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Think-Israel May-June 2009 Issue


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EDITORIAL: Another Facet Of Global Jihad: Create A Palestinian State To Destroy Israel

Linkages to Obama's Cairo Speech

What Obama Taught Me by Ralph Peters
Platitudes And Naivete: Obama's Cairo Speech by Robert Spencer
How Obama's Cairo Speech Threw Israel Under The Bus by Yid with Lid
A Self-Destructive Iran-Palestinian Linkage by Yoram Ettinger
Israel Betrayed by James Kirchick
Obama The Rookie by Mordechai Kedar

The Settlements

Are Settlements Illegal? by Jerold Auerbach
Obama, Israel And The Settlements by Sultan Knish
The Settlements Myth by Charles Krauthammer
Tear Down? Naw...Now, More Than Ever, Is The Time To Build! by Arlene Peck
Outposts: Rule Of Law, Or Law Without Rules? by Moshe Dann
Why Do People Condemn Hindu Nationalism? The Answer May Be Connected To A Disdain For Zionism by Seth J. Frantzman

The Other Refugees

Myth Of The Mizrahim by Lyn Julius
The Jewish Nakba: Expulsions, Massacres And Forced Conversions by Ben-Dror Yemini
Brendel; Misery Hates Company by Moshe Saperstein

Palestinians And Palestine

The Arabs In The Holy Land — Natives Or Aliens? by Dr. Harry Mandelbaum
The Myth Of "Occupied" Territories by Boris Shusteff
Jew-Hatred Or Stupidity Or Both? by Professor Paul Eidelberg

Peace Complete With Terror

The Three Types Of Jihadists by Ryan Mauro
Forgotten Covenants by Alex Rose
Hamas: The Terror Elite by Steven Plaut
Lawrence Of Palestine by Marc Prowisor
Negotiating With Terrorists by Andrew C. McCarthy
The Jew, As Seen In Islamic Religious Literature by Harold B. Reisman
A Recession In Terrorism Finance? by Rachel Ehrenfeld

Problems With Another Palestinian State Created By Carving Up Israel And Its Unilateral Withdrawal

Israel's Strategy Of Unilateral Withdrawal by Shmuel Even
So What's Your Solution? by Moshe Arens
Palestinian Arabs Readiness For Statehood: Follow The Eu Benchmark by Eli E. Hertz
Land For Peace, American Style by Rob Miller

Solving The Palestinian Problem

Lament In Oslo by Elena Bonner
Driving Our Own Destiny by Howard Teich
The Blind Israel by Ari Bussel
A Two State Solution — On Both Sides Of The River Jordan by Victor Sharpe
The Sun Orbits The Palestinian State by Arieh Eldad
A Multi-State Solution: An Alternative To Failure by Moshe Dann

How Islam Is Impacting The USA

The "Ethics" Of Off-Shoring Our Colleges Overseas: Sovereign Wealth Funds, And The Lessons Of Shariah-Compliant Investments by Marion DS Dreyfus
The Muslim Brotherhood In America Jamie Glazov interviews Dave Gaubatz
Perilous Euphemisms by Susanne M. Reyto

Islam in Europe

A Dhimmi, Joanie De Rijke, Exhibits Pre-Captivity Stockholm Syndrome by Thomas Landen
Israel Today, The West Tomorrow by Mark Steyn
Why Muslims Like Hitler, But Not Mozart by Fjordman
Islamization Of Europe And Policies To Prevent It, Part 11 by No Sharia

Jew Hate

National Geographic Stoops To Jew-Hate by Mike Finch
Prejudice And Demonization In The Swedish Middle East Debate During The 2006 Lebanon War by Mathan Ravid
Islamic Speakers Bureau Backed By Radical Profs by Jonathan Schanzer
Clarity For The Deniers by Michael Gerson
The "Facts-Don't-Matter" Camp by Petra Marquardt-Bigman
From Amos Elon To Uri Avnery: Odyssey Of Self-Hate by Seth J. Frantzman

History Section

Eri Jabotinsky's Race Against Death by Rafael Medoff
When Egypt Was In Gaza by Eliezer Whartman
A Burning Ship On Jerusalem Beach by Meir Zamir

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Bernice Lipkin
Editor, Think-Israel

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