Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Afterword on the Galnoor McCarthyism


Speaking about the Hebrew University’s leftist McCarthyist Prof. Itzhak Galnoor, as in yesterday's posting, I thought it timely to re-post this old item from more than 7 years ago.


March 8, 2002

Steven Plaut:

The Redemption of the Target of PC McCarthyism in Israel

It was in small print and on an inside page, so you will be forgiven if you did not notice that the Israel Prize in Jewish Law this year is being given to Prof. Nahum Rakover. This is newsworthy because, you see, Rakover was one of the main targets of the McCarthyist assault on freedom of speech launched by the Israeli Labor Party and the rest of the Left in the 1990s.

Rakover is a professor of law at Hebrew University. He is an expert in Jewish law. In the early 1990s he held a side position as deputy legal advisor for the government of Israel, this in the days of the Rabin-Peres junta and the initiation of Oslo National Suicide.

It was at this time that Israel’s politicized Supreme Court made a ruling recognizing homosexual "marriages" when it ordered El Al to allow a gay steward to give his friend a spousal ticket. That learned opinion cited Michel Foucault, gay Marxist deconstructionist murderer, as a legal basis for the decision. The decision was written by Dalia Dorner, the same justice who signed the writ putting the Arab murderers of 15 year old Dani Katz back on the streets (at Aharon Barak’s initiative).

The Knesset then held hearings on the Dorner atrocity. In these hearings, Rakover was invited in to say what Jewish Law and the Torah think of gay marriage. Rakover answered truthfully that the Torah considers it an abomination and that granting a spouse ticket to a gay partner is no different from giving it to someone practicing bestiality with his dog.

That sent the PC camp into ionospheric orbit. The Left then launched a merciless vicious venomous ad hominem assault on Rakover. It should be noted that Rakover did not even state his OWN opinion about "gay marriage", only the Torah’s, a task for which he was getting paid as part of his job.

Within days, Professor Itzhak Galnoor, a Hebrew university leftist from political science, who had earlier been a Peace Now commissar, attacked Rakover. Galnoor was at the time serving as the Labor-appointed head of the civil services, a position from which he introduced affirmative action double standards. Galnoor opened up internal persecution of Rakover in the civil service and sought to get him fired. He was backed by Yael Dayan, Far Leftist Knesset member from Labor. Demands for the dismissal of Rakover filled the press.

Rakover’s reputation and name were dragged through the mud by the McCarthyist Left. Never mind that he is one of Israel’s greatest legal minds and was only stating what appears in black and white in the Torah. Citing the Torah became in effect a crime in PC Israel.

As I said, the pendulum has completed its swing, and at long last justice is being done. Long overdue, Prof. Nahum Rakover is getting his Israel Prize. For those who suspect that such McCarthyism is dead in Israel, note that Prof. Galnoor still teaches at the Hebrew University.



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