Thursday, June 18, 2009

Islamofascist Invited to University of Haifa Calls for Suicide Bombing Attacks on Jews

Sorry to be overwhelming you with emails on this story, but I thought you
would find it interesting to hear this one additional twist on the story.

We have been reporting to you how the University of Haifa approved not
only the speaking of the head of the Islamofascist pro-Hamas "Islamic
Movement" in Israel on campus but even okayed the idea of
conducting anti-Jewish "selection" at the entrance to prevent Jewish
students from attending the lecture. The lecture hall was kept Judenrein.

Just try to imagine the responses of the university if a group of Jewish
students had sought to conduct any sort of event or lecture on campus,
even Yom Kippur services, in which Arabs students were to be be preventing
physically from entering a campus facility! If non-Jewish students were
to bar Jewish students from entering a lecture hall anywhere else, even at
such pro-jihad campuses as York University in Toronto, the whole world
would be up in arms.

In any case, now it turns out, as reported in Hebrew here ,
on the NEWS 1 web site in Israel, that the good sheikh in question called
upon Arab students at his judenrein lecture to engage in suicide bombings
against Jews and become "shaheeds", or "martyrs", a code word for suicide

The one piece of good news in all of this is that it is also reported that
the Council on Higher Education is being called together by the new
Likud Minister of Education to discuss the event and the behavior of the
University of Haifa.

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