Friday, April 17, 2009

Terrorism Aviv University

1. One of the groups smeared by BGU leftist and Tikkun columnist David
Newman in the Jerusalem Post a few days ago was the Scholars for Peace in
the Middle East. SPME is a pro-Israel advocacy group, hardly associated
with the "Right." Indeed for years I have criticized its directors for
failure to confront the anti-Semitic Left more vigorously and for their
delusion that such people may be "persuaded" and convinced. In any case,
now it turns out that David Newman's tantrum against SPME and nasty
outburst in the Jerusalem Post was actually caused by the refusal of SPME
to sponsor an all-expenses-paid speaking tour for Newman, as he was
demanding from them a while back. For details and the SPME rebuttal, go
here :

Meanwhile, Campus Watch has issued a devastating rebuttal of Newman's rant

2. Tel Aviv University's notion of academic freedom is back in the
headlines. We have barely caught our breath after Stalinism Day at Tel
Aviv University, in which the campus was converted into a communist Gulag
for a day for purposes of Stalinist indoctrination, and the president of
Tel Aviv University, Prof. Zvi Galil, defended it all publicly as a bona
fide exercise in academic research. Sure, it was, and might as well have
been held in North Korea!

Then there was the attempt by the tenured Left on the faculty at TAU to
block the appointment to the law school of an Israeli woman army colonel
because she believes Israel has the right to defend itself.
Well, now Tel Aviv University has accepted Omar Barghouti as a PhD student
in "philosophy." Barghouti identifies himself as a "Palestinian,"
despite the fact that he was born in Qatar and grew up in Egypt.
(Reminds us of Edward Said the Egyptian pretending to be Palestinian.)
Barghouti is an Arab cheerleader for terrorism who runs one of the larger
groups promoting an international boycott of Israel, the so-called
Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel,
PACBI ( He already got his MA from Tel Aviv University in
"ethics." That is correct, Tel Aviv University evidently considers
Palestinian anti-Semitism and terrorism "ethical." He is also a militant
supporter of Israel's extermination under what the anti-Semitic Left these
days calls the "one-state solution." His group has made headlines for
demanding that Israeli universities themselves be targeted for boycott

So here we have the spectacle of Tel Aviv University treating this
pogromchik as a scholar and accepting him for PhD studies. He is on
record as claiming that Israel is conducting genocide against Arabs (see ). Anyone who thinks
Tel Aviv University has retained any academic standards at all will now
have to think again.

Naomi Ragen has done an expose of Omar Barghouti here:
Omar refuses to answer questions about his family connections to
arch-terrorist and mass murderer Marwan Barghouti.

This is the most idiotic idea to emerge from an Israeli institute of
higher learning since the Open University accepted Samir Kuntar, the baby
murderer released from Israeli prison to buy back corpses of IDF soldiers
murdered by the Hezbollah, as a student.

A petition is being collected that demands that TAU expel their resident
doctoral student of terrorism. Go here:

To tell the heads of Terrorism Aviv University what you think of their
admission of Barghouti, contact
President, Professor Zvi Galil
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978
Fax: 972-3-6422379 and 972-3-642-2752

Rector: Prof. Dany Leviatan
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978
American Friends Offices of Tel Aviv University: and
Other "Friends of" Groups:

3. Pat Buchanan and the Nazis:

4. Egypt has announced that Israel's new Foreign Minister Avigdor
Lieberman is not welcome on Egyptian soil. In other words, while a party
to the peace treaty with Israel that granted Egypt all of Sinai, Egypt
thinks it has the right to bar entrance for Israelis who hold opinions of
which it disapproves. And the Israeli Left and their amen chorus is
applauding Egypt for this.

Well, since the Left likes the idea so much, I say, "If you can't beat em,
join em." Let's have Israel expel leftists and bar entrance to the
country for leftists who favor Israel's annihilation, who favor the
"Palestinian Right of Return," who support communism, who support
terrorism, and who support Omar Barghouti!
Can someone get such a petition started?

5. More of the Left's First Amendment in Academia:

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