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Attack on Homosexuals triggers Massive Orthodox Bashing by Israeli Bigots

Attack on Homosexuals triggers Massive Orthodox Bashing by Israeli Bigots

The headline news in Israel today is the attack on the homosexuals club in Tel Aviv last night, which left three people dead and about 10 wounded. It goes without saying that this is a despicable event and a simple act of terrorism. I denounce it with no hesitation. I disapprove of homosexuality and reject the PC dogmas concerning it, but I also advocate curing homosexuals, not violence against them.

Having said so, let me also draw your attention to what I find particularly noteworthy in this event. It is the McCarthyist response from Israel's media, politicians, journalists and chattering class in response to the event. In perfect unison these people are chanting that the attack is a direct consequence of anti-homosexual attitudes by Israel's Orthodox and Chareidi (Ultras), and in most cases the speakers are making little attempt to hide their certainty that the attack was carried out by religious Jews operating out of religious convictions. (See this for some examples: )

In other words, the McCarthyists are claiming to enjoy powers of clairvoyance. The police have not indicated that there is the slightest piece of evidence that the perp or perps were even Jews, yet the politically correct postureurs "KNOW" that Orthodox Jews are behind it! Would it not be interesting if it turns out that the murderers were Arab terrorists who happened to take note of the club in Tel Aviv? Or, even more plausibly, that the murderers were from the Fat'h or Hamas, groups whose intolerance of homosexuality is notoriously murderous. Homosexuals are routinely tortured and murdered by Palestinians groups, and the situation is no better in most Moslem countries. You will hear very little about that from the pro-intifada gay militants.

The chattering self-righteous anti-Orthodox bigots do not need an arrest or even a police statement. They already KNOW that the Orthodox are behind the attack, and not Arabs. It is the Left's version of racial profiling. And just in case it turns out that it was NOT done by Orthodox Jews, I am willing to bet a year's salary that you will not hear a single apology coming from these people. In addition, Israel has several militant homosexual groups that specialize in anti-Zionism and in supporting Israel's enemies, and "Pro-Intifada Homosexual Groups" are as common as mushrooms on Western campuses. These same people have a long track record of never speaking out against Arab terrorist attacks on Jews and in some cases cheering them on. In those attacks, many Jewish heterosexuals have been murdered, as have probably some Jewish homosexuals. The silence of the militant gay groups over those attacks stands in sharp contrast with the boisterous self-righteous posturing from the same people now flooding Israel's media.

The politically-correct McCarthyism is little more than a repeat of the same baseless bigotry we experienced when the far-leftist anti-Israel Professor Zeev Sternhell was injured by a pipe bomb placed in front of his home. In the same chorus of unison, the Leftist Racial Profiling Bigotry and McCarthyism asserted itself as the media airheads chimed in perfect harmony that it was obvious that the perp or perps were religious settlers. After all, Sternhell had a long track record of smearing settlers and other non-leftists. Except that the police have yet to apprehend anyone for that attack and have no evidence that the attacker was religious or a settler or even a Jew. Sternhell had earlier gotten the "Israel Prize" and so might also have plausibly been a target of choice for Arab terrorists.

After the Sternhell attack, on a chat list of professors, I was
accused by some leftist anti-Zionists of personally being responsible for the attack on Sternhell. After all, I had criticized Sternhell's anti-Israel political extremism in a variety of forums and had opposed his nomination for the Israel Prize. But the real lesson of all of this is how widespread is the anti-democratic extremism and totalitarian Neo-Fascism of so much of the Israeli Left, including the Academic Fifth Column.

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