Monday, July 13, 2009

Pepe Le Pew Makes Aliyah and Protects Jews from the Terrorhoids!!

1. This has got to be the funniest inversion since Haman got himself
hanged on his own gallows being prepared for Mordecai.

You no doubt
recall that Leonard Cohen, the 1960s songwriter/poet, was planning to
perform in Israel and "Palestine" (Ramallah) in order to show his support
for two states for two peoples, and to earn himself some wampum now that
his nest egg dissipated in the bear stock market. We bashed Lenny in these
postings for his allowing himself to be co-opted by the terrorhoids.

Well, now it turns out that Lenny upset the Pestilinians because he refused
to cancel his Israeli performance and to perform ONLY in "Palestine," as
they demanded, to show his opposition to the continued existence of Israel.
The main Palestinian group that promotes boycotts of Israel and whose
leader is now a PhD student in "ethics" at Tel Aviv University demanded
that Lenny join their boycott. He refused, whether out of principle or
cause he needs the shekels. So the Palestinian boycotters started
threatening the Palestinians who were serving to host Lenny's peace concert
in Ramallah. Haaretz today reports that the Palestinian hosts have now
dis-invited Cohen and the Ramallah concert is OFF!


And Jesus
was a sailor, while Moses was a tailor…..


Them tricky Jews. Seems they have recruited Pepe Le Pew to help them
control the violent hooligans and anarcho-fascist thugs who meet weekly in
the West Bank town of Bil'in and try to sabotage Israel's security fence.
They violently attack Israeli police and soldiers there to show their
support for Palestinian suicide bombers and mass murderers. They are
opposed to the security fence because it makes it harder for the terrorists
to get in and mass murder Jews. Israel has decided to give them two scents

While the "anarchists" clearly are in desperate need of a
spanking, Israel has decided to keep them in line by using "skunk bombs."
These "bombs," actually just a canister spray, apparently are so smelly
that even an anarchist who has not bathed in 18 months is capable of being
offended and repulsed by the odor. See this story:">
"The skunk bomb is a foul-smelling liquid which is sprayed on the rioters.
"The smell is so strong that people flee immediately," explained an IDF
source, noting that the demonstration on Friday was dispersed within
minutes of firing the bomb into the crowd. " See also this report on
"Zionist Death Dung": [3] Some news
reports are claiming that the spray smells remarkably like a mixture of,
er, Number One and Number Two (see'skunk'+on+protestors-a01611609441

While I personally would recommend use of live ammo on the
"anarchists," I am amused by the idea of these guys smelling so bad that
they cannot get into their favorite café to order a latte.

Meanwhile, let
me be the first to welcome Pepe Le Pew on his making aliyah to the Land of

See this update for illustrations:

3. When Haaretz runs an Op-Ed warning Israelis to beware of leftist
McCarthyism ( [5] ) can the
Messiah be far away?

4. The Mosleyization of the UK continues, as Britain
announces a partial arms embargo of Israel. What is Israel's sin in the
eyes of Albion? That it misused arms during "Cast Lead" in Gaza. Never mind
that the British embargo is of arms to Israel's navy! And what was wrong
with how it used arms? It used them to prevent the murder of Jews rather
than to carry out murder of Jews. So of course the Brits have no problem
selling arms to the Islamofascists and terrorists. [6]

5. [7]

When confronted with a political protest,
it's useful to look carefully at who exactly the protesters are. Sometimes
people are not what they seem.

Anti-Israel campaigns are most notorious
for using bait-and-switch tactics. Protests that are supposed to be about
the legitimate rights of Palestinians are often, in reality, vehicles to
attack Jews and promote Islamic extremism. Earlier this year, for example,
"anti-Israel" demonstrations in several Canadian cities featured people
giving the Nazi salute and circulating the medieval anti-Semitic libel that
Jews drink blood.

Of course, not all critics of Israel have sinister and
radical agendas. But you really have to wonder why those who advocate on
behalf of Palestinians don't work harder to keep their cause from being
hijacked by people of ill will.

So it's important to cast a skeptical eye
on the strange campaign now underway in Toronto to disrupt an exhibition of
the Dead Sea Scrolls. The scrolls are mostly ancient Hebrew manuscripts and
are Israel's greatest treasure. The Israel Antiquities Authority is
allowing them to be shown at the Royal Ontario Museum.

An odd assortment
of groups are protesting the exhibit on the grounds that the scrolls are
stolen artifacts and really belong to Arabs, not Jews. Yes, you read that
correctly: Hebrew manuscripts of the Jewish Bible that were written
centuries before Muhammad was born are, apparently, Muslim property.

easy to see what's going on here. Just as Holocaust denial circulates in
some corners of the anti-Israel movement, there is a parallel effort to
deny the Jewish people's ancestral connection to the Holy Land. The idea is
to de-legitimize Israel by denying the indigenous rights of Jews. Some
Israel-haters have even taken to arguing that Palestinian Arabs are the
real descendants of "ancient Hebrews."

It was interesting, for example,
to see an online magazine called the Canadian Charger go after the Royal
Ontario Museum for declining an "interview" with one of its correspondents.
The Canadian Charger just a few days earlier published a strong defence of
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, praising his "social justice

So the point remains: When you see a campaign like the one
against the Dead Sea Scrolls, take a look at who -- and what -- is behind

6. Tel Aviv University anti-Israel faculty member faces police
investigation for her false and libelous accusation that an IDF soldier
committed murder:


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