resting in his coffin, the defenseless old man had no chance to react
against the high-tech wooden stakes with which the Americans supply
abundantly the British army. He also assured us that .there are no
vampires: but an excuse to deprive us criminally of our lands and
to justify this illegal occupation..

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