Friday, October 23, 2009

Afterword on Comrade Pogrund and the Smearing of Isracampus


I was just contacted by a leading Israeli columnist and journalist, who told me this about Pogrund (I cite his letter):

"Pogrand is a vigilante of the Left. He runs a Center for Social Concerns at Yakar, a Bet Knesset in Katamon (Jerusalem) which sponsors Left-wingers only (Yakar was headed by Rabbi Mickey Rosen, from London, who died last year) supported by various European NGO's and Left wing Jews. Pogrand has credentials because of his anti-Apartheid work in SA, but is also bigoted in his hatred for Jews who live in Yesha. He arranged for Goldstone to speak at Yakar a a few weeks ago. The SA Jewish community here shuns him. I knew Rosen and know someone who had the honor of being kicked out of his shul because Rosen didn't like that person's political views.  Pogrand, like Goldstone, is an ego-maniac, but utterly without substance."

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