Monday, June 01, 2009

Haaretz is shocked, I say, shocked

1. Oh dear, Haaretz is upset again. And that means that the whole
radical Left in Israel is upset.

What has gotten them so worked up this time? It seems that some small
closed Jewish communities in the Galilee have decided that all
prospective new members joining them must share with the existing members
a commitment to Zionism and to the Jewish and democratic character of the
state of Israel. The details of the story are here:
You realize what that means? It means that virtually no one who works
for Haaretz would be admitted as a member under these new rules! It
would also keep anti-Israel or pro-jihad Arabs from becoming members.
And THAT is racism, opines the Israeli daily for the thinking Israeli with
its ever-dwindling market share of readers.
Only one itsy bitsy problem with all this. Haaretz is shocked,
simply shocked I say, that a small closed community of a few dozen
families would dare to ideological and life-style create criteria for
residence and membership. But the very same Haaretz has been running
article after article defending the right of anti-Orthodox thugs and
hooligans in Ramat Aviv to exclude Orthodox familes from living THERE.
The difference is that Ramat Aviv, the Tel Aviv suburb that is home to
Tel Aviv University and to much of Israel.s Limousine Left, probably has
more than 100,000 families living in it and is not a small intimate closed
community of a handful of families. In recent days radical secularists,
including quite a few members of the tenured Left at Tel Aviv University,
have been harassing and threatening Orthodox families seeking to relocate
to Ramat Aviv. The radical secularists say that the Orthodox .just do
not belong. and are .plotting to take over. Ramat Aviv.
Not only is THAT not racism, scream Haaretz writers, but it is little
more than progressive enlightened democrats defending democracy!

2. A couple dozen members of the tenured Left at the University of Haifa
have publicly declared that if the 'Anti-Nakba Law' actually passes the
Knesset and becomes law, then they plan to hold Nakba commemoration
events in which Israel.s very existence is mourned as a protest against
the law.
My guess is that if Israel ever passes a law with real teeth against
Holocaust Denial, then as a protest against it Israeli tenured leftists
will hold ceremonies in which it is declared that the Holocaust was a hoax
invented by Zionists.
Meanwhile, here is a form of celebration of the Arabs. .Land Day. of which
many of my colleagues will approve:

3. Zeev Segel, the Haaretz legal affairs columnist and professor at
Tel Aviv University is horrified at the idea of an .Anti-Nakba Law.. He
regards it as .patently lawless.. See this:
Only problem is, this same Segal was a leading advocate of all the 1990s
McCarthyist infringements on the rights of freedom of speech of anti-Oslo
dissidents and also of the prosecution of people for .incitement. when
they dared to disagree with the Israeli Left. Those harassments and
prosecutions were not .patently lawless..

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