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Take a Stand! The Time has Come to Fight Discrimination and Racism inside Israel!

1. The time has come to take a courageous stand against arbitrary
discrimination, racism and bigotry inside Israel. Such discrimination
rightly deserves the epitaph of apartheid. Nothing can justify such
behavior. The victims must be compensated and defended. And the Jewish
Left, including such outfits as J Street, Meretz, Peace Now and Tikkun
must lead the campaign to correct this injustice.

I am of course referring to the policy of institutionalized ethnic
discrimination recently officially adopted by the Negev Bedouin town of
Rahat and its decision to fire all Jews who work for the municipality.
The details of the case are reported in Maariv on May 8, 2009.

In the recent municipal elections, a local party list representing the
"Islamic Movement," a thinly disguised Islamofascist movement, won the
elections. The new Islamic mayor of the town is one Faiz Abu Sahiban.
Among his first decisions was the arbitrary firing of two senior civil
servants working in the municipality. He proudly announced that they were
being fired because they are Jews. Maybe he should change his name to Jim
Abu Crow. The victims include the head of the department of supervision
(of building in the town), plus one inspector in the department. The Jews
showed up for work and were simply evicted from the municipality and told
they were fired without cause. The mayor explained that they were fired
because they are "aliens," meaning not Arabs.

Now Israel's Left has been emoting in recent days because the Israeli
Railroad Authority recently laid off some Arab workers. They were not
exactly laid off because they were Arabs but rather the Railroad grants
preferences to army veterans in hiring and layoffs, and they did not have
it. Like just about every other country on earth, Israel sometimes grants
army vets preferences in some things. It is true that Arabs are not
conscripted into the army (unlike Jews and Druse and Circassions), but
THAT is discrimination against Jews, not discrimination against Arabs. No
one is stopping Arabs from volunteering to serve in the IDF to get the
same vet benefits as others, and some do. More generally, Israeli Arabs
enjoy affirmative action preferences in their favor in all sorts of
things, like employment in the civil service and admission to
universities, although there is now a proposed bill to revoke such racism
and affirmative apartheid.

But the caring Left has been strangely silent about the blatant
racism and ethnic cleaning of Jews out of the Rahat municipality.

You might want to write to Israel's new Minister of the Interior and
demand that all Israeli public funds be cut off from Rahat in retaliation
for this anti-Jewish racism. Write to Minister Eli Yishai, Ministry of
the Interior, Kiryat BenGurion, Jerusalem Israel, fax 972- 2-5666376
972-2-6294755 or 972-2-6469442. Their email (less reliable than fax)

2. The anti-Israel political bias in Israel films became evident to
everyone recently thanks to two events. The first was the media promoting
the anti-Israel "Waltzes with Bashir" film, which almost got an Oscar.
The second was when the Israel Prize was awarded this year to a professor
of film at Tel Aviv University, "Judd" Neeman, who is one of the most open
haters of Israel at Tel Aviv University, and that is saying a lot!
Concerning the second item, see

Now a different faculty member at Tel Aviv University, and - somewhat
amazingly - this time not someone who wishes to see Israel annihilated,
has published a study of political bias in Israeli films over recent
decades. The researcher is Dr. Ilan Avishur. The study says that
starting in the late 1970s, Zionist film makers retired or left the scene,
and Israeli filmmaking was were converted into the production of
anti-Israel propaganda weapons, all with governmental funding. These
include the endless "protest films" that no one will pay money to see,
films that invariably paint Palestinian terrorists as poor victims and
Israelis as Nazi-like bullies. Historic revisionism, meaning lying, about
the Six Day War is common. One of the worst film atrocities is titled "On
a Clear Day you can See Damascus," and it beatifies the Israeli convicted
traitor Udi Aviv, a kibbutznik who was arrested for undergoing training as
an anti-Israel terrorist in Syria and who then organized a terrorism and
espionage cell. Adiv spent many years in jail and now is employed as a
lecturer in politics by Israel's "Open University," a poster boy for
Israel's Jewish Left for a Second Holocaust. Even relatively popular
films like Beaufort are filled with anti-Israel bias and propaganda.

Bibi Netanyahu is now looking for ways to cut Israel's budget, and
ending government subsidies to Israeli films would be one of the most
constructive ideas for such savings. Israel's governmental subsidized
treason on celluloid is a clear and present danger to the survival of the
country! And government spending to subsidize such trash makes the "art"
of Andres Serrano and Robert Mapplethorpe look civilized.

3. One of the more amusing things happening in Israel is the sudden
misuse of the word "McCarthyism" by so many idiots. It began when Ben
Gurion University professor of politics David Newman published an Op-Ed in
the Jerusalm Post insisting that anyone who expressed disapproval of
leftist anti-Israel traitors in Israel was in fact guilty of
"McCarthyism," and that freedom of speech means people can criticize
Israel but they cannot criticize critics of Israel. Newman was joined by
Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal of Tel Aviv University (educational psychology) who
has long turned out anti-Israel propaganda, and he insists that just
because someone wants to see Israel exterminated is no reason to call that
person anti-Israel, and that it is McCarthyism to do so.

Now the latest fan of the term is the owner of Bank Hapoalim, Sherri
Aharonson, and she is bandying it about when she attacks the head of
Israel's Central Bank, the Bank of Israel, Prof. Stanley Fischer. Fischer
insists that Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank, needs to fire its CEO
for gross incompetence, and Aharonson is attacking Fischer viciously,
including calling him a "McCarthyist."

Now don't get me wrong. There actually IS a lot of McCarthyism in Israel,
but it is always leftist McCarthyism coming out of Israel's neo-fascist
Left, from people insisting that freedom of speech does not necessarily
mean that people may be permitted to disagree with the Far Left. I am
probably the country's most famous victim of judicial McCarthyism,
although the Supreme Court is expected to make that right this coming fall
and declare that freedom of speceh is not something restricted only for

One of Israel's most famous victims of leftist McCarthyism is the young
rabbi Israel Shiran, who was fired and persecuted by Israel's Left because
he dared to express the opinion that schools should not teach Yitzhak
Rabin's political ideology as unchallengeable dogma and theology.
(Actually, after 17 years of Oslo disaster, it should be taught as the
world's worst example of folly and foolishness.)

For his sin of expressing a politically incorrect opinion, the rabbi was
fired from his job as a teacher in a religious high school in Haifa. He
was fired nine years ago, and has been pursuing his case in the courts.
One local rep of the Ministry of Education had ordered that he be
reinstated as far back as 2001. But other pointy-headed education
bureaucrats vetoed that. The Rabbi then tried a serious of different
courts. After a Haifa appeals court found in his favor, while sharply
denouncing the Ministry of Education for having fired him in the first
place, the school still did not rehire him. Now the parents in the school
from which he was fired are suing the school and the Ministry for contempt
of court, because they have ignored the court order to reinstate the
rabbi-teacher. One of Israel's Supreme Court justices, David Cheshin,
expressed astonishment that the parents had to take such action.

Meanwhile, the case drags on, the Ministry of Education is still
refusing to allow the rabbi to return to work, and freedom of speech in
Israel remains the kidnapped bound hostage of Israel's neo-fascist Left.

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