Friday, September 04, 2009

A Politicized Court sends a Heroic Cop to Prison in Israel

Officer Shahar Mizrachi is the latest victim of the leftist assault on
Israel via the court system. Officer Mizrachi is a hero. He should have
been awarded a medal for stopping a violent car thief. Instead, a
politicized court and a politicized judge are sending him to prison for 15
months. There he will sit among the common criminals, including perhaps
some he himself apprehended. They will make his life a living hell.

Mizrachi's crime? He did his job!

In July 2006, Officer Mizrachi saw a car thief stealing a car in
Pardes Hana. It turns out though that the thief was an Arab from nearby
Baqa al-Garbiya, one Mahmoud Ganaim. Officer Mizrachi shot the thief, who
died from the wound. The thief, Ganaim, tried to stab Mizrachi with a
screwdriver before the cop shot him.

But in post-survivalist Israel the court system seems to believe that
Arabs should not be expected to obey the law and Jews should never be
permitted to stop them from committing crimes. You may recall the farmer
from the Negev, Shai Dromi, who shot at three Bedouin thieves trying to
steal his sheep and killed one. He was harassed and indicted by the
Attorney General and convicted of manslaughter, although recently
cleared on appeal. (see
Israel's Attorney General has for decades been a leftist partisan biased
judicial activist.

The judge in the Mizrachi case was Petach Tikvah District Court Judge
Menachem Finkelstein. He convicted Mizrachi of manslaughter for doing his
job and stopping the thief. In his verdict, the judge second guesses
Mizrachi and insists the cop could have stopped the thief without
killing him, like by shooting at the car tires. Never mind that shooting
the tires of a car belonging to a citizen is also a crime. The judge also
insists Mizrachi could have shot the thief in a leg. There is no evidence
that the judge has any experience as a sharpshooter.

The family of the Arab thief denounced the court for giving the heroic
cop a sentence they thought was too light. They screamed that if the
thief had been a Jew, the cop would have been convicted with a tougher
sentence. Actually, in that case the cop would not have been indicted at
all. For the record, if the thief had been a Jew shot in the act, I would
still insist that Mizrachi is a hero and deserves a medal. Israel is
today under the hegemony of a leftist ideology that holds that Arabs
should not be expected to obey the law since they are so "oppressed."

Israel has a system of clemency for the convicted, but the President
issues clemency writs, and the current President, Shimon Peres, is the
last person to pardon a heroic Jewish cop who did his duty, although Peres
would have been the first to pardon the thief if he had been convicted and
sent to prison. And also will pardon Ehud Olmert. But not Moshe Katsav
though. Katsav had the nerve to beat Peres in an earlier Knesset vote to
become president.

There is also not much one can do about the judge, Menachem
Finkelstein. It is all but impossible to dismiss a judge in Israel.
Nevertheless, if you would like to try, write the Minister of Justice,
Yaakov Ne.eman, at the Israel.s Ministry of Justice, and tell him what you
think: Fax : 972-2-6466357- Address : Salah -a - Din 29 P.O.Box 49029
Jerusalem 91490

(Maariv today in Hebrew carries more detailed report on story)

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