Saturday, April 18, 2009

Down goes another "academic" Anti-Semite, out come the Leftist Complaints about the "Zionist Bogeyman"

Down goes another "academic" Anti-Semite, out come the Leftist
Complaints about the "Zionist Bogeyman"

An Ottawa anti-Semite professor gets himself fired due to gross
insubordination and the Left blames the Jews and the "Lobby" once again!

Yes, he was an anti-Semitic crackpot at the University of Ottawa who
regularly invited Holocaust Denier Michel Chossudovsky to lecture to his
classes (see ). So
now he blames dem Joos, of course, for his getting fired.

Denis Rancourt was fired recently from the University of Ottawa in
physics. He describes himself as an "anarchist." He would rant at
length in his classes against the "Zionist Lobby" and against capitalism
and against the United States. He had long turned his courses into
exercises in one-sided indoctrination and politicization.

He was removed from teaching this past December and officially fired a few
days ago. He first got into legal trouble when he refused to allow a
student mother to attend his course, and he was accused of age
discrimination. Then the immediate cause of his firing was that he
granted every single student in his course an A+ with no basis.

Then the Leftist Lobby to preserve the jobs of leftist pseudo-academics
and propagandists kicked in. One third of Rancourt's fellow professors at
the university had signed a petition demanding that he be fired. So
naturally, the Left insists the Jewish cabal and the Elders of Zion are
behind it!

In fact, Rancourt's anti-Semitism had nothing to do with his getting
fired. He got fired because he refused to do his job and to carry out his
duties as a professor, displaying gross insubordination and defiance of
university rules about grades.

Here is a typical Rancourt rant from one of his classes
( ) . notice how
he cheers terrorism and denounces the United States as the real terrorist.
This is NOT a speech from some soap box but rather what he says IN CLASS!
Rancourt is also in the so-called "911 Truth" cult of conspiracy nuts who
claim that the 9-11 attacks were an "inside job" of the US or the Joos
). So is Barry Chamish, but no one would consider offering Chamish an
academic post.

Naturally, Rancourt has been hailed as a martyr by Neo-Nazi Norman
Finkelstein, Neve Gordon's guru, who was fired for being a pseudo-academic
fraud by DePaul University two years ago
( ). He
also blamed the Zionist bogeyman. Finkelstein had never published a
single bona fide academic journal article.

But the REAL story here is that a courageous university took a
principled decision and fired a crackpot bigot and pseudo-academic.
DePaul did the same with Finkelstein. A growing number of universities
around the world are cracking down on the pseudo-academic propagandists
the Left adores and that is what has the Left soiling itself in outrage.

Unfortunately, Israeli universities like Ben Gurion University, which are
crawling with pseudo-academic hate propagandists, are too cowardly and too
lacking in integrity to take similar action against THEIR quacks and

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