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Yet more Scandal and Outrage over at Tel Aviv University

1. More Boondoggles at Tel Aviv University

In recent days we broke the story of the Stalinism Day outrage at Tel Aviv
University. You know, the university in which the anti-Israel tenured
Left and the academic cheerleaders for the Hamas and Hezbollah are
arguably more entrenched than anywhere else.

On Stalinism Day the University ran an indoctrination congress in
Stalinism with the blessings of the heads of the university, a congress in
which no anti-Marxist was permitted to speak. The president of Tel Aviv
University, Prof. Zvi Galil, defended the Stalinism Day celebrations as a
serious scientific conference (see About as
serious as those "anarchists" holding Woodstock-on-the-Thames in London
last week holding signs reading "Eat the Bankers."

Meanwhile, the nausea from the attempt at Stalinist indoctrination has not
yet passed, yet not a day goes by without a new major disgrace or scandal
filling the media headlines in Israel concerning Tel Aviv University and
its president, Prof. Galil.

It began with a special report by Israel's State Comptroller on
mismanagement and misuse of funds in Israel's universities (all of which,
except Herziliya, are public institutions whose budget comes mainly from
taxpayer coffers). The report singled out Tel Aviv University as the very
worst of all. It described how non-academic senior TAU administrators
were being paid far, far more than the amounts they were legally entitled
to be paid. These are not professors or academics but administrative
staff granting themselves huge salaries. See an example of news story
here: . The local
media, usually sycophantic fans of the ultra-Leftist campus thanks to its
entrenched anti-Semites and anti-Zionists, are attacking TAU and Galil

The Comptroller accused Tel Aviv University of cooking up special
personalized pay contracts that allowed certain administrators to be
grossly overpaid, and then trying to cover this up. The Comptroller
claimed that at some schools people were being paid with envelopes of cash
under the table to hide the payments
). You know, like in the movie Goodfellas.

The President of Tel Aviv University was attacked by name in the State
Comptroller's report and in the press for participation and collaboration
in the bilking scheme and in the overpaying of the administrators. Among
those accused of being grossly overpaid was the TAU President himself, the
Rector, the various vice presidents of different university departments,
and the university legal advisor. These were paid amounts completely
outside the parameters for similar positions in the public sector. The
university was ordered to force the people involved to return the money.
It should be amusing watching them squirm about their inability to comply.

All this is the Israeli analogue to the stories of the huge bonuses at
Fannie Mae and AIG in the US.

Other employees at Tel Aviv University were also handed huge pay increases
in defiance of Treasury fiscal injunctions. The Comptroller found some
250% salary hikes. He also denounced conflicts of interest in university

Tel Aviv University, and to a smaller extent some other schools, was also
accused of ladling out massive exaggerated pension benefits illegally to
some senior people ( ),
of lying about their fiscal affairs and deficits, and of squandering funds

Tel Aviv University operates a "pay as you go" pension system for its
aging population of professors and retirees, as do some of the other
schools. A "pay as you go" pension system means there are no assets put
aside to collateralize pension obligations of the school and these
obligations simply are taken out of current operating budgets. It is the
moral equivalent of Madoff's Ponzi scheme. The State Comptroller blasted
Tel Aviv University (and to a lesser extent some of the other schools) for
intentionally operating with "actuarial deficits" running into the
billions of dollars (more than 4 billion dollars). The Comptroller also
accused the universities of hiding behind "academic freedom" to evade
fiscal accountability ( ).

(There is a history of embezzlement of university funds at Tel Aviv
University - see for example'Tel+Aviv+University+employee+suspected+of+embezzling+$360,000'&dyn_server=

Meanwhile, the newspapers were not even finished digesting those stories
when Haaretz comes up with a new Tel Aviv University scoop (April 3, 09).
It seems that a group of 20 or so elderly impoverished people were
employed at the campus to guard and check bags of students entering the
library. They worked for minimum wage and were well-deserved objects of
pity. Well, the same university that ladled out the mega-salaries to its
officials decided to cut back on waste by firing the library checkers and
replacing them with metal lockers. Tel Aviv University students were
moved by pity and outrage to hold a demonstration of support for the fired
checkers. (see photo here:
) Haaretz mocks the university for its callous decision.

2. We recently reported the story of how Israel's Labor Party Minister of
Education, Yuli "Defend Female Circumcision" Tamir, the woman who demanded
that Israeli children be taught that Israel's very existence is a
catastrophe, decided as one of her last acts in power to grant this year's
Israel Prize to the far-leftist "Israel Institute of Democracy." The IID
is an ideological SWAT team of the Left. Now it turns, as reported in an
expose in Makor Rishon (April 3, 09) that every one of the "judges" on the
panel appointed by Tamir to nominate the winner of the Prize personally
had had ties with (including getting paid by) the Israel Institute of
Democracy. Tamir insists that is pure coincidence.

3. The Jewish Left and Liberuhs keep demanding that Israel strike deals
with the PLO and its Fat'h militia lest the Hamas grow too strong. But
over the past few weeks there has been a plague of terrorist atrocities in
the West bank and these were ALL carried out by the peace-loving moderates
of the Fat'h. Including the murder of a 13 year old Jewish child by a
peace partner with a pick ax on Thursday and attempted murder of a seven
year old. Even Haaretz reports the new wave of Fat'h peace-loving
terrorism, but only in their Hebrew edition
( ).

4. Newsweek chooses the "50 Most Influential Rabbis" (not all are really
rabbis). The list is headed by the
uber-leftist "rabbi" David Saperstein, who heads the far-leftist misnamed
"Religious Action Center" of the Reform synagogue movement, a SWAT team to
promote the leftist political agenda. Saperstein has been praised by the
American Communist Party.

They left out my current favorite Rabbette. She is Amy Eilberg, the first
woman to be "ordained" by JTS:
She was a typical Bay Area practitioner of the fashionable pseudo-religion
of "Political Leftist as Judaism." She is part of the pagan Jewish
"healing" movement. (Think Elmer Gantry. Think Mikey Lerner.) She is
now in Minnesota.

Among her leading causes celebre is her demand that Jews stop saying in
the Aleinu prayer that they want God to eliminate paganist idolatry from
the world. You see, Reb Amy is in favor of pagan idolatry. So she is
opposed to saying the Aleinu. Or at least she thinks it is insensitive to
idolaters for Jews to be asking for an end to paganism. What about all
those nice Hindus? Won't they be offended?

Never mind that abolishing paganism is not only a central theme in Judaism
but one of the 7 Biblical laws of Noah for gentiles as well. She does not
seem to have much problems with the Hamas and its amen chorus on the Left
demanding the abolishing of Jews and of Israel. She spent the recent
Gazan War time cheering for a Hamas victory
( ) She also wants
Jewish holidays to commemorate the deaths of anti-Semites and jihadis.)

You can see the sleeveless Rabbette here:

5. The REAL story in the Sudan is Egyptian treachery:,7340,L-3696991,00.html

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