Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Draft of a Letter from Prime Minister Netanyahu to President Obama



A Draft of the Letter to President Obama that Bibi Netanyahu should Send


By Steven Plaut



Dear Mister President:


    In recent days you have called for a freeze on all construction activities in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo.  It has been your opinion that this is "occupied territory," because it lies outside the 1949 ceasefire lines that separated Israel from the Kingdom of Jordan while the latter illegally held East Jerusalem until 1967.  Gilo of course has also been the target of numerous terrorist attacks from the very same savages that your State Department would like to see seize control of Gilo and of Jerusalem's Holy sites in the Old City.


    Well, Mister President, I have taken your words under careful consideration.  I have reached the conclusion that you are correct.  It is indeed time to put a stop to construction in the capital city in the area of disputed ownership beyond the Green Line.  The disputed area must remain as it is, with no new building at all, until a new state is erected that can take it over and perhaps even establish its national capital there.


   I am of course referring to Alexandria, Virginia.  Alexandria, and all the Virginia territories seized by the United States using force of arms that lie across the Potomac, are outside the legitimate boundaries of Washington, DC.  They lie across the Green Line, by which I mean the Potomac River, which turns green in the summer.  Obviously Alexandria is part of the sovereign state of Virginia. 


    Now it is true that no Confederacy exists today, just like no Palestinian state exists.  But who is to say that none will ever arise within the framework of diplomatic free exchange?  And if the Confederacy does achieve statehood and independence, its leaders will naturally wish its capital to be in Alexandria.  Richmond is a little too far away.


   Since the ultimate status of Alexandria is a subject of contention, the only fair thing to do is to halt all American construction activity there at once.  Ditto for Arlington.  To continue to build there is a provocation and an obstacle to peace.  And we really do think the time has come to remove that military outpost and illegal settlement out of Arlington that you people maintain in the Pentagon.


     I realize that some people reject the idea of an independent Confederacy as inherently racist, and that various anti-democratic pro-violence extremist groups are leading the campaign for such an independent state.  But those groups are light years more progressive, peaceful and tolerant of ethnic differences than are the Islamofascists to whom you are trying to grant statehood in the Palestinian-occupied Jewish homelands.



Respectfully yours,


Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister, Jerusalem – Capital of Israel

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