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Leftist Hysteria over Ministry of Education Non-Appointment



1.  Israel’s Left is hysterical.  Led by Haaretz, it is having conniptions over the fact that the Minister of Education from the Likud declined to appoint a leftist professor from Tel Aviv University to head a ministry panel to design new school programs in the "Culture and Legacy of Israel."  The professor is Ron Margolin, who teaches comparative religion.  The minister preferred Prof. Benjamin Ish-Shalom, founder of the Beit Morasha Jewish studies center in Jerusalem.  Margolin had been a deputy to bimbo Yuli Tamir when she had run the ministry (she is best remembered for introducing “Nakba studies” into the schools to mourn Israel’s existence and also for denouncing those who oppose “female circumcision” in the Third World).  Margolin, a groupie of Martin Buber, had proposed eliminating a lot of Jewish content from school studies about Judaism.  See this:

The Haaretz hysteria may be read here:


Now why is this story so amusing?  For one, the director of the ministry of education under Minister Saar is now Shimshon Shoshani, a Meretz person.  Second, here we have Haaretz whining that someone is barred from a governmental appointment supposedly because he is a leftist.  But Haaretz, which censors and bars writers from appearing in its own newspaper if they are not far Leftists, has never had a word to say about the many departments at Israeli universities in which no non-leftists are permitted to teach.


And besides, since when is not appointing a leftist to a post some sort of crime?   Since when is political power a leftist entitlement?


2.  In recent days the headlines in Israel have been filled with news about grizzly murders.  It is important to keep these stories in perspective.  As horrific as they are, Israel is still a relative-low-crime safe place to live.


The first of the stories involves the murder of an entire family of Jews in Rishon, 6 people over 3 generations, including 2 small children.  The victims had immigrated form the old USSR. The murderer was a non-Jew who had entered Israel somehow under the Law of Return.  He was a serial criminal back in Russia and after he arrived Russia had asked Israel to extradite him to face criminal charges.  Stupidly, Israel refused.  Israel sometimes refuses to extradite criminals when there is any suspicion that anti-Semitic motives could lie behind the prosecution overseas, but this obviously was not the case.  The murderer killed them because the father of the family had fired him from a job as a waiter.  The killer was an alcoholic and drug user.  Bizarrely, he had earlier been employed as a security guard to protect a media moghul in Israel who was being threatened by the late comic Dudu Topaz, who committed suicide after being arrested.


In the aftermath of the mass murder, suddenly there is a transient media posturing by some politicians to adopt capital punishment in Israel, but “only when children have been murdered.”  Here is a better idea:  Israel needs wholesale capital punishment for terrorists, regardless of the age of their victims, and it should also be applied to criminal murderers and violent rapists and maybe also traitors.


Anyway, the other gruesome story involves a deranged American immigrant named Jack Teitel.  As you no doubt already know, Teitel went on a spree of killings and attempted killings.  He is suspected of placing the bomb outside Sternhell’s home and now is accused of having murdered two Israeli policemen.  Teitel is religious and lived in the West Bank.


Israel’s McCarthyist Left is having a field day with this.  You see, they are screaming in totalitarian unison, Right-wingers and religious people are all murderers!  An Op-Ed in YNET by a leftie called openly for suppression of the freedom of speech of religious people and demanded that all Orthodox be collectively regarded as criminal. 


Every crime by a religious rightist, and Baruch Goldstein and Yigal Amir come to mind, extends the hegemony over the country by the Leftist Ascendancy by a decade!


The third murder was of Shabtai Kalmanovich, who had been a KGB spy in Israel.  Notice the Left is not screaming that this makes all leftists suspect as traitors and spies.  In any case, Kalmanovich was gunned down in what looks like a gangland shooting in Moscow this week.  He evidently was involved in mob activities.  Some rumors say he may have been a double agent informing on the KGB.



3.  Italy takes action against its Holocaust Deniers and anti-Semitic faculty members:

How come Ben Gurion University refuses to do so?



4.  Where do anti-Semitic pseudo-historians at Tel Aviv University come from?   See the answer:



5.  Palestine's Missing Critics - Where's the outrage for Ramallah's


Monday, November 2, 2009 As of 11:19 PM The Wall Street Journal Europe Edition


NOVEMBER 2, 2009, 4:19 P.M. ET



6.  Since early November is the silly time in Israel, where all the conspiracy nuts come forth, we repost to you:


Cain was a Patsy

Obviously doctored scene taken from Genesis surveillance tape! 

We have received incredible breaking news.

A team of people claiming to be investigative reporters based in Florida, Ohio, and Jerusalem have announced that they have discovered that Cain was a patsy and that he did not in fact murder Abel.

Numerous pieces of evidence have been brought together in order to derive this conclusion, they insist.  And the inconsistencies in the official report in Genesis about the developments on the day of the assassination must mean that Cain was innocent and had been set up as a patsy by a nefarious conspiracy.

First, they insist, Cain did not in fact stab Abel with an actual knife but rather used a fake rubber knife from a gimmick shop that was picked up in Chinatown.  That explains why there were reports that a passerby down the road was thought to have yelled "Rubber Knife!  Rubber Knife!"

Second, in the surveillance tapes near the exit from the Garden of Eden, Cain's arm appears to be unnaturally long, suggesting some sort of conspiracy was at play.

Third, the very fact that Cain admitted that he murdered Abel when questioned about it proves that he was set up and a victim of a conspiracy.  The fact that Cain later continued to plead guilty and that everyone else in his family agreed that he was guilty just shows how broad the real conspiracy was!  You see, Abel - even after being elected - may have been having second thoughts about his own policies regarding sacrifices and a sinister conspiracy wanted to prevent Abel from changing the menu.  So Cain was a convenient scapegoat.

There are so many inconsistencies in the official report of the Abel murder, insist the investigators and promoters of the Alternative Theory of the Abel Assassination, the one that challenges the accuracy of the report in Genesis.

Why didn't anyone call 911 or even 101 to get emergency medical help?  Why was the palm tree near Cain seen in the surveillance tape as having branches that moved strangely and in an unexplained manner?   And just how many wounds did Abel have?  Initial reports said 12 stab wounds, and later it was claimed in the official commission of investigation that there were  only 11!  But what about the unexplained extra hole in Abel's shirt, cleverly disguised to look like a cigarette burn?  And why did Eve not try to give Abel CPR (not to be confused with CFR!)?  What exactly was Eve REALLY doing when the murder took place?  And how come we have not been shown all the CAT scan images of Abel's corpse?

Meanwhile, there are growing demands for a re-opening of the investigation on web sites around the world that otherwise investigate the 9-11 attacks on the US, UFO abductions, and the Holocaust Hoax invented by Zionists.  Several self-proclaimed "journalists" are demanding that Abel's complete set of medical records be published at once.  They also claim that the surveillance tapes near the Garden of Eden exit have been doctored to make it appear that Cain was the murderer.  A popular singer has just come out in favor of releasing Cain from prison so that the real murderer can be identified.  The conspiracy theorists claim that anyone who rejects their arguments about Cain's innocence must be a paid agent of the forces of darkness and the Council on Foreign Relations.

We will keep you updated on all new developments in this major breaking story!






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