Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are you sitting down for this?

1. Must read: The Campus War against the Jews:


2. In recent years the EU has been funding every picayune treasonous
extremist group in the Israeli Left, any group willing to promote "No State for
the Jewish Peoples." Well, now a courageous man living in Sderot and his two
lawyers is demanding that the EU finance the construction of protective
shelters and armor protection for the homes of citizens of the EU living in
Israel near Gaza. The petition is being filed by Ayal Katorza (spelling?) on
behalf of all EU citizens living in Israel demands that the EU take action to
protect its own citizens under rocket and mortar attack from the savages.
They demand that all costs for protecting EU citizens living near Gaza be
deducted from the aid money promised by the EU to the Gaza Strip.

(Story – Haaretz Aug 11)

3. Are you sitting down? Er, maybe I should rephrase that question.

We thought you should know about the latest scientific advances being made in
Israeli academia, paid for by Israeli tax shekels. I am not making these up!

The first is a study by researchers at the Tel Aviv University Med School named
Naftali and Konikoff, together with some co-authers from Haifa's Technion Med
School (Goldtsein, Shaham and Shaoul), just published in "Neurogastroenterol
Motil" Volume 21, 291-295. It is entitled "Toilet Reading Habits in Adult
Israelis." I am not making this up and if you want I can send you the article
as a PDF file. I will not tell you where I was sitting when I read this
important study!

The second is Dr. Alexander Kiderman, of the Family Health Department at Hebrew
University, and recently published a study on the matter in the Journal of
Dermatological Treatment. He discovered that combing your head too
aggressively makes you lose hair. Really. See


I wonder what happens to people who comb their hair while sitting on the
Johnny? Maybe I should study that!

4. Looks like someone has been reading Chamish:

Dutch journalist: Flu pandemics are Jewish conspiracy
By Cnaan Liphshiz, Haaretz Correspondent

A journalist from Holland who linked Jews to the recent outbreak of flu
pandemics drew heavy criticism from a prominent Dutch Jewish organization
earlier this week, that claimed her words were tantamount to anti-Semitic blood

Holland's largest daily, De Telegraf last week printed an interview with
D?sir?e R?ver, 61, who proposed the bird flu pandemic, caused by the virus
H5N1, was part of an international conspiracy to reduce the world's population.

R?ver is quoted as saying the conspiracy can be traced back to a group of
descendants of the Khazars, a nation from the Caucasus believed to have
converted to Judaism 1,200 years ago.

5. More Oslo success: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1106689.html

6. The Palestinian "Moderates" are Back: 3rd Hamas member dies under torture

Al Qassam (Hamas) website - According to local sources in the city of
Nablus, the kidnapped by Abbas militia in the "Junayd" prison in Nablus,
Fadi Hosni Abdul-Rahman Hamadna (28 years) from the village of North Asira;
died on Monday (10-8) as a result of the brutal torture he was subjected to.

7. East Jerusalem's Lost Years:

8. Special Offer: Free Leg Massages for Anarchists against the Wall:

Mehsud killed while getting 'leg massage': report

(AFP) – 10 hours ago

WASHINGTON — US officials stuck to their belief that Pakistani Taliban chief
Baitullah Mehsud was killed last week, amid reports a CIA drone fired missiles
at him as he was getting a leg massage on the roof of his father-in-law's

A US counterterrorism official told AFP on Monday "there are strong indications
(Mehsud) is dead" following a missile attack launched from unmanned aircraft.

9. More Leftist anti-democratic nonsense:

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