Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gyno-Terror and Israeli Feminism

1. Gyno-Terror

The International Women's Commission is yet another of those
bash-Israel NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that pretend to be
pursuing peace neutrally, whereas in reality they are promoting the agenda
of Palestinian genocidal terrorists. It is different from the countless
other groups because it consists of women. Naturally, it wants to achieve
a peace that involves creation of a new state of "Palestine" and naturally
it refuses to acknowledge any right at all by Israel to defend its own
civilians from Islamofascist barbarism and Palestinian terror, not even
its right to protect Israeli women. Its "narrative" of the Arab-Israeli
conflict can be read here . - and is identical
to that of the Hamas, except when it comes to proclamations about how
important and nice women are.

What is noteworthy is what took place at a recent mahjong klatch of
these gyno-racists. Even more significant is the fact that the goings on
there were exposed and implicitly criticized by none other than Akiva
Eldar in Haaretz on May 12, 2009. Eldar is a far-leftist anti-Israel
fanatic and the only good thing ordinarily that can be said about him is
that he is less openly anti-Semitic and less openly advocating Israel's
annihilation than his two Haaretz colleagues: Gideon Levy and Amira Hass.
(Unrelated to this story here, even Gideon Levy had a rare nanosecond of
coherence and sanity a couple of weeks ago when he ran a column attacking
the yahoos and louts of Ramat Aviv for their bigotry and violence against
the Orthodox Jews living and moving into Ramat Aviv!)

The story that is of interest here is this. On international women's
day, the IWC held a convocation of its gyno-terrorists and their
fellowette travelers. The main topic was Israel's recent "Cast Lead"
campaign against Hamas terrorism in the Gaza Strip. The "steering
committee" to discuss the Gaza events included as members Prof. Galia
Golan, a founder of Peace Now, a radical leftist, and a faculty member at
the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center in "government" . see her web page
(the IDC is Israel's private-sector university).

Also on the committee was Naomi Chazan, a retired prof from the
Hebrew University (also political science) and a one-time Knesset
backbencher from Meretz. Chazan spoke in Ben Gurion University's rally
against academic freedom last week, organized by the politics department
there, where she denounced people who dare to criticize anti-Israel
"academic" fanatics. Denouncing Israel as a Nazi apartheid terrorist
entity is fine, she insisted, but criticizing the people who DO that is
McCarthyism and must be censored! A few other Israeli ultra-leftist
feminizts also participated. Most of the Israeli contingent willingly
signed the conference's proclamation asserting that Israel had just
carried out massacres in Gaza and calling for the international community
to crack down on Israeli sovereignty and its exercise of its right of

But all was not peaceful and unified in the IWC's Nuremberg Rally
against Jews. A bit to my own surprise, Collette Avital, a Labor Party
politician and ex-Knesset Member (she ran in the last election but was too
far down on the Labor slate to get a seat), refused to sign! She
protested the fact that the IWC Declaration was one-sided and that it
never even bothered to mention that Israel's operations were in response
to years of Hamas rocket attacks and other forms of terror. Collette has
her own track record of silliness, such as getting hysterical over
magazine ads of women in bathing suits. But the naked anti-Semitism of
the IWC was too much for her. She was joined by an ex-Knesset Member from
the Shinui party, Etti Livni, who also expressed her disgust at the bias.

The Palestinian women who had been sent by their menfolk to the IWC to
sit and smile and mouth anti-Israel slogans announced that they would not
sit with any Israeli feminists who justified Israel's exercising
self-defense. Golan and Chazan tried to nag the Israeli dissidents into
abandoning their position that any IWC statement should denounce ALL acts
of violence, even those directed against Jews. But Avital and Livni
refused to capitulate to the gyno-terror. Avital resigned and walked out,
while Livni stayed in to try to argue from within.

The rest of the Israeli delegation supported the one-sided
denunciation of Israel and the endorsement of the "right" of the
Palestinians to murder Jews. The Islamists of Hamas and the Taliban
continue to serve as their role models of feminist liberation and

2. Speaking of Philistinism north of Tel Aviv, Makor Rishon May 22, 2009
had an interesting news story about bigotry and intolerance in the wealthy
Tel Aviv suburb of Herzliya. It seems that one student at the secularist
elite high school, the Herzliya Gymnasium, upset the local powers that be
and offended their delicate sensitivities by showing up at school wearing
a yarmulke, a kipa. Even worse, he convinced some of his friends also to
wear a kipa during class.

This was an intolerable provocation, insisted the principal of the
school. He suspended the felon in question for wearing his yarmulke.
After all, Israel is a pluralistic democracy and so such things cannot be
tolerated with equanimity! In response, the fiend's pals threatened to
come to school the next week actually wearing tefillin.

We are trying to find out if the principal plans to arm the staff with
automatic rifles and stun grenades to protect his school building from
infiltration by students wearing yarmulkes..

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